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Record NumberKeyword(s)CountryCatalog Listed?Continent 
2831 V. (overprint)South Australia, officials (1868-74) [Volunteers].RealAustralia
2832 V. A. (overprint)South Australia, officials (1868-74) [Valuator].RealAustralia
2833 V. N. (overprint)South Australia, officials (1868-74) [Vaccination].RealAustralia
2834 V.G.VENEZIA GIULIA.RealEurope
2835 V.R. (overprint on stamps of Fiji)Fiji (1874-7).RealAustralia
2836 V.R. SPECIAL POST (overprint on stamps of Transvaal)Cape of Good Hope- Vryburg- British occupation (1900).RealAfrica
2837 V.R. TRASNSVAAL (overprint)Transvaal.RealAfrica
2838 V.R. with TRANSVAAL (overprint on stamps of Transvaal)Transvaal (1877-9).RealAfrica
2839 V.R.I. (overprint on stamps of Orange Free State)Orange River Colony- British occupation [Victoria Regina Imperatriz].RealAfrica
2840 V.R.I. (overprint on stamps of South African Republic)Transvaal [Victoria Regina Imperatriz].RealAfrica
2841 V.U.J.N.A. STT (overprint on stamps of Yugoslavia)Yugoslavia- Zone B- Trieste.RealEurope
2842 VALE (overprint)Nicaragua [Value].RealAmericas
2843 VALE UN CENTAVO R. de C. (overprint)Nicaragua, postal tax stamps.RealAmericas
2844 VALEUR DECLAREFrench language countries, insured parcel label [Value Declared].RealEurope
2845 VALEUR DECLAREECanada, insured parcel label [Value Declared].RealAmericas
2846 VALEVOLO PER LE STAMP (overprint)Italy, newspaper parcel post stamps, tolerated on letters [Available for Printed Matter].RealEurope
2847 VALLES D'ANDORREAndorra (1932-43).RealEurope
2848 VALMY (overprint)Cameroons, semipostals.RealAfrica
2849 VALONA (overprint on stamps of Italy)Italy- Offices in Turkey- Valona (1909-16).RealEurope
2850 VALOR DECLARADOSpanish language countries, insured parcel post labels.RealEurope
2851 VALORE GLOBALE (overprint)Fiume, making valid for regular use.RealEurope
2852 VALPARAISO MULTADAChile, postage dues.RealAmericas
2853 VAN DIEMEN’S LANDTasmania (1853-69).RealAfrica
2854 VANCOUVER ISLANDBritish Columbia and Vancouver Island (1865).RealAmericas
2855 VATHY (overprint on stamps of France)France- Offices in Turkey- Vathy (1894-1900).RealEurope
2856 VATICANAVatican City.RealEurope
2857 VATICANEVatican City.RealEurope
2858 VENEZAVenezuela (1865-76).RealAmericas
2859 VENEZIA GUILIA (overprint on stamps of Italy)Austria- Italian occupation (1918).RealEurope
2860 VENEZIA TRIDENTINA (overprint on stamps of Italy)Austria- Italian occupation (1918).RealEurope
2861 VENEZOLANAVenezuela (1863-5).RealAmericas
2862 VIA AEREAItalian language countries [By Air].RealEurope
2863 VICTORIA and VCuba, postal tax stamps.RealAmericas
2864 VICTORIA DE TORREON ABRIL 2 1914 (overprint)Mexico (1914) [Victory of Torreon].RealAmericas
2865 VIET-NAM BUU CHINHVietnam (1951-6).RealAsia
2866 VIET-NAM CONG-HOASouth Vietnam (1956-75).RealAsia
2867 VIRUMAAEstonia, Virumaa region, bogus issues.RealEurope
2868 VIVA ESPANA (overprint on revenue stamps of Canary Islands)Canary Islands (1936-7).RealEurope
2869 VIVA ESPANA (overprint on stamps of Spain)Spain (1936-7).RealEurope
2870 VOJENSKA POSTACzechoslovakia, Army Post in Siberia.RealEurope
2871 VOJENSKO NA RUSICzechoslovakia, Army Post in Siberia.RealEurope
2872 VOJNA UPRAYA JUGOSLAVENSKE ARMIJE (overprint on stamps of Yugoslavia)Yugoslavia- Istria and Slovene Coast (1947).RealEurope
2873 VOLKSDIENSTNetherlands, semipostals.RealEurope
2874 VOLKSSTAAT BAYERNGerman States- Bavaria, officials [Peoples State of Bavaria].RealEurope
2875 VOLKSSTAAT WURTTEMBERGGerman States- Wurttemberg, officials [Peoples State of Wurttemberg].RealEurope
2876 VOM EMPFANGER EINZUZIEHENBavaria, postage dues [From Receiver to be Collected].RealEurope
2877 VOM EMPFANGER ZAHLBARBavaria, postage dues [From Receiver to be Paid].RealEurope
2878 VOOR HET KINDNetherlands, semipostals. [For the Children].RealEurope
2879 VOOR HET NATIONAL STEUNFONDSSurinam, semipostals.RealAfrica
2880 VOOR KRIJGSGEVANGENEN… (overprint)Curacao, airmail semipostals.RealAmericas
2881 VUJA STTYugoslavia- Zone B- Trieste.RealEurope
3088 Valona (Italian Post Office)Valona (Italian Post Office) (stamp issuing country) 1909 - 1916RealEurope
3089 Van Diemen's LandVan Diemen's Land (stamp issuing country) 1853 - 1860RealAustralia
3090 Vancouver IslandVancouver Island (stamp issuing country) 1865 - onlyRealAmericas
3091 VanuatuVanuatu (stamp issuing country) 1980 -RealAustralia
3092 Vathy (French Post Offices)Vathy (French Post Offices) (stamp issuing country) 1893 - 1914RealEurope
3093 Vatican CityVatican City (stamp issuing country) 1929 -RealEurope
3094 VegliaVeglia (stamp issuing country) 1920 - onlyRealEurope
3095 VendaVenda (stamp issuing country) 1979 - 1994RealAfrica
3097 Venezia Giulia (Italian Occupation)Venezia Giulia (Italian Occupation) (stamp issuing country) 1918 - 1919RealEurope
3098 Venezia Giulia and Istria (AMG)Venezia Giulia and Istria (AMG) (stamp issuing country) 1945 - 1947RealEurope
3099 Venezia Giulia and Istria (Yugoslav Military Government)Venezia Giulia and Istria (Yugoslav Military Government) (stamp issuing country) 1945 - 1947RealEurope
3100 Venezia Giulia and Istria (Yugoslav Occupation)Venezia Giulia and Istria (Yugoslav Occupation) (stamp issuing country) 1945 - onlyRealEurope
3101 VenezuelaVenezuela (stamp issuing country) 1859 -RealAmericas
3102 VictoriaVictoria (stamp issuing country) 1850 - 1912RealAustralia
3103 Victoria LandVictoria Land (stamp issuing country) 1911 - 1912RealAustralia
3105 VietnamVietnam (stamp issuing country) 1976 -RealAsia
3106 Vietnam (French Colony)Vietnam (French Colony) (stamp issuing country) 1945 - 1954RealAsia
3108 Virgin IslandsVirgin Islands (stamp issuing country) 1866 - 1968RealAmericas
3109 VolksrustVolksrust (stamp issuing country) 1902 - onlyRealEurope
3110 VryburgVryburg (stamp issuing country) 1899 - 1900RealAfrica