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Record NumberKeyword(s)CountryCatalog Listed?Continent 
2771 U.A.R.United Arab Republic.RealAfrica
2772 U.A.R. (denominations in m and f)Egypt (1958-71).RealAfrica
2773 U.A.R. (denominations in p)Syria (1958-61).RealAsia
2774 U.G.Uganda, typewritten stamps (1895).RealAfrica
2775 U.H. (overprint)Ecuador, postal tax late fee.RealAmericas
2776 U.K.T.T. (overprint on stamps of Nigeria)Cameroons- Southern Cameroons (1960-1).RealAustralia
2777 U.P.A.E. ADHESION VICTIMAS SAN JUAN Y PUEBLO ARGENTINOParaguay, semipostals [For Earthquake Victims of San Juan and the Argentine People].RealAmericas
2778 U.R.I. (overprint on stamps of Yugoslavia)Yugoslavia, unofficial semipostals (1923).RealEurope
2779 U.S.United States.RealAmericas
2780 U.S. POSTAGEHawaii (1851).RealAmericas
2781 U.S.A.United States of America.RealAmericas
2782 U.S.I.R. (overprint)United States Internal Revenue.RealAmericas
2783 U.S.P.S.United States Postage Stamps or Postal Service.RealAmericas
2784 U.S.T.C. (overprint)India- Cochin (1949) [United States of Travancore-Cochin].RealAsia
2785 UAE (overprint on stamps of Abu Dhabi)United Arab Emirates (1972).RealAfrica
2786 UAPCTBOBulgaria (1937-44).RealEurope
2787 UCAK POSTALARITurkey, airmails.RealAsia
2788 UDMURTIABogus Russian local overprint.Not Scott ListedAsia
2789 UGANDA (overprint on stamps of British East Africa)Uganda (1902).RealAfrica
2790 UGANDA KENYA TANGANYIKAKenya, Uganda & Tanzania.RealAfrica
2791 UGANDA with EAST AFRICAKenya, Uganda & Tanzania.RealAfrica
2792 UGANDA with KENYAKenya, Uganda & Tanzania.RealAfrica
2793 UHURU 1963Zanzibar.RealAfrica
2794 UHURU 9th DEC. 1961Tanganyika.RealAfrica
2795 UKRAINE (overprint on stamps of Germany)Russia- German occupation (1941-3).RealAsia
2796 UKRAINIEN FORCES IN BOSNIENOverprint on Russian stamps.Not Scott ListedAsia
2797 UKRAINIEN/MILITARY/CONTINGENT/IN STRUCTUREOverprint on pairs of Ukraine stamps.Not Scott ListedEurope
2798 UKRAINSKA NARODNA REPUBLICAUkraine [Ukrainian People’s Republic].RealEurope
2799 UKRBAT ON UN BOSNIAOverprint on Ukraine stamps.Not Scott ListedEurope
2800 UKU LETAHawaii [Paid Letter].RealAmericas
2801 ULTRAMAR (with a year date, denominations in Avos)Macao (1911) [Beyond the Sea].RealAsia
2802 ULTRAMAR (with a year date, denominations in Reis)Portuguese Guinea, war tax stamps (1919) [Beyond the Sea].RealAfrica
2803 ULTRAMAR (with a year date)Cuba (1873-6), Puerto Rico (1867-76) [Beyond the Sea].RealAmericas
2804 UMBUGGIANISTANHand drawn fantasy for bogus nation.Not Scott ListedNone
2805 UN FORCE (INDIA) CONGO (overprint on stamps of Congo)India- military stamps (1962).RealAsia
2806 UN FORCE W. IRIAN (overprint)Pakistan- military stamps (1963).RealAsia
2807 UNEF (overprint on stamps of India)India- military stamps (1965).RealAsia
2808 UNESCOFrance UN Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Org. officials (1961-71)RealEurope
2809 UNIAO DOS ATIRADORES CIVIS PORTO FRANCOPortugal, Rifle club franchise stamps [Union of Civilian Riflemen Free Stamp].RealEurope
2810 UNIE VAN ZUID AFRIKASouth Africa.RealAfrica
2811 UNIONFrench produced bogus issue for Philippine islands.Not Scott ListedNone
2812 UNION FRANCAISLaos.RealAsia
2813 UNION INTERNATIONALE DES TELECOMMUNICATIONSSwitzerland- Int. Telecommunications Union, officials.RealEurope
2814 UNION OF SOUTH AFRICASouth Africa.RealAfrica
2815 UNION PANAMERICANO 1890-1926 CORREO AEREO (overprint)Guatemala, air mails.RealAmericas
2816 UNION POSTALE DEL SALVADOREl Salvador.RealAmericas
2817 UNION POSTALE UNIVERSELLE with HELVETIASwitzerland- UPU Int. Bureau, officials (1957-60).RealEurope
2818 UNITA-ANGOLAStamps supposedly issued by rebel movement in Angola but produced by a stamp dealer.Not Scott ListedNone
2819 UNITED HORIAN STATES Not Scott ListedNone
2820 UNITED IRELANDFantasy from American Journal of Philately.Not Scott ListedNone
2822 UNITED STATES CITY DISPATCH POSTU.S. Courier stamps- New York City.RealAmericas
2823 UNTEA (overprint on stamps of Netherlands New Guinea)West Irian (1962) [United Nations Temporary Executive Authority].RealAsia
2824 UOPTO CKPNCOPNRomania- Moldavia (1858).RealEurope
2825 UPHA ΓOPAMontenegro- Italian occupation (1941-3).RealEurope
2826 URGENCIASpain, special delivery.RealEurope
2827 URGENTESpain and Ifni, special delivery.RealEurope
2828 URUNDI (overprint on stamps of Congo)German East Africa- Belgian occupation (1916).RealAfrica
2829 USKUB (overprint on stamps of Turkey)Turkey (1911).RealAsia
3061 UgandaUganda (stamp issuing country) 1962 -RealAfrica
3062 Uganda ProtectorateUganda Protectorate (stamp issuing country) 1895 - 1902RealAfrica
3064 UkraineUkraine (stamp issuing country) 1992 -RealEurope
3065 Ukraine (German Occupation)Ukraine (German Occupation) (stamp issuing country) 1941 - 1944RealEurope
3066 Ukraine (pre-Soviet)Ukraine (pre-Soviet) (stamp issuing country) 1918 - 1923RealEurope
3067 Ukrainian Field PostUkrainian Field Post (stamp issuing country) 1920 - onlyRealEurope
3068 Umm Al QiwainUmm Al Qiwain (stamp issuing country) 1964 - 1967RealAsia
3069 UNESCOUNESCO (stamp issuing country) 1961 - 1981RealEurope
3070 United Arab Emirates (UAE)United Arab Emirates (UAE) (stamp issuing country) 1973 -RealAsia
3071 United Arab RepublicUnited Arab Republic (stamp issuing country) 1958 - 1961RealAsia
3072 United Nations (UN)United Nations (UN) (stamp issuing country) 1951 -RealEurope
3073 United Nations Postal AdministrationUnited Nations Postal Administration (stamp issuing country) 1951 -RealEurope
3075 Universal Postal Union (UPU)Universal Postal Union (UPU) (stamp issuing country) 1957 -RealEurope
3076 Upper Senegal and NigerUpper Senegal and Niger (stamp issuing country) 1906 - 1921RealAfrica
3077 Upper SilesiaUpper Silesia (stamp issuing country) 1920 - 1922RealEurope
3078 Upper VoltaUpper Volta (stamp issuing country) 1959 - 1984RealAfrica
3079 Upper Volta (French Colony)Upper Volta (French Colony) (stamp issuing country) 1920 - 1933RealAfrica
3080 Upper YafaUpper Yafa (stamp issuing country) 1967 - onlyRealAsia
3081 UruguayUruguay (stamp issuing country) 1856 -RealAmericas
3082 US Post Offices in JapanUS Post Offices in Japan (stamp issuing country) 1867 - 1874RealAsia
3083 USAUSA (stamp issuing country) 1847 -RealAmericas
3084 USSRUSSR (stamp issuing country) 1923 - 1992RealAsia
3086 USSR Issues for the Far EastUSSR Issues for the Far East (stamp issuing country) 1923 - onlyRealAsia
3087 UzbekistanUzbekistan (stamp issuing country) 1992 -RealAsia