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Record NumberKeyword(s)CountryCatalog Listed?Continent 
2301 S (overprint on stamps of Straits Settlements)Malaya- Selanegor (1879-91).RealAsia
2302 S F (overprint)Denmark, military stamps [Soldater Frimaerke (Soldiers Stamp)].RealEurope
2303 S U (overprint on stamps of Strait Settlements)Malaya- Sungei Ujong (1878-91).RealAsia
2304 S UJONG (overprint on stamps of Strait Settlements)Malaya- Sungei Ujong (1891-4).RealAsia
2305 S. (overprint)South Australia, officials (1868-74) [Sheriff].RealAustralia
2306 S. C. (overprint)South Australia, officials (1868-74) [Supreme Court].RealAustralia
2307 S. G. (overprint)South Australia, officials (1868-74) [Surveyor General].RealAustralia
2308 S. M. (overprint)South Australia, officials (1868-74) [Stipendiary Magistrate].RealAustralia
2309 S. MARINOSan Marino.RealEurope
2310 S. T. (overprint)South Australia, officials (1868-74) [Superintendent of Telegraph].RealAustralia
2311 S. THOME E PRINCIPESt. Thomas & Prince Islands.RealAmericas
2312 S. TOME E PRINCIPESt. Thomas & Prince Islands.RealAmericas
2313 S.A.Saudi Arabia.RealAsia
2314 S.A.I.D.E. (overprint)Egypt, airmails [Services Ariens Internationalaux d Egypte].RealAfrica
2315 S.A.K.Saudi Arabia.RealAsia
2316 S.C.A.D.A.Colombia- South American airline private stamps [Sociedad Colombia Alleman de Transportes Aereos].RealAmericas
2317 S.d.N. BUREAU INTERNATIONALE DU TRAVAIL (overprint)Switzerland, officials, Int. Labor Bureau.RealEurope
2318 S.G. (overprint)Sudan, officials [Sudan Government].RealAfrica
2319 S.H.S.Yugoslavia (1918-20) [Srbska, Hrvatska, Slovenska (Serbo-Croat-Slovenian Kingdom)].RealEurope
2320 S.H.S. (overprint)Hungary- Yugoslavia- Croatia-Slovenia.RealEurope
2321 S.O. (overprint)Hong Kong, intended for revenue but postally used during a shortage (1882) [Stamp Office].RealAsia
2322 S.O. 1920 (overprint on stamps of Czechoslovakia)Eastern Silesia (1920) [Silesie Orientale].RealAsia
2323 S.Q. TRSTA-VUJAYugoslavia Zone B- Trieste.RealEurope
2324 S.Q. TRSTA-VUJA ZRACNA PYugoslavia Zone B- Trieste, airmails (1949).RealEurope
2325 S.R.M. (currency)German States- Holstein [Skilling Reichs Munze].RealEurope
2326 S.T. TRSTA-VUJAYugoslavia Zone B- Trieste.RealEurope
2327 S.T.T. VUJA (overprint on stamps of Yugoslavia)Yugoslavia Zone B- Trieste.RealEurope
2328 S.T.T.-V.U.J.N.A. (overprint on stamps of Yugoslavia)Yugoslavia Zone B- Trieste.RealEurope
2329 S.W.A.South West Africa.RealAfrica
2330 S.W.A. (overprint on stamps of South Africa)South West Africa.RealEurope
2331 SAARE (overprint on stamps of Bavaria)Saar (1920).RealEurope
2332 SAARE (overprint on stamps of Germany)Saar (1920).RealEurope
2333 SAARGEBIETSaar (1920-34).RealEurope
2334 SAARGEBIET LUFTPOSTSaar, airmails.RealEurope
2335 SAARGEBIET VOLKSHILFESaar, semipostals.RealEurope
2336 SAARLANDSaar (1957-9).RealEurope
2337 SAARPOSTSaar (1948).RealEurope
2338 SABAH (overprint on stamps of North Borneo)Sabah (1964).RealEurope
2339 SABMILapland.Not Scott ListedNone
2340 SABOTDonald Evans issue, Dutch.Not Scott ListedEurope
2341 SACHENGerman States- Saxony.RealEurope
2342 SACHSENGerman States- Saxony.RealEurope
2343 SAGGIO (overprint)Italy [Specimen or Proof].RealEurope
2344 SAHA, SAHA-YAKUTIABogus Russian local overprint.Not Scott ListedAsia
2345 SAHARA ESPANOLSpanish Sahara.RealAfrica
2346 SAHARA OCCIDENTALSpanish Sahara.RealAfrica
2347 SAHARA, EMPIRE OFWest Coast of Africa strip of land between Cape Bojador and Cape Juby in 1907.Not Scott ListedAfrica
2348 SAINT HELENA TRISTAN RELIEF (overprint)St. Helena, semipostal for Tristan da Cunha (1961).RealEurope
2349 SAINT PIERRE ET MIQUELONSt. Pierre & Miquelon.RealAfrica
2350 SAINT PIERRE M-ON (overprint on stamps of French Colonies)St. Pierre & Miquelon.RealAfrica
2351 SALONICCO (overprint on stamps of Italy)Italy- Offices in Turkey- Salonika (1909-11).RealEurope
2352 SALONIKA (overprint on stamps of Italy)Italy- Offices in Turkey- Salonika (1909-11).RealEurope
2353 SALONIQUE (overprint on stamps of Russia)Russia- Offices in Turkey (1909-10).RealAsia
2354 SALVE HOSPESNetherlands, semipostals for national tourist association.RealEurope
2355 SAMOA (overprint on stamps of Germany)Samoa (1900).RealAustralia
2356 SAMOA (without WESTERN on stamps of New Zealand)Samoa (1914-34).RealAustralia
2357 SAMOA I SISIFUWestern Samoa (1958).RealAustralia
2358 SAMOSGreek island, various emissions.Not Scott ListedEurope
2359 SANDA ISLANDIsland off the coast of Scotland with labels bearing its name.Not Scott ListedNone
2360 SANDJAK D'ALEXANDRETTE (overprint on stamps of Syria)Alexandretta.RealAfrica
2361 SANDZAKJugoslavia.Not Scott ListedEurope
2362 SANITORIUMDominican Republic, semipostals.RealAmericas
2363 SANS DINEROBogus country in South America.Not Scott ListedAmericas
2364 SANTA LANDIAChristmas fantasy labels created by Maggie Kate.Not Scott ListedAmericas
2365 SANTANDERColombia- Santander.RealAmericas
2366 SANTAVAKIAChristmas fantasy labels created by Maggie Kate.Not Scott ListedNone
2367 SANTI QUARANTAEpirus port bogus overprint on stamps of Italy in 1914.Not Scott ListedEurope
2368 SAORSTAT EIREANN (overprint on stamps of Great Britain)Ireland (1922-3) [Free State of Ireland].RealEurope
2369 SAR Sytia 1961-presentRealEurope
2370 SARAFOU, PRINCIPALITY OFThree islands issued labels, 175 leagues from the Phoenix Islands.Not Scott ListedNone
2371 SARDIN' ISLANDSwiss origin fantasy.Not Scott ListedEurope
2372 SARKARIIndia- Soruth.RealAsia
2373 SARRE (overprint on stamps of Germany) Saar (1920)RealEurope
2374 SASENO (overprint on stamps of Italy)Saseno (1923)RealAsia
2375 SAURASHTRAIndia- Soruth (1929-49).RealAsia
2376 SAVAGE REPUBLICRock band labels.Not Scott ListedNone
2377 SAVENTHEMBelgian church fair label.Not Scott ListedEurope
2378 SCARPANTO (overprint on stamps of Italy)Italy- Aegean Islands- Scarpanto (1912-32).RealEurope
2379 SCH. (currency)German States [Schilling].RealEurope
2380 SCHLESWIGGerman States- Schleswig-Holstein (1864-5).RealEurope
2381 SCINDE DISTRICT DAWKIndia (1852).RealAsia
2382 SCOUTS FUND (overprint)Siam, semipostals.RealAsia
2383 SCUDO (currency)Italian States- Roman States (1852).RealEurope
2384 SCUTARI DI ALBANIA (overprint on stamps of Italy)Italy- Offices in Turkey- Scutari (1909-16).RealAsia
2385 SEALANDAbandoned WVV II concrete platform made into kingdom.Not Scott ListedNone
2386 SEBORGA"Independent" principality in Liguria, Italy.Not Scott ListedNone
2387 SECOURS (with Arabic inscription)Saudi Arabia, postal tax stamps [Relief].RealAsia
2388 SECOURS AUX REFUGIES (overprint)Syria, semipostal [Relief for Refugees.RealAsia
2389 SECOURS AUX VICTIMS DE LA GUERREHaiti, postal tax stamps [Relief for War Victims].RealAmericas
2390 SECOURS NATIONAL (overprint)French Colonies (various), semipostals [National Relief].RealAfrica
2391 SEDANGbogus issue (1899).RealNone
2392 SEDANGAnnam Kingdom - issued in 1889 by Marie David de Mayrena. Classic bogus issue.Not Scott ListedNone
2393 SEGNATASSA (no country name)Italy, postage due stamps (1863-9) [Sign Tax].RealEurope
2394 SEGNATASSE (no country name)Italy and Colonies, Vatican, postage due stamps [Sign Tax].RealEurope
2395 SEGURO POSTALMexico, insured letter stamps [Safe Post].RealAmericas
2396 SEGURO SOCIAL DEL CAMPESINO (overprint)Ecuador, postal tax stamps [Farmers Social Security].RealAmericas
2397 SEIYUNAden- Seiyun.RealAsia
2398 SEJM WILNIECentral Lithuania (1922).RealEurope
2399 SELANGORMalaya- Selangor.RealAsia
2400 SELLO POSTALSpain (1900-2).RealEurope
2401 SELLO POSTAL (overprint)Nicaragua, revalidating demonetized issues.RealAmericas
2402 SELLOS DE CORREOS- RESENA HISTORICASpain, private issue by A.F. Duro (1881).RealEurope
2403 SEN (currency) Japan, Ryukyu Islands (1948-50).RealAsia
2404 SENEGAL (overprint on stamps of French Colonies)Senegal (1892).RealAfrica
2405 SENEGAMBIE ET NIGERSenegambia & Niger (1903).RealAfrica
2406 SERBES (overprint on stamps of France)Serbia (1916-8).RealEurope
2407 SERBIEN (overprint on stamps of Austria or Bosnia and Herzegovina)Serbia- Austrian occupation (1916).RealEurope
2408 SERBIEN (overprint on stamps of Yugoslavia)Serbia- German occupation (1941).RealEurope
2409 SERVICE DE LA SOCIETE DES NATIONS (overprint)Switzerland, officials, League of Nations.RealEurope
2410 SERVICE DE L’ETATEgypt and Saudi Arabia, officials [Service of State].RealAfrica
2411 SERVICE DES POSTES PERSANESIran, officials.RealAsia
2412 SERVICE FRANCOIran, officials.RealAsia
2413 SERVICE POSTAL AERIENBelgian Congo, airmails.RealAfrica
2414 SERVICE POSTAL AERIENNEFrench Morocco, airmails.RealAfrica
2415 SERVICIO AEREOSpanish language countries [Air Service].RealAfrica
2416 SERVICIO AEREO EXTERIORSpanish language countries [Foreign Air Service].RealEurope
2417 SERVICIO AEREO HABILITADO (overprint)Honduras, officials made valid for airmail.RealAmericas
2418 SERVICIO AEREO INTERIORSpanish language countries [Domestic Air Service].RealAmericas
2419 SERVICIO AEREO INTERNACIONAL (overprint)Honduras, airmails [International Air Service].RealAmericas
2420 SERVICIO AEREO SOBRETASEArgentina, airmails.RealAmericas
2421 SERVICIO CENTROAMERICANO (overprint)Nicaragua, airmails [Central American Service].RealAmericas
2422 SERVICIO DEL ESTADO (overprint)Chile, officials [State Service].RealAmericas
2423 SERVICIO INTERNO (overprint)Guatemala, officials [Internal Service].RealAmericas
2424 SERVICIO OFICIOParaguay, officials [Official Service].RealAmericas
2425 SERVICIO OFICIO (overprint)Peru and Ecuador, officials [Official Service].RealAmericas
2426 SERVICIO ORDINARIO (overprint)Nicaragua, converting airmails to regular issues [Ordinary Service].RealAmericas
2427 SERVICIO POSTAL AEREOBrazil, airmails [Air Mail Service].RealAmericas
2428 SERVICIO POSTAL AEREO (overprint)Colombia, Guatemala, Uruguay, airmails [Air Mail Service].RealAmericas
2429 SERVICIO POSTAL DEL SALVADOREl Salvador [El Salvador Postal Service].RealAmericas
2430 SERVICIO POSTAL MEXICANOMexico [Mexico Postal Service] (1886-95).RealAmericas
2431 SERVIZIO DI STATOItalian language countries, airmail officials [State Service].RealEurope
2432 SEVILLA-BARCELONASpain (1929).RealEurope
2433 SGR (currency)German States- various [Silver Groschen].RealEurope
2434 SH (in upper corners, no country name, eagle and shield)German States- Schleswig-Holstein (1850).RealEurope
2435 SHANGHAI CHINA (overprint on stamps of U.S.)United States- Offices in China (1919-22).RealAsia
2436 SHANGHAI L.P.O.Shanghai [Local Post Office] (pre-1890).RealAsia
2437 SHANGHAI LOCAL POSTShanghai (1890-3).RealAsia
2438 SHCO (on shield)Mozambique, postal tax stamps.RealAfrica
2439 SHETLAND ISLANDSScotland issued labels in 1993-94, purporting to be official.Not Scott ListedEurope
2440 SHIHR AND MUKALLAAden- Shihr and Mukalla (1942-53).RealAsia
2441 SHQIPENIA (overprint on stamps of Turkey)Albania (1913).RealEurope
2442 SHQIPENIEAlbania.RealEurope
2443 SHQIPERIAAlbania.RealEurope
2444 SHQIPERIE KORCE VETQEVERITALEFrench Forces- occupation of Albania- Korytza [Albanian Korytza Independent].RealEurope
2445 SHQIPERIJAAlbania.RealEurope
2446 SHQIPERISEAlbania.RealEurope
2447 SHQIPNIAlbania.RealEurope
2448 SHQIPNIJAAlbania.RealEurope
2449 SHQIPONIESAlbania.RealEurope
2450 SICILIAItalian States- Two Sicilies.RealEurope
2451 SICMON ISLANDSGroup of six islands in the South Pacific created by Nick Bantock for his book, Griffin & Sabine.Not Scott ListedNone
2452 SIEGE (OF) MAFEKINGCape of Good Hope (1900).RealAfrica
2453 SIEGE DE LA LIGUE ARABEMorocco.RealAfrica
2454 SIKKIMOverprints on India for state of same name.Not Scott ListedAsia
2455 SIMI (overprint on stamps of Italy)Italy- Aegean Islands- Simi (1912-32).RealEurope
2456 SINGAPORE MALAYASingapore (1948-59).RealAsia
2457 SIRMOORIndia- Sirmoor (1879-1901).RealAsia
2458 SIVAS (overprint on stamps of Turkey)Turkey (1930).RealAsia
2459 SKILLING (currency)Denmark, Norway.RealEurope
2460 SKILLING BANCO (currency)Sweden.RealEurope
2461 SKULL ISLAND, KINGDOM OFAdvertising fantasy created for movie King Kong.Not Scott ListedNone
2462 SLD. (currency)Austria- Offices in Turkey.RealEurope
2463 SLESVIGSchleswig- plebecite issue (1920).RealEurope
2464 SLOBOVIADonald Evans issue.Not Scott ListedNone
2465 SLOVENI (overprint on stamps of Yugoslavia)Yugoslavia- Italian Occupation (1941).RealEurope
2466 SLOVENSKA POSTACzechoslovakia- Slovakia (1939-44).RealEurope
2467 SLOVENSKENO (overprint on stamps of Czechoslovakia)Czechoslovakia- Slovakia (1939-44).RealEurope
2468 SLOVENSKOCzechoslovakia- Slovakia (1939-44).RealEurope
2469 SLOVENSKO-PRIMORGE (overprint on stamps of Yugoslavia)Yugoslavia- Istria (1945-6).RealEurope
2470 SLOVENSKY STAT (overprint on stamps of Czechoslovakia)Czechoslovakia- Slovakia (1939-44).RealEurope
2471 SMIRNE (overprint on stamps of Italy)Italy- Offices in Turkey- Smyrna (1909-22).RealAsia
2472 SMYRNE (overprint on stamps of Russia)Russia- Offices in Turkey- Smyrna (1909-10).RealAsia
2473 SN (currency)Japan.RealAsia
2474 SNARK ISLANDFantasy for island near Borneo.Not Scott Listednone
2475 SNOW YORKChristmas fantasy labels created by Maggie Kate.Not Scott ListedNone
2476 SNOWFLAKIAChristmas fantasy labels created by Maggie Kate.Not Scott ListedNone
2477 SNOWGINIAChristmas fantasy labels created by Maggie Kate.Not Scott ListedNone
2478 SNOWKLAHOMAChristmas fantasy labels created by Maggie Kate.Not Scott ListedNone
2479 SNOWLANDChristmas fantasy labels created by Maggie Kate.Not Scott ListedNone
2480 SOAYIsland off the island of Skye with labels bearing its name and declared bogus.Not Scott ListedNone
2481 SOBRE CLOTA PARA MULTOS POSTALESMexico- parcel posts.RealAmericas
2482 SOBREPORTOColombia- postage dues.RealAmericas
2483 SOBREPORTO AEREOColombia- airmail postage dues.RealAmericas
2484 SOBRETASA AEREAColombia, airmail (1929).RealAmericas
2485 SOCIEDAD COLOMBO-ALEMANA DE TRANSPORTES AEREOSColombia, airmail (1920-1).RealAmericas
2486 SOCIEDADE DE GEOGRAPHIA DE LISBOAPortugal, franchise stamps (1903-38) [Geographical Society of Lisbon].RealEurope
2487 SOCIEDADE HUMANITARIA CRUZ DE ORIENTEMozambique, postal tax stamps [East Cross Humanitarian Society].RealAfrica
2488 SOCIEDADE PORTUGUEZA DA CRUZ VERMELHA PORTE FRANCOPortugal, private franchise stamps [Portuguese Red Cross].RealEurope
2489 SOCIETE DES NATIONSSwitzerland- League of Nations, officials (1922-44).RealEurope
2490 SOCOTRA (Sokotra)Cyprus stamps overprinted for Indian Ocean Island in 1892.Not Scott ListedEurope
2491 SOL (currency)Peru.RealAmericas
2492 SOLDI (currency)Austria- Lombardy-Venetia (1858-65).RealEurope
2493 SOLIDARITE 1947Tunisia, semipostal.RealAfrica
2494 SOLIDARITE FRANCAISEFrench Colonies, general issue, semipostals (1943-4).RealEurope
2495 SOM UBESORGET AABNET AF POST DEPARTMENTETNorway, return letter stamp [Return to Sender]..RealEurope
2496 SOM UINDLOST AABNET AF POST DEPARTMENTETNorway, return letter stamp [Return to Sender- Not Called For].RealEurope
2498 SOMALIA (overprint on stamps of Italy)Somalia (1922-3).RealAfrica
2499 SOMALIA ITALIANA (overprint on stamps of Italy)Somalia.RealAfrica
2500 SOMALIA ITALIANA MERIDIONALE (overprint on stamps of Italy)Somalia, postage dues (1906-8)..RealAfrica
2501 SOMALILAND INDEPENDENCE 26 JUNE 1960 (overprint)Somaliland.RealAfrica
2502 SOMALISSomali Coast (1902-67).RealAfrica
2503 SOMALIYASomalia (1973-present).RealAfrica
2504 SONNENo Information Available.Not Scott ListedNone
2505 SONORAMexico- Sonora civil war issues (1913-4).RealAmericas
2506 SONORAFantasy for State in Mexico.Not Scott ListedAmericas
2507 SORUTHIndia- Soruth (1929-49).RealAsia
2508 SOUDAN (overprint on stamps of Egypt)Sudan (1897).RealAfrica
2509 SOUDAN (overprint on stamps of French Colonies)Sudan (1894).RealAfrica
2510 SOUDAN (overprint on stamps of Upper Senegal and Niger)Sudan (1921-30).RealAfrica
2511 SOUDAN FAISFrench Sudan (1894) [Sudan Francaise].RealAfrica
2512 SOUDAN FRANCAISFrench Sudan.RealAfrica
2513 SOURASHTRAIndia- Soruth (1923-9).RealAsia
2514 SOUTH CHINA SEA ISLANDS FEDERATIONIslands in South China Sea that claimed independence.Not Scott ListedAsia
2515 SOUTH GEORGIA (overprint on stamps of Falkland Islands)Falkland Islands- South Georgia (1944- present).RealAmericas
2516 SOUTH ORKNEYS (overprint on stamps of Falkland Islands)Falkland Islands- South Orkneys (1944-62).RealAmericas
2517 SOUTH SHETLANDS (overprint on stamps of Falkland Islands)Falkland Islands- South Shetlands (1944-62).RealAmericas
2518 SOUTH WEST AFRICA (overprint on stamps of South Africa)South West Africa (1923-27).RealAfrica
2519 SOUTHERN RHODESIA (overprint on stamps of Great Britain)Southern Rhodesia, postage dues (1951).RealAfrica
2520 SOWJETISCHE BESATZUNGS ZONE (overprint on stamps of Germany)Germany- Russian occupation (1948).RealEurope
2521 SPANISH WESTERN SAHARASpanish Sahara.RealAfrica
2522 SPECIAL EXPRESCanada, special delivery.RealAmericas
2523 SPECIMEN (overprint)English speaking countries, sample stamp.RealAmericas
2524 SPECULISLANDSwiss origin.Not Scott ListedEurope
2525 SPITFIRECamerouns, semipostals.RealAfrica
2526 SPITZBERGENNorwegian island, various issues, may be local post.Not Scott ListedEurope
2527 SPM (overprint on stamps of French Colonies)St. Pierre and Miquelon (1885-6).RealAmericas
2528 SPOORWAGEN CHEMINS DE FURBelgium, parcel posts.RealEurope
2529 SRBH HRVATI I SLOVENICAYugoslavia.RealEurope
2530 SRI LANKACeylon (1972-present).RealAsia
2531 SRODKOWA LITVACentral Lithuania.RealEurope
2532 SRODKOWA LITWA POCZTACentral Lithuania.RealEurope
2533 ST (no country name)Thailand (1932-43).RealAsia
2534 ST-PIERRE M-ON (overprint on stamps of French Colonies)St. Pierre & Miquelon (1891-2).RealAmericas
2535 ST. CHRISTOPHER-NEVIS-ANGUILLASt. Kitts- Nevis (1952-80).RealAmericas
2536 ST. KILDAIsland 100 miles off the coast of Scotland with labels bearing its name.Not Scott ListedEurope
2537 ST. MARRONSwiss origin.Not Scott ListedEurope
2538 STAATS MARKEGerman States- Wurttemberg, officials.RealEurope
2539 STADT BERLINGermany- Soviet occupation (1948-9).RealEurope
2540 STADT POST AMTGerman States- Bremen [City Post Bremen].RealEurope
2541 STADT POST BASELSwitzerland, Basel [City Post Basel].RealEurope
2542 STAEMPLEAustria, newspaper stamps.RealEurope
2543 STAFFAIsland issued hundreds of labels since 1969, Scotland local issue.Not Scott Listednone
2544 STAMP DUTYNew Zealand and Victoria fiscal tax stamps.RealEurope
2545 STAMPALIA (overprint on stamps of Italy)Italy- Aegean Islands- Stampalia (1912-32).RealEurope
2546 STAMPLEAustria, newspaper stamps [Stamp].RealEurope
2547 STATE OF KUWAITKuwait (1962-present).RealAfrica
2548 STATE OF RAINBOW CREEKAustralian secessionist state.Not Scott ListedAustralia
2549 STATE OF SINGAPORESingapore.RealAsia
2550 STATI PARMItalian States- Parma (1852-9) [State of Parma].RealEurope
2551 STATI PARMENSIItalian States- Parma (1852-9) [State of Parma].RealEurope
2552 STEEP HOLMIsland off Somerset with labels bearing its name.Not Scott ListedEurope
2553 STEINDonald Evans issue, Holland.Not Scott ListedEurope
2554 STEMPEL with CENTSAustria- Lombardy Venetia (1850).RealEurope
2555 STEMPEL with KREUZERAustria (1850).RealEurope
2556 STEMPLEAustria, newspaper stamps [Stamp].RealEurope
2557 STG (no country name)Thailand (1932-43).RealAsia
2558 STOCKHOLMSweden (1924).RealEurope
2559 STOTHNKH (currency)Bulgaria.RealEurope
2560 STRAITS SETTLEMENTS (overprint on stamps of Labuan)Straits Settlements (1907).RealAustralia
2561 STROMA, ISLE OFBritish Local Post.Not Scott ListedEurope
2562 SUBMARINO with CORREOSpain- submarine stamps (1938).RealEurope
2563 SUDAN POSTAGE TAXSudan, postage dues.RealAfrica
2564 SUID-AFRIKASouth Africa.RealAfrica
2565 SUIDWES-AFRIKASouth West Africa.RealAfrica
2566 SUL BOLLETTlNOItaly or overprinted colonies, parcel posts.RealEurope
2567 SUL BOLLETTlNO (on stamps with star and crescent)Somalia, parcel posts.RealAfrica
2568 SULLA RICEVUTAItaly or overprinted colonies, parcel posts.RealEurope
2569 SULLA RICEVUTA (on stamps with star and crescent)Somalia, parcel posts.RealAfrica
2570 SULTANAT D'ANJOUANAnjouan.RealAfrica
2571 SULTANATE OF KHAYAMOmar Kho~am, the tentmaker, George Fabian fantasy.Not Scott ListedAfrica
2572 SUMMER ISLES (TANERA MORE)Island off the coast of Scotland with carriage post labels bearing its name.Not Scott ListedEurope
2573 SUNG-TINGDonald Evans issue, Chinese ceramics.Not Scott Listednone
2574 SUNGEI UJONG (overprint on stamps of Strait Settlements)Malaya- Sungei Ujong (1878-91).RealAsia
2575 SUOMI (currency)Finland (1917-present).RealEurope
2576 SURCHARGE POSTAGEGrenada. Trinidad and Tobago, postage dues.RealAmericas
2577 SURF ISLANDUnknown, perhaps located in or near Indonesia.Not Scott ListedNone
2578 SURGOSHungary, special delivery.RealEurope
2579 SURGOS (overprint on stamps of Hungary)Fiume, special delivery.RealEurope
2580 SURINAMESurinam.RealAmericas
2581 SVERIGESweden.RealEurope
2582 SWAN ISLANDMany incarnations usually parodying Western Australia stamps also for radio station off coast of Honduras.Not Scott ListedNone
2583 SWAZEILANDSwaziland (1889-95).RealAfrica
2584 SWAZILAND (overprinted on stamps of South Africa)Swaziland (1945).RealAfrica
2586 SYRIESyria.RealAsia
2587 SYRIENNESyria.RealAsia
2588 SZEGED 1919 (overprint on stamps of Hungary)Hungary- Szeged (1919).RealEurope
3923 S.P.L.A.J. Socialist People's Libyan Arab JamahiriyaS.P.L.A.J. Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya (stamp issuing country) 1977 - 1988RealAfrica
3924 SaarSaar (stamp issuing country) 1947 - 1959RealEurope
3926 Saar (French Administration)Saar (French Administration) (stamp issuing country) 1920 - 1935RealEurope
3927 Saar (French Zone)Saar (French Zone) (stamp issuing country) 1945 - 1947RealEurope
3928 SabahSabah (stamp issuing country) 1964 -RealAsia
3929 Salonika (British Field Office)Salonika (British Field Office) (stamp issuing country) 1916 - onlyRealEurope
3930 Salonika (Italian Post Office)Salonika (Italian Post Office) (stamp issuing country) 1909 - 1911RealEurope
3931 Salonika (Russian Post Office)Salonika (Russian Post Office) (stamp issuing country) 1909 - 1914RealEurope
3932 SamoaSamoa (stamp issuing country) 1982 -RealAustralia
3933 Samoa (Kingdom)Samoa (Kingdom) (stamp issuing country) 1877 - 1900RealAustralia
3934 Samoa (New Zealand Administration)Samoa (New Zealand Administration) (stamp issuing country) 1914 - 1935RealAustralia
3935 Samoa I SisifoSamoa I Sisifo (stamp issuing country) 1958 - 1982RealAustralia
3937 SamosSamos (stamp issuing country) 1912 - 1915RealEurope
3938 San MarinoSan Marino (stamp issuing country) 1877RealEurope
3939 SantanderSantander (stamp issuing country) 1884 - 1903RealAmericas
3940 Sao Tome e PrincipeSao Tome e Principe (stamp issuing country) 1870RealAfrica
3941 SarawakSarawak (stamp issuing country) 1869 -RealAsia
3942 Sarawak (BMA)Sarawak (BMA) (stamp issuing country) 1945 - onlyRealAsia
3943 Sarawak (Japanese Occupation)Sarawak (Japanese Occupation) (stamp issuing country) 1942 - 1945RealAsia
3944 Saseno (Italian Occupation)Saseno (Italian Occupation) (stamp issuing country) 1923 - onlyRealEurope
3945 Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia (stamp issuing country) 1932 -RealAsia
3946 SaxonySaxony (stamp issuing country) 1850 - 1868RealEurope
3948 Saxony (Russian Zone)Saxony (Russian Zone) (stamp issuing country) 1945 - 1946RealEurope
3949 SchleswigSchleswig (stamp issuing country) 1864 - 1868RealEurope
3950 Schleswig-HolsteinSchleswig-Holstein (stamp issuing country) 1850 - 1868RealEurope
3951 Schweizer-ReneckeSchweizer-Renecke (stamp issuing country) 1900 - onlyRealEurope
3952 ScindeScinde (stamp issuing country) 1852 - 1854RealAsia
3953 ScotlandScotland (stamp issuing country) 1958 -RealEurope
3954 Scutari (Italian Post Office)Scutari (Italian Post Office) (stamp issuing country) 1909 - 1915RealEurope
3955 SelangorSelangor (stamp issuing country) 1881 -RealAsia
3956 Senegal (French Colony)Senegal (French Colony) (stamp issuing country) 1887 -RealAfrica
3958 Senegambia and NigerSenegambia and Niger (stamp issuing country) 1903 - 1906RealAfrica
3959 SerbiaSerbia (stamp issuing country) 1866 - 1920; 2006RealEurope
3960 Serbia (Austrian Occupation)Serbia (Austrian Occupation) (stamp issuing country) 1916 - onlyRealEurope
3961 Serbia (German Occupation)Serbia (German Occupation) (stamp issuing country) 1941 - 1944RealEurope
3962 Serbia (Yugoslav Regional Issues)Serbia (Yugoslav Regional Issues) (stamp issuing country) 1944 - 1946RealEurope
3963 Serbia and MontenegroSerbia and Montenegro (stamp issuing country) 2003 - 2006RealEurope
3964 SeychellesSeychelles (stamp issuing country) 1890 -RealAfrica
3965 ShahpuraShahpura (stamp issuing country) 1914 - 1920RealAsia
3966 ShanghaiShanghai (stamp issuing country) 1865 - 1898RealAsia
3967 Shanghai (US Postal Agency)Shanghai (US Postal Agency) (stamp issuing country) 1919 - 1922RealAsia
3969 Shansi (Japanese Occupation)Shansi (Japanese Occupation) (stamp issuing country) 1941RealAsia
3970 Shantung (Japanese Occupation)Shantung (Japanese Occupation) (stamp issuing country) 1941RealAsia
3971 SharjahSharjah (stamp issuing country) 1963 - 1972RealAsia
3972 ShensiShensi (stamp issuing country) 1949 - onlyRealAsia
3973 ShensiKansuNinghsiaShensiKansuNinghsia (stamp issuing country) 1946 - 1949RealAsia
3974 Sherifian PostSherifian Post (stamp issuing country) 1912 - 1919RealAsia
3975 SiamSiam (stamp issuing country) 1883 - 1939RealAsia
3976 Siam (Thailand)Siam (Thailand) (stamp issuing country) 1947 - 1950RealAsia
3977 Siberia (Czechoslovak Army)Siberia (Czechoslovak Army) (stamp issuing country) 1919 - 1920RealEurope
3978 SicilySicily (stamp issuing country) 1859 - 1860RealEurope
3980 Sierra LeoneSierra Leone (stamp issuing country) 1859 -RealAfrica
3981 SinaloaSinaloa (stamp issuing country) 1929 - onlyRealAsia
3982 SingaporeSingapore (stamp issuing country) 1948 -RealAsia
3983 SinkiangSinkiang (stamp issuing country) 1915 - 1949RealAsia
3984 Sint MaartenSint Maarten (stamp issuing country) 2010 -RealAsia
3985 SirmoorSirmoor (stamp issuing country) 1879 - 1902RealAsia
3986 SlesvigSlesvig (stamp issuing country) 1920 - onlyRealEurope
3987 SlovakiaSlovakia (stamp issuing country) 1993 -RealEurope
3988 Slovakia (Autonomous State)Slovakia (Autonomous State) (stamp issuing country) 1939 - 1945RealEurope
3989 SloveniaSlovenia (stamp issuing country) 1991 -RealEurope
3991 Slovenia (Provincial Issues)Slovenia (Provincial Issues) (stamp issuing country) 1919 - 1921RealEurope
3992 Slovenia (Yugoslav Regional Issues)Slovenia (Yugoslav Regional Issues) (stamp issuing country) 1945 - 1946RealEurope
3993 Smirne (Italian Post Office)Smirne (Italian Post Office) (stamp issuing country) 1909 - 1911RealEurope
3994 Smyrne (Russian Post Office)Smyrne (Russian Post Office) (stamp issuing country) 1909 - 1910RealAsia
3995 Solomon IslandsSolomon Islands (stamp issuing country) 1975 -RealAustralia
3996 Somalia (British Administration)Somalia (British Administration) (stamp issuing country) 1950 - onlyRealAfrica
3997 Somalia (British Military Administration)Somalia (British Military Administration) (stamp issuing country) 1948 - 1950RealAfrica
3998 Somaliland ProtectorateSomaliland Protectorate (stamp issuing country) 1904 - 1960RealAfrica
3999 Soruth (Saurashtra)Soruth (Saurashtra) (stamp issuing country) 1864 - 1949RealAsia
4002 South African RepublicSouth African Republic (stamp issuing country) 1869 - 1902RealAfrica
4003 South Arabian FederationSouth Arabian Federation (stamp issuing country) 1963 - 1968RealAsia
4004 South AustraliaSouth Australia (stamp issuing country) 1855 - 1912RealAustralia
4005 South BulgariaSouth Bulgaria (stamp issuing country) 1885 - onlyRealEurope
4006 South China (Japanese Occupation) 中华人民共和国South China (Japanese Occupation) (stamp issuing country) 1942RealAsia
4007 South China (People's Post) 中华人民共和国South China (People's Post) (stamp issuing country) 1949 - onlyRealAsia
4008 South GeorgiaSouth Georgia (stamp issuing country) 1963 - 1980RealEurope
4009 South Georgia and the South Sandwich IslandsSouth Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands (stamp issuing country) 1980RealEurope
4010 South KasaiSouth Kasai (stamp issuing country) 1961 - 1962RealAfrica
4012 South KoreaSouth Korea (stamp issuing country) 1946 -RealAsia
4013 South Korea (North Korean Occupation)South Korea (North Korean Occupation) (stamp issuing country) 1950 - onlyRealAsia
4014 South Lithuania (Russian Occupation)South Lithuania (Russian Occupation) (stamp issuing country) 1919 - onlyRealEurope
4015 South SudanSouth Sudan (stamp issuing country) 2011 -RealAfrica
4016 South VietnamSouth Vietnam (stamp issuing country) 1955 - 1976RealAsia
4017 South West AfricaSouth West Africa (stamp issuing country) 1923 - 1991RealAfrica
4018 South West China (People's Post) 中华人民共和国South West China (People's Post) (stamp issuing country) 1949 - 1950RealAsia
4019 Southern CameroonsSouthern Cameroons (stamp issuing country) 1960 - 1961RealAfrica
4020 Southern NigeriaSouthern Nigeria (stamp issuing country) 1901 - 1914RealAfrica
4021 Southern RhodesiaSouthern Rhodesia (stamp issuing country) 1924 - 1964RealAfrica
4024 Southern YemenSouthern Yemen (stamp issuing country) 1968 - 1971RealAsia
4025 Southern Zone, MoroccoSouthern Zone, Morocco (stamp issuing country) 1956 - 1958RealAfrica
4026 Sovereign Military Order of MaltaSovereign Military Order of Malta (stamp issuing country) 1966RealEurope
4027 Sovereign Military Order of Malta (Italy)Sovereign Military Order of Malta (Italy) (stamp issuing country) 1966RealEurope
4028 Spanish GuineaSpanish Guinea (stamp issuing country) 1902 - 1960RealAfrica
4029 Spanish MarianasSpanish Marianas (stamp issuing country) 1898 - 1899RealAfrica
4030 Spanish MoroccoSpanish Morocco (stamp issuing country) 1914 - 1956RealAfrica
4031 Spanish PhilippinesSpanish Philippines (stamp issuing country) 1854 - 1898RealAsia
4032 Spanish SaharaSpanish Sahara (stamp issuing country) 1924 - 1975RealAfrica
4034 Spanish West AfricaSpanish West Africa (stamp issuing country) 1949 - 1951RealAfrica
4035 Sremsko Baranjska Oblast (Croatia)Sremsko Baranjska Oblast (Croatia) (stamp issuing country) 1995 - 1997RealEurope
4036 Sri LankaSri Lanka (stamp issuing country) 1972 -RealAsia
4037 Srpska Krajina (Croatia)Srpska Krajina (Croatia) (stamp issuing country) 1993 - 1995RealEurope
4038 St ChristopherSt Christopher (stamp issuing country) 1870 - 1890RealAmericas
4039 St Christopher Nevis and AnguillaSt Christopher Nevis and Anguilla (stamp issuing country) 1952 - 1980RealAmericas
4040 St HelenaSt Helena (stamp issuing country) 1856 -RealAmericas
4041 St KittsSt Kitts (stamp issuing country) 1980 -RealAmericas
4042 St Kitts Nevis and AnguillaSt Kitts Nevis and Anguilla (stamp issuing country) 1967 - 1971RealAmericas
4043 St KittsNevisSt Kitts Nevis (stamp issuing country) 1903 - 1980RealAmericas
4045 St LuciaSt Lucia (stamp issuing country) 1860 -RealAmericas
4046 St Pierre et MiquelonSt Pierre et Miquelon (stamp issuing country) 1885 - 1978RealAmericas
4047 St VincentSt Vincent (stamp issuing country) 1861 -RealAmericas
4048 Ste Marie de MadagascarSte Marie de Madagascar (stamp issuing country) 1894 - 1896RealAfrica
4049 Stellaland RepublicStellaland Republic (stamp issuing country) 1884 - 1885RealAfrica
4050 StockholmStockholm (stamp issuing country) 1856 - 1862RealEurope
4051 Straits SettlementsStraits Settlements (stamp issuing country) 1867 - 1942RealAsia
4052 SudanSudan (stamp issuing country) 1897 -RealAfrica
4053 Sumatra (Japanese Occupation)Sumatra (Japanese Occupation) (stamp issuing country) 1943 - 1945RealAsia
4054 Sungei UjongSungei Ujong (stamp issuing country) 1878 - 1895RealAsia
4056 Supeh (Japanese Occupation)Supeh (Japanese Occupation) (stamp issuing country) 1941RealAsia
4057 SurinameSuriname (stamp issuing country) 1873 -RealAmericas
4058 SwazilandSwaziland (stamp issuing country) 1933 -RealAfrica
4059 Swaziland (Provisional Government)Swaziland (Provisional Government) (stamp issuing country) 1889 - 1894RealAfrica
4060 SwedenSweden (stamp issuing country) 1855 -RealEurope
4061 SwitzerlandSwitzerland (stamp issuing country) 1850 -RealEurope
4062 SymeSyme (stamp issuing country) 1912 - 1932RealEurope
4063 SyriaSyria (stamp issuing country) 1924 -RealAsia
4064 Syria (French Occupation)Syria (French Occupation) (stamp issuing country) 1919 - 1924RealAsia
4065 SzechwanSzechwan (stamp issuing country) 1933 - onlyRealAsia
4133 South AfricaSouth Africa (stamp issuing country) 1910 -RealAfrica