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Record NumberKeyword(s)CountryCatalog Listed?Continent 
2591 T (in 4 corners with numeral in center)Dominican Republic (1901-42).RealAmericas
2592 T (overprint on stamps of any country)postage due stamps.RealNone
2593 T (overprint with circle on stamps of Peru)Peru- Huacho (1884).RealAmericas
2594 T (with lion., F and numeral)Belgium (1966-70).RealEurope
2595 T. (overprint)South Australia, officials (1868-74) [Treasurer].RealAustralia
2596 T. R. (overprint)South Australia, officials (1868-74) [Titles Registry].RealAustralia
2597 T. Ta. C.Turkey, airmail tax stamps (1931-3).RealAsia
2598 T.C. (overprint on stamps of Cochin)India- Travancore-Cochin (1950).RealAsia
2599 T.C. POSTALARITurkey.RealAsia
2600 T.C.E.K.Turkey, tax stamps (1946).RealAsia
2601 T.E.O. (overprint on stamps of France with denominations in MILLIEMES)Syria (1919) [Territoires Ennemis Occupes].RealAsia
2602 T.E.O. (overprint on stamps of France with denominations in MILLIEMES)France- Offices in Turkey Cilicia (1919) [Territoires Ennemis Occupes].RealAsia
2603 T.E.O. (overprint on stamps of French Offices in Turkey)Cilicia, Syria (1919) [Territoires Ennemis Occupes].RealAsia
2604 T.E.O. with CILICIA (overprint on stamps of Turkey)Cilicia (1919) [Territoires Ennemis Occupes].RealAsia
2605 T.F. (overprint)Orange River Colony, telegraph stamps [Telegraaf].RealAfrica
2606 T.L. 1 June 1899 (overprint)Tonga, marking kings marriage [Taufa-Lavinia (king and queen’s name)].RealAfrica
2607 TA BETALEN PORTNetherlands, Dutch Indies, Surinam, Netherlands Antilles.RealEurope
2608 TACNA Y ARICAPeru-plebescite tax stamps (1925-8).RealAmericas
2609 TAHITI (overprint on stamps of French Colonies or French Polynesia)Tahiti.RealAustralia
2610 TAI-HANKorea (1895) [Empire of Korea].RealAsia
2611 TAKAVA'USouth Pacific fantasy, by same creator of Mevu.Not Scott ListedNone
2612 TAKCABulgaria, postage dues (1884-9) [Tax].RealEurope
2613 TAKCA ДOПЛAЩAHKEBulgaria, postage dues.RealEurope
2614 TAKCEHAБИЛbEΓAMontenegro, postage dues.RealEurope
2615 TAKSEAlbania, postage dues [Tax].RealEurope
2616 TALCAChile- Talca tax stamp (1942).RealAmericas
2617 TALCHERIndia state supposed official stamps produced in 1878.Not Scott ListedAsia
2618 TANGANYIKA & ZANZIBARTanzania (1964).RealAfrica
2619 TANGANYIKA KENYA UGANDAKenya, Uganda & Tanzania (1935-64).RealAfrica
2620 TANGER (overprint on stamps of France and French Morocco)French Morocco (1918-24).RealAfrica
2621 TANGER (with CORREO(S) ESPANOL)Spanish Morocco-Tangier.RealAfrica
2622 TANGER-FEZSultanate of Morocco, local issue of questionable repute (1895).RealAfrica
2623 TANGIER (overprint on stamps of France)French Morocco, postage due stamps.RealAfrica
2624 TANGIER (overprint on stamps of Great Britain)Great Britain- Offices in Morocco (1927-57).RealAfrica
2625 TANGIER (overprint on stamps of Spain)Spanish Morocco- Tangier.RealAfrica
2626 TANZANIA with MUUNGANOZanzibar & Tanzania- Zanzibar (1965-8).RealAfrica
2627 TANZANIA with ZANZIBARZanzibar & Tanzania- Zanzibar (1965-8).RealAfrica
2628 TANZANIA, UGANDA, KENYAKenya, Uganda & Tanzania (1965-1976).RealAfrica
2629 TAPINOne of the Sicmon Islands in the South Pacific created by Nick Bantock his book, Griffin & Sabine.Not Scott ListedNone
2630 TARTARIBogus Russian local overprint.Not Scott ListedAsia
2631 TASAUruguay, postage dues [Tax].RealAmericas
2632 TASA POR COBRARCuba, postage dues [Tax to Collect].RealAmericas
2633 TASSE GAZETTEItalian States- Modena, newspaper stamps (1859).RealEurope
2634 TATARSTANBogus Russian local overprint.Not Scott ListedAsia
2635 TAXAUruguay, postage dues.RealAmericas
2636 TAXA DE FACTAGIURomania, parcel posts [Tax for Porterage].RealEurope
2637 TAXA DE GUERRA (with values in 0$)Portuguese Africa, war tax stamps (1919).RealAfrica
2638 TAXA DE GUERRA (with values in AVOS)Macao, war tax stamps (1919).RealAfrica
2639 TAXA DE GUERRA (with values in REIS)Portuguese Guinea, war tax stamps (1919).RealAfrica
2640 TAXA DE GUERRA (with values in RP)Portuguese India, war tax stamps (1919).RealAsia
2641 TAXA DE PLATARomania, postage dues [Money Fine].RealEurope
2642 TAXA DEVIDABrazil, postage dues [Tax Due].RealAmericas
2643 TAXA RECEBIDAMozambique, airmails.RealAfrica
2644 TAXE (on 6 rappen stamp)Switzerland, Zurich.RealEurope
2645 TAXE (overprint)Albania, postage dues.RealEurope
2646 TAXE A PERCEVOIRFrench language countries, postage dues [Tax to be collected].RealEurope
2647 TAXE A PERCEVOIR T (overprint)Ethiopia, postage dues.RealAfrica
2648 TAXE PERCUEMozambique, airmails.RealAfrica
2649 TCHADChad.RealAfrica
2650 TCHONGKING (overprint on stamps of Indo-China)France- Offices in China- Tchong King (1903-19).RealAsia
2651 TE BETAALENSouth Africa and South West Africa, postage dues [To Pay].RealAfrica
2652 TE BETALEN with A PAYERBelgium, postage dues [To Pay.RealEurope
2653 TE BETALEN with PORTNetherlands, Indies, Antilles, New Guinea or Surinam, all postage dues [To Pay].RealEurope
2654 TEHERAN (overprints)Iran (1902).RealAsia
2655 TELEGRAFOSSpanish language countries [Telegraphs].RealAmericas
2656 TELEGRAFOS DEL ESTADOChile, telegraph stamps [State Telegraphs].RealAmericas
2657 TERRA CANDELLAArtistamps.Not Scott ListedNone
2658 TERRES AUSTRALES ET ANTARCTIQUES FRANCAISESFrench Southern and Antarctic Territory.RealAntarctica
2659 TERRES AUSTRALES ET ANTARCTIQUES FRANCAISES (overprint on stamps of Madagascar)French Southern and Antarctic Territory.RealAntarctica
2660 TERRITOIRE DE L'ININI (overprint on stamps of French Guiana)Inini (1932-41).RealAmericas
2661 TERRITOIRE DU FEZZANLibya -Fezzan -French occupation.RealAfrica
2662 TERRITOIRE DU NIGER (overprint on stamps of Upper Senegal and Niger)Niger (1921-6).RealAfrica
2664 TERRITORIE LIBRE DU MALI FAUDPersonal labels of Mssr. Mali Faud.Not Scott ListedAfrica
2665 TERRITORIO DE IFNI (overprint on stamps of Spain)Ifni (1941-50).RealAfrica
2668 TETUAN (overprint on stamps of Spain or Spanish Offices in Morocco)Spanish Morocco-Tetuan (1908).RealAfrica
2669 THAIThailand.RealAsia
2670 THAILAND (with denominations in cents)Malaya- Siamese occupation (1943-5).RealAsia
2671 THANET, ISLE OFBogus local post.Not Scott ListedNone
2672 THILDONCKBelgian church fair label.Not Scott ListedEurope
2673 THOMOND, PRINCIPALITY OFDalcassian claim to Irish territory that is part of Shannon Airport.Not Scott ListedEurope
2674 THRACE INTERALLIEE (overprint on stamps of Bulgaria)Thrace- Allied occupation (1919-20).RealEurope
2675 THRACE OCCIDENTALE (overprint on stamps of Bulgaria)Thrace- Allied occupation (1919-20).RealEurope
2676 TIBETTibetian freedom movement-1950's.Not Scott ListedAsia
2677 TIBET GOVERNMENT IN EXILETibetian freedom movement-1950's.Not Scott ListedAsia
2678 TIBET, FREETibetian freedom movement -1950's.Not Scott ListedAsia
2679 TIENTSINChinese city, bogus sets of stamps for treaty port local post set.Not Scott ListedAsia
2680 TIENTSIN (overprint on stamps of Italy)Italy- Offices in China- Tien Tsin (1917-21).RealAsia
2681 TIERRA DEL FUEGOArgentina- local stamp (1891).RealAmericas
2682 TIERRA DEL FUEGOIsland off the tip of South America. One stamp was issued in January 1891 for a mine owner to establish his authority over the inhabitants.Not Scott ListedAmericas
2683 TILLORY, STATE OFNo Information Available.Not Scott ListedNone
2684 TIMARUNew Zealand local post.Not Scott ListedAustralia
2685 TIMBREFrench language countries [Stamp].RealEurope
2686 TIMBRE COLIS POSTEAUX (overprint)Indo-China, parcel post stamps.RealAsia
2687 TIMBRE DE RECONSTRUCCIONGuatemala, postal tax stamps [Reconstruction Stamp].RealAmericas
2688 TIMBRE DU SOUVENIRLuxembourg, semipostals.RealEurope
2689 TIMBRE FISCAL REPUBLIQUE SYRIENNE (overprint)Syria, postal tax stamps.RealAsia
2690 TIMBRE IMPERIAL JOURNAUXFrance, newspaper stamps [Imperial Newspaper Stamps].RealEurope
2691 TIMBRE MOVILSpain, revenue stamps [Movable Stamp].RealEurope
2692 TIMBRE PATRIOTICO (overprint)Ecuador, postal tax stamps.RealAmericas
2693 TIMBRE POSTE (overprint on stamps of France)French Morocco (1893).RealAfrica
2694 TIMBRE POSTE COLIS POSTAUX (overprint)Martinique, postage dues.RealAmericas
2695 TIMBRE PROPORCIONALCosta Rica, revenue stamps made valid for postage [Proportion Stamp].RealAmericas
2696 TIMBRE TAXE with A PERCEVOIR (no country name)French Colonies, postage dues (1945).RealEurope
2697 TIMBRES DE MANDATNetherlands, money order stamps.RealEurope
2698 TIMBRU DE AJUTORRomania, postal tax stamps.RealEurope
2699 TIMBRU DE BINE-FACERERomania, postal tax stamps (1906) [Stamps of Benefaction].RealEurope
2700 TIMBRU OFFICIALRomania, officials.RealEurope
2701 TIMBRUL AVIATIEIRomania, semipostals.RealEurope
2702 TIMBUCTOO (TIMBUCTOOLA)Stamps Magazine fantasy.Not Scott ListedNone
2703 TIMOR (overprint on stamps of Macao)Timor (1885-95).RealAfrica
2704 TIMOR (overprint on stamps of Mozambique)Timor (1946).RealAfrica
2705 TJANESTE-FRIMARKESweden, officials (1881-1919) [Service stamp].RealEurope
2706 TJENESTE-FRIMAERKEDenmark, officials (1871-1924) [Service stamp].RealEurope
2707 TJENESTE-FRIMARKESweden, officials (1874-80) [Service stamp].RealEurope
2708 TJENESTEFRIMERKENorway, officials (1926-32) [Service stamp].RealEurope
2709 TO PAYGreat Britain, postage dues.RealEurope
2710 TODDY, ISLE OFBogus Scotland island stamp.Not Scott ListedEurope
2711 TOGATonga (1897-1949).RealAfrica
2712 TOGO (overprint on stamps of Dahomey)Togo (1916-25).RealAfrica
2713 TOGO (overprint on stamps of Germany)Togo (1897-99).RealAfrica
2714 TOGO (overprint on stamps of Gold Coast)Togo (1915-6).RealAfrica
2715 TOGO ANGLO-FRENCH OCCUPATION (overprint on stamps of German Togo)Togo- British occupation.RealAfrica
2716 TOGO OCCUPATION FRANCO-ANGLAISE (overprint on stamps of German Togo and Dahomey)Togo- French occupation.RealAfrica
2717 TOGOLAISETogo (1961-present).RealAfrica
2718 TOKELAU ISLANDS (overprint on stamps of New Zealand)Tokleau islands (1966-7).RealAustralia
2719 TOLIMAColombia- Tolima (1871-1904).RealAmericas
2720 TONGAH ISLANDSArea between Singapore and Australia issued in 1879.Not Scott ListedAsia
2721 TOO LATEVictoria, late fee stamp (1855).RealAfrica
2722 TOSCANOItalian States- Tuscany.RealEurope
2723 TOTOGI G TOHITonga [Good for Postage].RealEurope
2724 TOU.Iran, airmails (1928).RealAsia
2725 TOUVATannu Tuva (1927-35).RealAfrica
2726 TOVVA K 8 K POSTAGETannu Tuva.RealAfrica
2727 TOYLANDChristmas fantasy labels created by Maggie Kate.Not Scott ListedNone
2728 TRAITE DE VERSAILLES (overprint on stamps of Germany)Allenstein, plebescite issue (1920).RealEurope
2729 TRANS-JORDANJordan (1927-52).RealAsia
2730 TRANSACCIONESBolivia, revenue stamps used as postage (1893) [Transactions].RealAmericas
2731 TRANSITO TERRITORIOEl Salvador, transcontinental Zacapa routing (1899) [Territorial Transit].RealAmericas
2732 TRANSITORIOMexico, provisionals (1913) [Transitory].RealAmericas
2733 TRANSNIESTRARussian side of Moldava.Not Scott ListedEurope
2734 TRANSPORTO PACCHI IN CONCESSIONEItaly, parcel post authorized delivery stamps.RealEurope
2735 TRAVANCOREIndia- Travancore-Cochin.RealAsia
2736 TRAVANCORE-ANCHALIndia- Travancore-Cochin.RealAsia
2737 TRAVANCORE-ANCHELIndia- Travancore-Cochin.RealASia
2738 TRAVANCORE-COCHINIndia- Travancore-Cochin.RealAsia
2739 TREASURE ISLANDGeorge Fabian fantasy of Robert Louis Stevenson's island.Not Scott ListedNone
2740 TREBIZONDE (overprint on stamps of Russia)Russia- Offices in Turkey- Trebizonde (1909-10).RealAsia
2741 TRENGGANUMalaya- Trengganu.RealAustralia
2742 TRENTINO (overprint on stamps of Austria)Austria- Italian occupation (1918).RealEurope
2743 TRIDENTINA (overprint on stamps of Italy)Austria- Italian occupation (1918).RealEurope
2744 TRIESTE (overprint on stamps of Italy)Trieste.RealEurope
2745 TRINIDAD, PRINCIPALITY OFIsland about 700 miles ENE of Rio de Janeiro. Claimed by England and Brazil. Bogus issue in 1895 by James Harden-Hickey.Not Scott ListedAmericas
2746 TRIPOLITripolitania.RealAfrica
2747 TRIPOLI DI BARBERIA (overprint on stamps of Italy)Italy- Offices in Africa (1909-15).RealAfrica
2748 TRIPOLI MAGGIO (overprint on stamps of Libya)Tripolitania, airmails (1934).RealAfrica
2749 TRIPOLI with CAMPIONARIALibya (1927-38).RealAfrica
2750 TRIPOLITANIA (overprint on stamps of Italy)Tripolitania.RealAfrica
2751 TRISTAN DA CUNHA (overprint on stamps of St. Helena)Tristan da Cunha (1952-63).RealAntarctica
2752 TRISTAN DA CUNHA RESETTLEMENT 1963 (overprint)St. Helena.RealAntarctica
2753 TROPIDES ISLANDSA Donald Evans country, Caribbean Islands.Not Scott ListedNone
2754 TUAREG STATEBurmese bogus fantasy.Not Scott ListedNone
2755 TUMACOColombia- Cauca (1901-12).RealAmericas
2756 TUNISTunisia.RealAfrica
2757 TUNISIETunisia.RealAfrica
2758 TURCODOCUSSwiss origin.Not Scott ListedEurope
2759 TURKTurkey.RealAsia
2760 TURK POSTALARITurkey.RealAsia
2761 TURKIYETurkey.RealAsia
2762 TURKIYE COCUK ESIRGEME KORUMUTurkey, postal tax stamps.RealAsia
2764 TUVALU (overprint on stamps of Gilbert & Ellice Islands)Tuvalu (1976).RealAustralia
2765 TWA, TOWEMongolia, stopped issuing its own stamps in 1933.Not Scott ListedAsia
2766 TWO PENCE (under an enthroned queen)Victoria (1852-4).RealAustralia
2767 TYPOne of the Sicmon Islands in the South Pacific created by Nick Bantock for his book, Griffin & Sabine.Not Scott ListedNone
2768 TYRNo Information Available.Not Scott ListedNone
3053 Turkey Republic issuesTurkey Republic issues (stamp issuing country) 1923RealAsia
3054 TurkmenistanTurkmenistan (stamp issuing country) 1992 -RealAsia
3055 Turks and Caicos IslandsTurks and Caicos Islands (stamp issuing country) 1900 -RealAmericas
3056 Turks IslandsTurks Islands (stamp issuing country) 1867 - 1900RealAmericas
3057 TuscanyTuscany (stamp issuing country) 1851 - 1860RealEurope
3058 TuvaTuva (stamp issuing country) 1926 - 1944RealAustralia
3059 TuvaluTuvalu (stamp issuing country) 1976 -RealAustralia
3060 Two SiciliesTwo Sicilies (stamp issuing country) 1858 - 1861RealEurope
4067 TahitiTahiti (stamp issuing country) 1882 - 1915RealAustralia
4068 TaiwanTaiwan (stamp issuing country) 1945 - 1949RealAsia
4069 TajikistanTajikistan (stamp issuing country) 1992 -RealAsia
4070 TanganyikaTanganyika (stamp issuing country) 1922 - 1964RealAfrica
4071 TangierTangier (stamp issuing country) 1927 - 1957RealAfrica
4072 Tangier (French Post Office)Tangier (French Post Office) (stamp issuing country) 1918 - 1942RealAfrica
4073 Tangier (Spanish Post Offices)Tangier (Spanish Post Offices) (stamp issuing country) 1921 - 1957RealAfrica
4074 TanzaniaTanzania (stamp issuing country) 1965 -RealAfrica
4075 TasmaniaTasmania (stamp issuing country) 1853 - 1912RealAfrica
4076 Tchongking (Indo Chinese Post Office)Tchongking (Indo Chinese Post Office) (stamp issuing country) 1903 - 1922RealAsia
4078 TelosTelos (stamp issuing country) 1912 - 1932RealEurope
4079 Temesvar (Romanian Occupation)Temesvar (Romanian Occupation) (stamp issuing country) 1919 - onlyRealEurope
4080 Temesvar (Serbian Occupation)Temesvar (Serbian Occupation) (stamp issuing country) 1919 - onlyRealEurope
4081 TeteTete (stamp issuing country) 1913 - 1920RealAfrica
4082 Tetuan (Spanish Post Office)Tetuan (Spanish Post Office) (stamp issuing country) 1908 - 1909RealAmericas
4083 ThailandThailand (stamp issuing country) 1940 -RealAsia
4084 Third ReichThird Reich (stamp issuing country) 1933 - 1945RealEurope
4085 Thrace (Allied Occupation)Thrace (Allied Occupation) (stamp issuing country) 1919 - 1920RealEurope
4086 Thuringia (Russian Zone)Thuringia (Russian Zone) (stamp issuing country) 1945 - 1946RealEurope
4087 TibetTibet (stamp issuing country) 1912 - 1959RealAsia
4089 Tibet (Chinese Post Offices)Tibet (Chinese Post Offices) (stamp issuing country) 1911 - 1912RealAsia
4090 Tientsin (French Post Office)Tientsin (French Post Office) (stamp issuing country) 1903 - 1922RealEurope
4091 Tientsin (Italian Post Office)Tientsin (Italian Post Office) (stamp issuing country) 1917 - 1922RealEurope
4092 Tierra del FuegoTierra del Fuego (stamp issuing country) 1891 - onlyRealAmericas
4093 TimorTimor (stamp issuing country) 1885 - 1976RealAfrica
4094 TlacotalpanTlacotalpan (stamp issuing country) 1856 - onlyRealAmericas
4095 TobagoTobago (stamp issuing country) 1879 - 1896RealAmericas
4096 TogoTogo (stamp issuing country) 1957 -RealAfrica
4097 Togo (Anglo French Occupation)Togo (Anglo French Occupation) (stamp issuing country) 1914 - 1919RealAfrica
4098 Togo (French Colony)Togo (French Colony) (stamp issuing country) 1921 - 1957RealAfrica
4100 TokelauTokelau (stamp issuing country) 1948 -RealAustralia
4101 TolimaTolima (stamp issuing country) 1870 - 1903RealEurope
4102 TongaTonga (stamp issuing country) 1886 -RealAfrica
4103 Transbaikal ProvinceTransbaikal Province (stamp issuing country) 1920 - onlyRealAsia
4104 Transcarpathian UkraineTranscarpathian Ukraine (stamp issuing country) 1945 - onlyRealEurope
4105 Transcaucasian FederationTranscaucasian Federation (stamp issuing country) 1923 - 1924RealEurope
4106 TransistriaTransistria (stamp issuing country) 1941-1945RealEurope
4107 TransjordanTransjordan (stamp issuing country) 1920 - 1949RealAsia
4108 TranskeiTranskei (stamp issuing country) 1977 - 1994RealAfrica
4109 TransvaalTransvaal (stamp issuing country) 1869 - 1910RealAfrica
4111 Transylvania (Romanian Occupation)Transylvania (Romanian Occupation) (stamp issuing country) 1919 - onlyRealEurope
4112 TravancoreTravancore (stamp issuing country) 1888 - 1949RealAsia
4113 Travancore CochinTravancore Cochin (stamp issuing country) 1949 - 1951RealAsia
4114 Treaty ports AmoyTreaty ports Amoy (stamp issuing country) 1895 - 1896RealAsia
4115 Trebizonde (Russian Post Office)Trebizonde (Russian Post Office) (stamp issuing country) 1909 - 1910RealAsia
4116 TrengganuTrengganu (stamp issuing country) 1910 -RealAfrica
4117 Trentino (Italian Occupation)Trentino (Italian Occupation) (stamp issuing country) 1918 - 1919RealEurope
4118 Trieste (AMG)Trieste (AMG) (stamp issuing country) 1947 - 1954RealEurope
4119 Trieste (Yugoslav Military Government)Trieste (Yugoslav Military Government) (stamp issuing country) 1948 - 1954RealEurope
4120 TrinidadTrinidad (stamp issuing country) 1851 - 1913RealAmericas
4122 Trinidad and TobagoTrinidad and Tobago (stamp issuing country) 1913 -RealAmericas
4123 Tripoli (Italian Post Office)Tripoli (Italian Post Office) (stamp issuing country) 1909 - 1912RealEurope
4124 TripolitaniaTripolitania (stamp issuing country) 1923 - 1943RealAfrica
4125 Tripolitania (British Administration)Tripolitania (British Administration) (stamp issuing country) 1950 - 1952RealAfrica
4126 Tripolitania (British Military Administration)Tripolitania (British Military Administration) (stamp issuing country) 1948 - 1950RealAfrica
4127 Tristan da CunhaTristan da Cunha (stamp issuing country) 1952 -RealAmericas
4128 Trucial StatesTrucial States (stamp issuing country) 1961 - 1972RealAsia
4129 TsingtauTsingtau (stamp issuing country) 1949 - onlyRealAsia
4130 TunisiaTunisia (stamp issuing country) 1888 -RealAfrica
4131 Turkey 1863 Ottoman Empire issuesTurkey 1863 Ottoman Empire issues (stamp issuing country) 1863 - 1923RealAsia