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Record NumberKeyword(s)CountryCatalog Listed?Continent 
1823 p (currency, on stamps with no name and queen’s head)Great Britain (1971-present) [Pence].RealEurope
1824 P (overprint on stamps of Straits Settlements)Malaya- Perak (1878).RealAsia
1825 P. (overprint)South Australia, officials (1868-74) [Police].RealAustralia
1826 P. A. (overprint)South Australia, officials (1868-74) [Protector of Aboriginees].RealAustralia
1827 P. L. TEHERAN (overprint)Iran- City of Teheran [Poste Locale Teheran].RealAsia
1828 P. O. (overprint)South Australia, officials (1868-74) [Post Office].RealAustralia
1829 P. S. (overprint)South Australia, officials (1868-74) [Private Secretary].RealAustralia
1830 P. W. (overprint)South Australia, officials (1868-74) [Public Works].RealAustralia
1831 P.C.Ф.C.P.Russia (1921-3) [Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic].RealAsia
1832 P.G.S. (overprint on stamps of Straits Settlements)Malaya- Perak, officials.RealAsia
1833 P.M. (overprint on stamps of Italy)Italy, military stamps (1943-5 [Posta Militaire (military post)].RealEurope
1834 P.O.П.И.T. (overprint on stamps of Russia- Offices in Turkey)Ukraine, never issued.RealEurope
1835 P.O.П.И.T. (overprint on stamps of Russia- Offices in Turkey)Ukraine.RealEurope
1836 P.P.French language countries, universal [Poste Paye (Postage Paid)].RealEurope
1837 P.P. (overprint on French postage dues)France- Offices in Morocco, conversion of postage dues to ordinary postage.RealAfrica
1838 P.P.C. (overprint on stamps of Poland)Poland- Offices in Turkey, consular mail.RealAsia
1839 P.S.N.C. (in corners with ship)Peru- Pacific Steam Navigation Company (1857).RealAmericas
1840 PABAY, ISLE OFScottish local post.Not Scott ListedEurope
1841 PACCHI POSTALI (with denomination in diagonal band)San Marino, parcel posts.RealEurope
1842 PACCHI POSTALI (with star and crescent emblem)Somalia, parcel posts.RealAfrica
1843 PACCHI POSTALI (with various designs)Italy, parcel posts.RealEurope
1844 PACKENMARKERussia- Wenden, parcel post stamps (1863) [Parcel Stamp].RealAsia
1845 PACKHOI (overprint on stamps of Indo-China)France- Offices in China- Packhoi (1906-19).RealEurope
1846 PADANIALabels issued on September 15, 1996 from "LEGA NORD" political party in Italy favoring a Federal State. InfoNot Scott ListedNone
1847 PAHANGMalaya- Pahang.RealAsia
1848 PAISA (currency)Indian States- Feridkot, Nepal, Pakistan.RealAsia
1849 PAITA (overprint)Peru- Paita- revolutionary period (1884).RealAmericas
1850 PAK-HOI (overprint on stamps of Indo-China)France- Offices in China- Packhoi (1906-19).RealAsia
1851 PAKISTAN (overprint on stamps of India)Pakistan (1947-9).RealAsia
1852 PAKKE-PORTOGreenland, parcel posts.RealAmericas
1853 PALACIO DE COMMUNICACIONESColombia and Cuba, postal tax stamps.RealAmericas
1854 PALESTINE (overprint on stamps of Egypt with E.E.F.)Palestine- British Mandate.RealAsia
1855 PALESTINE (overprint on stamps of Egypt)Palestine- Palestine occupation (1948-9).RealAsia
1856 PALESTINE (overprint on stamps of Trans-Jordan)Palestine.RealAustralia
1857 PAPUAPapua & New Guinea.RealAustralia
1858 PAPUA AND NEW GUINEAPapua New Guinea (1952-71).RealAustralia
1859 PAPUA MERDEKAOrganization for Free Papua Movement.Not Scott ListedAustralia
1860 PAR AVIONuniversal inscription, airmail.RealNone
1861 PAR POSTE AERIENNESwitzerland, airmails.RealEurope
1862 PARA OS POBRESPortugal and Azores, postal tax stamps (1915) [For the Poor].RealEurope
1863 PARA(S) (currency overprint on stamps of Austria)Austria- Offices in Turkey.RealAsia
1864 PARA(S) (currency overprint on stamps of France)France- Offices in Turkey.RealAsia
1865 PARA(S) (currency overprint on stamps of Germany)Germany Offices in Turkey.RealAsia
1866 PARA(S) (currency overprint on stamps of Great Britain)Great Britain Offices in Turkey.RealAsia
1867 PARA(S) (currency overprint on stamps of Italy)Italy- Offices in Turkey.RealAsia
1868 PARA(S) (currency overprint on stamps of Romania)Romania- Offices in Turkey.RealAsia
1869 PARA(S) (currency overprint on stamps of Russia)Russia- Offices in Turkey.RealAsia
1870 PARA(S) (currency)Egypt, Turkey.RealAsia
1871 PARDOES DA GRAND GUERRAPortugal and Azores, postal tax due stamps [Comrades of the Great War].RealEurope
1872 PARMItalian States- Parma (1852-55).RealEurope
1873 PARMENSIItalian States- Parma (1852-55).RealEurope
1874 PARTICULAR (overprint)Nicaragua, conversion of officials to ordinary mail.RealAmericas
1875 PASCO (overprint)Peru- Pasco- Chilean occupation (1884).RealAmericas
1876 PASTADonald Evans issue, Italy.Not Scott ListedNone
1877 PATIALAIndia- Patiala (1891-1947).RealAsia
1878 PATMO (overprint on stamps of Italy)Italy- Aegean Islands- Patmo (1930-2).RealEurope
1879 PATMOS (overprint on stamps of Italy)Italy- Aegean Islands- Patmo (1912-22).RealEurope
1880 PATRIOTIC FUNDQueensland, semipostals.RealAustralia
1881 PATZCUAROMexico- Patzcuaro, authenticity questioned.RealAmericas
1882 PATZCUAROMexican issued considered bogus by Scott.Not Scott ListedAmericas
1883 PCCRPacific Confederation of City Republics.Not Scott ListedNone
1884 PCFTPacific Confederation of Federal Territories.Not Scott ListedNone
1885 PE. (currency)Egypt [Piastra Egiziane (Egyptian Pisatre)].RealAfrica
1886 PEARY LANDNorth Pole Post issue.Not Scott ListedNone
1887 PECHINO (overprint on stamps of Italy)Italy- Offices in China- Peking (1917-9).RealAsia
1888 PELITA (overprint)Netherlands Indies, semipostals.RealAustralia
1889 PEN (currency)Finland [Pennia].RealEurope
1890 PENANGMalaya- Penang.RealAsia
1891 PENNI (currency)Finland.RealEurope
1892 PENNIAS (currency)Finland.RealEurope
1893 PENRHYN (overprint on stamps of Cook Islands)Penrhyn Island (1973-present).RealAustralia
1894 PENRHYN ISLAND (overprint on stamps of New Zealand)Penrhyn Island (1902-20).RealAustralia
1895 PEOPLES DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF YEMENYemen (1971-present).RealAsia
1896 PEOPLES REPUBLIC OF SOUTHERN YEMEN (overprint on stamps of South Arabia)Yemen (1968).RealAsia
1897 PEPYS' ISLANDFigment of imagination to honor author.Not Scott ListedNone
1898 PER LUGPOSAfrikaans language, South Africa, South-West Africa [air mail].RealAfrica
1899 PER PACCHI (overprint)Vatican, parcel posts.RealEurope
1900 PER VLIEGTUIGBelgium, airmail.RealEurope
1901 PERAKMalaya- Perak.RealAsia
1902 PERAKMalaya- Perak.RealAsia
1903 PERLISMalaya- Perlis.RealAsia
1904 PERSANE(S)Iran (1881-1935).RealAsia
1905 PERSEKUTUAN TANAH MELAYUMalaya (1957-63).RealAsia
1906 PERUANAPeru.RealAmericas
1907 PERV-AEREOPeru, airmails.RealAmericas
1908 PESA (currency overprint on stamps of Germany)German East Africa (1893).RealAfrica
1909 PESETAS (currency, no country name)Spain.RealEurope
1910 PETERSPORTAntarctic fantasy issue.Not Scott ListedAntarctica
1911 PEПБAИKA БbЛΓAПИЯBulgaria [Bulgarian Republic].RealEurope
1912 PF or PFG (currency, overprint on stamps of Russia)Estonia- German occupation (1918).RealEurope
1913 PFENNIG (currency)German States-Wurttemberg, German States-Bavaria or Germany.RealEurope
1914 PHILIPPINE ISLANDS UNITED STATES OF AMERICAPhilippines- U.S. administration.RealAsia
1915 PHILIPPINES (overprint)U.S. administration of the Philippines.RealAsia
1916 PIASTER (currency overprint on stamps of Austria)Austria- Offices in Turkey.RealAsia
1917 PIASTER (currency overprint on stamps of Germany)Germany- Offices in Turkey.RealAsia
1918 PIASTER (currency)Austria- Offices in Turkey.RealAsia
1919 PIASTRA or PIASTRE (currency overprint on stamps of France)France- Offices in Turkey.RealAsia
1920 PIASTRA or PIASTRE (currency overprint on stamps of Great Britain)Great Britain Offices in Turkey.RealAsia
1921 PIASTRA or PIASTRE (currency overprint on stamps of Italy)Italy- Offices in Turkey.RealAsia
1922 PIASTRA or PIASTRE (currency overprint on stamps of Romania)Romania- Offices in Turkey.RealAsia
1923 PIASTRA or PIASTRE (currency overprint on stamps of Russia) on stamps of RussiaRussia- Offices in Turkey.RealAsia
1924 PIASTRO (overprint on stamps of Italy)Italy- Offices in Crete.RealEurope
1925 PICE (currency)Nepal.RealAsia
1926 PIES (currency)India.RealAsia
1927 PILGRIM TERCENTENNERYU.S. issue (1920).RealAmericas
1928 PILIPINASPhilippines- Japanese occupation and republic issues since 1962.RealAsia
1929 PINSIN(E) (currency)Ireland.RealEurope
1930 PISCO (overprint)Peru- Pisco- Chilean occupation.RealAmericas
1931 PISCOPI (overprint on stamps of Italy)Italy- Aegean Islands- Piscopi (1912-32).RealEurope
1932 PIURA (overprint)Peru- Piura- Chilean occupation (1884).RealAmericas
1933 PJON FRIMIceland, officials.RealEurope
1934 PJONUSTAIceland, officials.RealEurope
1935 PJONUSTUIceland, officials.RealEurope
1936 PJONUSTUMERLIIceland, officials.RealEurope
1937 PLEBISCIT SLESVIGSchleswig (1919).RealEurope
1938 PLEBISCITE OLSZTYN ALLENSTEIN (overprint on stamps of Germany)Allenstein (1920).RealEurope
1939 POBLACHT NA HEIREANNIreland [Republic of Ireland].RealEurope
1940 POCCIRRussia.RealAsia
1941 POCCIR cbБ AUMIЯRussia- Army of the North (1920).RealAsia
1942 POCCIИ (overprint on stamps of Russia)South Russia- Crimea.RealEurope
1943 POCCIЯRussia, South Russia.RealAsia
1944 POCZTAPoland.RealEurope
1945 POCZTA POL. KORP (overprint on stamps of Russia)Poland (1918) [Polish Expeditionary Force].RealEurope
1946 POCZTA POLSKA (overprint on German occupation stamps)Poland.RealEurope
1947 POCZTA POLSKA (overprint on stamps of Austria)Poland (1918).RealEurope
1948 POCZTA POLSKA (overprint on stamps of Germany)Poland Poznan issues (1919).RealEurope
1949 POHJOIS INKERINorth Ingermanland.RealEurope
1950 POLAIRE INTERNATIONALE (1932)U.S.S.R., airmails.RealAsia
1951 POLE DU NORD (1931)U.S.S.R., airmails.RealAis
1952 POLISH ANTARCTIC TERRITORYBogus Antarctic issue.Not Scott ListedNone
1953 POLSKAPoland.RealEurope
1954 POLYNESIE FRANCAISEFrench Polynesia (1956-present).RealAsia
1955 POMBALPortugal and Azores, postal tax stamps.RealEurope
1956 POMMARESouth Pacific Kingdom issued in 1800's. Stamps usually classified as Haiti because inscription reads Haitji.Not Scott ListedNone
1957 PONCEPuerto Rico (1898).RealAmericas
1958 POPALANIACountry created for Popeye in the comic strips.Not Scott Listednone
1959 POR AVIONVenezuela, airmails.RealAmericas
1960 POR CORREO AEREOColombia, airmails.RealAmericas
1961 PORT CANTONALSwitzerland- Geneva.RealEurope
1962 PORT GDANSK (overprint)Poland- Offices in Danzig (1925-38).RealEurope
1963 PORT LAGOS (overprint on stamps of France)France- Offices in Turkey (1893).RealAsia
1964 PORT MARIAAntarctic fantasy.Not Scott ListedNone
1965 PORT MAUDAntarctic fantasy.Not Scott ListedNone
1966 PORT-SAIDFrance- Offices in Egypt- Port Said (1895-1928).RealAfrica
1967 PORTE DE CONDUCCIONPeru, parcel posts [Postage for Conveyance].RealAmericas
1968 PORTE DE MARMexico, postage dues for ship mail (1875).RealAmericas
1969 PORTE FRANCO with CORREOSPeru (1858-72).RealAmericas
1970 PORTEADOPortugal and Azores, postage dues.RealEurope
1971 PORTEADO A RECEBERPortugal and Azores, postage dues [Postage to Be Received].RealEurope
1972 PORTEADO CORREIOPortugal and Azores, postage dues.RealEurope
1973 PORTOmultiple languages [Postage].RealEurope
1974 PORTO (no country name)Austria [Postage].RealEurope
1975 PORTO FRANCOPortugal, franchise stamps with company name but without denomination.RealEurope
1976 PORTO FRANCO with CORREOSPeru [Postage Free].RealAmericas
1977 PORTO GAZETEIRomania- Moldova, newspaper stamps (1858-9) [Newspaper Postage].RealEurope
1978 PORTO PFLICHTICE DIENST SACHEGerman States- Wurttemberg, officials [Service Matter Liable to Postage].RealEurope
1979 PORTO RICO (overprint)U.S. administration- Puerto Rico (1899).RealAmericas
1980 PORTOMAERKEDanish West Indies and Norway, postage dues.RealEurope
1981 PORTOMARKBosnia & Herzogovina, postage dues.RealEurope
1982 PORTUGAL CONTINENTEPortugal [Portugal mainland].RealEurope
1984 POSIESXHEDEUIEEGIZIANEEgypt (1872-9).RealAfrica
1985 POSSEELAfrikaans language, South Africa and South West Africa [Postage].RealAfrica
1986 POST & RECEIPT (with denomination in annas)India- Hyderabad.RealAsia
1987 POST LUCHTDIENSTBelgian Congo, airmails.RealAfrica
1988 POST OBITUMU.S.- dead letter seal (1877).RealAmericas
1989 POST STAMPIndia- Hyderabad.RealAsia
1990 POST ZEGEL (no country name)Netherlands (1852-67), Transvaal [Postage Stamp].RealEurope
1991 POSTA (overprint)Tanna Tuva, converting fiscals to ordinary mail.RealEurope
1992 POSTA AEREAItalian language countries [Air Mail].RealEurope
1993 POSTA AERIANARomania, air mails.RealEurope
1994 POSTA AEROREAlbania, airmails.RealEurope
1995 POSTA AJROREAlbania, airmails.RealEurope
1996 POSTA CESKOSLOVENSKA (overprint on stamps of Austria)Czechoslovakia, semipostals (1919).RealEurope
1997 POSTA FIUMEFiume, triangular newspaper stamp.RealEurope
1998 POSTA PNEUMATICAItaly, pneumatic tube post.RealEurope
1999 POSTA ROMANA CONSTANTINOPOL (overprint on stamps of Romania)Romania- Offices in Turkey (1919).RealAsia
2000 POSTA UKR. N. REP. SCHAGIW (surcharge on stamps of Austria)Western Ukraine- Stanislau local [Ukrainska Narodnia Respiublika Schaiw (Ukrainian People’s Republic Schagiw-currency)].RealEurope
2001 POSTAGE (with denominations in pies, annas or rupees)India- Hyderabad.RealAsia
2002 POSTAGE & REVENUE (with denominations in annas)India- Kishengarh.RealAsia
2003 POSTAGE & REVENUE (with denominations in d (pence))Great Britain.RealEurope
2004 POSTAGE DUE (with denominations in d-(pence)Great Britain, Australia.RealEurope
2005 POSTAGE I.E.F. 'D' (overprint on stamps of Turkey)Mesopotamia- British occupation of Mosul.RealAsia
2006 POSTAGE PAYE (overprint)Haiti (1904) [Postage Paid].RealAmericas
2007 POSTAGE TWO CENTS with portrait of Andrew Jackson, initials C. S. in lower cornersUnited States- Confederate States.RealAmericas
2008 POSTAGE with CAMB AUS SIGILLUM NOVNew South Wales (1850-1).RealAustralia
2009 POSTAL FERIL EST. OTAVALO (overprint on consular fee stamps)Ecuador, honoring railway (1928).RealAmericas
2011 POSTALARITurkey [Postage].RealAsia
2012 POSTALE ITALIANOItaly [Italian Postage].RealEurope
2013 POSTAS LE NIOCIreland, postage dues.RealEurope
2014 POSTAT AJROREAlbania- Italian occupation, airmails.RealEurope
2016 POSTAT EXPRESAlbania, special delivery.RealEurope
2017 POSTCOLLIBelgium, parcel posts.RealEurope
2018 POSTCOLLO (overprint)Belgium, parcel posts.RealEurope
2019 POSTE AERIENNEFrench language countries [Air Mail].RealEurope
2020 POSTE AERIENNE (no country name)Iran.RealAsia
2021 POSTE AERIEO (no country name)Iran, airmails (1928).RealAsia
2022 POSTE AERIEO (overprint on fiscal stamps)Iran, airmails.RealAsia
2023 POSTE AVIONHaiti, airmails.RealAmericas
2024 POSTE DE GENEVESwitzerland- Geneva.RealEurope
2025 POSTE ESTENSIItalian States- Modena (1852) [Post of the House of Este].RealEurope
2026 POSTE ITALIANEItaly.RealEurope
2027 POSTE KHEDEVIE EGIZIANEEgypt (1872-5) [Khediva Egyptian Post].RealAfrica
2028 POSTE LOCALESwitzerland- Geneva (1849-50) [Local Post].RealEurope
2029 POSTE PERSANEIran (1881-98).RealAsia
2030 POSTE VATICANEVatican City.RealEurope
2031 POSTEK NEDEUIERGIZIANEEgypt (1872-9).RealAfrica
2032 POSTESFrench language countries and universal [Postage].RealEurope
2033 POSTES (with red crescent and 1954)Afghanistan, tax stamps (1954).RealAsia
2034 POSTES AFGHANESAfghanistan.RealAsia
2035 POSTES ATSOCArtistamp, Costa reversed. See Republique du Semaj, by James Costa.Not Scott ListedNone
2036 POSTES AVIONHaiti, airmails.RealAmericas
2037 POSTES CENTIME (with numeral in center and a network of colored lines)France- Alsace and Lorraine- German occupation.RealEurope
2038 POSTES DE COREEKorea (1902).RealAsia
2039 POSTES DE YEMENYemen.RealAsia
2040 POSTES EGYPTIENNESEgypt, United Arab Republic.RealAfrica
2041 POSTES ETHIOPIENNESEthiopia.RealAfrica
2042 POSTES EXPRESEgypt, special delivery stamps.RealAfrica
2043 POSTES HEDJAZ AND NEJDESaudi Arabia.RealAsia
2044 POSTES IMPERIALES DE COREEKorea (1903).RealAsia
2045 POSTES OTTOMANESTurkey, Mesopotamia (1913-22).RealAsia
2047 POSTES SERBES (overprint on stamps of France)Serbia- Corfu (1916-8).RealEurope
2048 POSTES SYRIESyria.RealAsia
2049 POSTFAERGE (overprint)Denmark, parcel posts.RealAfrica
2050 POSTFRIM.Norway, Denmark [Postfrimaerki (Free Postage Stamp)].RealEurope
2051 POSTGEBIET OB. OFT. (overprint on stamps of Germany)Lithuania- German occupation (1916-7) [Postage Area of the Eastern Commander-in-Chief].RealEurope
2052 POSTTAXE BAYERGerman States- Bavaria, postage dues.RealEurope
2053 POSTZEGEL Z. AFR. REPUBLIEKTransvaal.RealAfrica
2054 POULSAfghanistan, semipostals (1952).RealAsia
2055 POUR LA CROIX ROUGEYugoslavia- postal tax stamps [For the Red Cross].RealEurope
2056 POUR LE STADE MUNICIPAL DE PORT-AU-PRINCEHaiti, semipostal.RealAmericas
2057 PREKOMURJE (overprint)Hungary- Yugoslavian occupation of Transmuria (left bank of Mur River) (1919).RealEurope
2058 PRENSA (overprint)Uruguay, newspaper stamps.RealAmericas
2059 PREUSSENGerman States- Prussia (1861-7).RealEurope
2060 PRIMA VALORES DECLARADOSDominican Republic, insured letter stamps.RealAmericas
2061 PRIMIER VURLO POSTAL- BARRION-MIAMI (overprint)Guatemala, airmails.RealAmericas
2062 PRIMO VOLO DIRETTO ROMA-BUENOS AIRES TRIMOTORE "LOMBARDI-MAZZOTTI" (overprint)Italy and Cyrenaica, airmails.RealEurope
2063 PRIMORJEJugoslavia.Not Scott ListedEurope
2064 PRINCE FAROUKEgypt (1929).RealAfrica
2065 PRINCIPATO DI SAN RIGOLOParody of Swiss origin.Not Scott ListedEurope
2066 PRINCIPATO DI SEBORGADeclared independence from Italy, near San Remo.Not Scott ListedEurope
2067 PRINCIPAUTE DE MONACOMonaco [Principality of Monaco].RealEurope
2068 PRINCIPAUTE DE TRINIDADBrazil- bogus private issue (1894).RealAmericas
2069 PRISTINA (overprint on stamps of Turkey)Turkey (1911) [City of Pristina].RealAsia
2070 PRO AEROSwitzerland, airmails.RealEurope
2071 PRO AGRICULTURA Y CANADERIAParaguay, semipostals.RealAmericas
2072 PRO CARTEROArgentina, semipostals.RealAmericas
2073 PRO CASA DE JUBILACIONES DE COMMUNICACIONESBolivia, postal tax stamps.RealAmericas
2074 PRO COMBATTENTI (overprint)San Marino, semipostals (1918) [For the Troops].RealEurope
2075 PRO DESOCUPADOS (overprint)Peru, postal tax stamps [For Unemployed].RealAmericas
2076 PRO EDUCACION FISICIAPanama, postal tax stamp [For Physical Education].RealAmericas
2077 PRO FUNDAZIONE STUDIO LIRE 5Fiume, semipostals [Benefit of Educational Fund].RealEurope
2078 PRO INFANCIA (overprint)Mexico, postal tax stamps [For Childrens Welfare].RealAmericas
2079 PRO JUVENTUTESwitzerland, semipostals.RealEurope
2080 PRO PATRIASwitzerland, semipostals [For the Country].RealEurope
2081 PRO PLEBISCITO TACNA Y ARICAPeru- plebescite tax stamps (1925-8).RealAmericas
2082 PRO TUBERCULOSOS POBRESSpain (1937-8) [For the Poor with Tuberculosis].RealEurope
2083 PRO UNION IBEROAMERICANASpain (1930).RealEurope
2084 PRO VIVIENDA OBRARABolivia, postal tax stamps.RealAmericas
2085 PROTECCION A LA INFANCIA (overprint)Mexico, postal tax stamps.RealAmericas
2086 PROTECCION AL ANCIANOUruguay, postal tax stamp [For the Aged].RealAmericas
2088 PROTECTORADO ESPANOL EN MARRUECOS (overprint on stamps of Spain)Spanish Morocco (1915).RealAfrica
2090 PROTECTORAT FRANCAIS (overprint on stamps of France or French Morocco)French Morocco (1914-22).RealAfrica
2091 PROTECTORATE (overprint on stamps of Bechuanaland)Bechuanaland Protectorate (1888-9).RealAfrica
2092 PROTEJA A LA INFANCIAMexico, postal tax stamps [For Childrens Protection].RealAmericas
2093 PROV. R.I.United States- Postmaster's provisional issue.RealAmericas
2094 PROVINCE LAIBACH- LJUBLJANSKA POKRAJINA (overprint on stamps of Italy)Yugoslavia- Laibach- German occupation.RealEurope
2095 PROVINZ LAIBACHYugoslavia- Ljubljana- German occupation.RealEurope
2096 PROVISIONAL 1881-1882 (overprint)Peru- Arequipa (1881-5).RealAmericas
2097 PROVISIONAL GOVT. 1893 (overprint)Hawaii Republic issues (1893).RealEurope
2098 PROVISORIO (overprint)Portugese Colonies, to revalidate demonetized stamps.RealEurope
2099 PROVISORISCH WERT IN SCHWEIZ FRANC (overprint)Liechtenstein [Temporary Value in Swiss Francs].RealEurope
2100 PRZESLYKA URZEDOWAPoland, officials.RealEurope
2101 PS (intertwined in script letter)Colombia- Causa (1882-3).RealAmericas
2102 PTO-RICOPuerto Rico.RealAmericas
2103 PULAfghanistan.RealAsia
2104 PULAU BIDONGMalaysia-Selangor stamps overprinted.Not Scott ListedAsia
2105 PULAU PENENGMalaysia- Penang.RealAsia
2106 PUNO (overprint on stamps of Peru or Arequipa)Peru- Chilean occupation (1882-5).RealAmericas
2108 PUTTIALA (overprint on stamps of India)India- Patiala (1884-90).RealAsia
2109 PUTTIALA STATEIndia- Patiala (1884-90).RealAsia
2110 PYCCHON APMIN (overprint on stamps of Ukraine)Russia- Offices in Turkey- Wrangel issues (1921).RealAsia
2111 PYCCKAR HOYTA (overprint on stamps of Ukraine)Russia- Offices in Turkey- Wrangel issues (1921).RealAsia
2112 PБЩИHCTA ПOЩABulgaria, officials.RealEurope
2113 PЧB or PybRussia, South Russia, Finland.RealAsia
3812 PahangPahang (stamp issuing country) 1889 -RealAsia
3813 Pakhoi (IndoChinese Post Office)Pakhoi (IndoChinese Post Office) (stamp issuing country) 1903 - 1922RealAsia
3814 PakistanPakistan (stamp issuing country) 1947 -RealAsia
3815 PalauPalau (stamp issuing country) 1983 -RealAsia
3817 Palestine (British Mandate)Palestine (British Mandate) (stamp issuing country) 1917 - 1948RealAsia
3818 Palestine (Egyptian Occupation)Palestine (Egyptian Occupation) (stamp issuing country) 1918 - 1920RealAsia
3819 Palestine (Jordanian Occupation)Palestine (Jordanian Occupation) (stamp issuing country) 1948 - 1950RealAsia
3820 Palestinian National AuthorityPalestinian National Authority (stamp issuing country) 1994RealAsia
3821 PanamaPanama (stamp issuing country) 1878 -RealAmericas
3822 Papal StatesPapal States (stamp issuing country) 1852 - 1870 RealEurope
3823 PapuaPapua (stamp issuing country) 1906 - 1942RealAsia
3824 Papua New GuineaPapua New Guinea (stamp issuing country) 1952RealAmericas
3825 ParaguayParaguay (stamp issuing country) 1870 -RealAmericas
3826 ParmaParma (stamp issuing country) 1852 - 1860RealEurope
3828 PatialaPatiala (stamp issuing country) 1884 - 1947RealEurope
3829 Patmos (Patmo)Patmos (Patmo) (stamp issuing country) 1912 - 1932RealEurope
3830 Pechino (Italian Post Office)Pechino (Italian Post Office) (stamp issuing country) 1917 - 1922RealEurope
3831 PenangPenang (stamp issuing country) 1948 -RealAsia
3832 PenrhynPenrhyn (stamp issuing country) 1902 - 1928, 1973RealAsia
3833 People's Republic of BelarusPeople's Republic of Belarus (stamp issuing country) 1923RealEurope
3834 PerakPerak (stamp issuing country) 1878 -RealAsia
3835 PerlisPerlis (stamp issuing country) 1948 -RealAsia
3836 PersiaPersia (stamp issuing country) 1868 - 1935RealAsia
3838 Persian Socialist RepublicPersian Socialist Republic (stamp issuing country) 1919 - 1921RealAsia
3839 PeruPeru (stamp issuing country) 1858 -RealAmericas
3840 PhilippinesPhilippines (stamp issuing country) 1946 -RealAsia
3841 Philippines (Japanese Occupation)Philippines (Japanese Occupation) (stamp issuing country) 1942 - 1945RealAsia
3842 Philippines (US Administration)Philippines (US Administration) (stamp issuing country) 1899 - 1945RealAsia
3843 PiedmontPiedmont (stamp issuing country) 1851 - 1862RealEurope
3844 PietersburgPietersburg (stamp issuing country) 1901 - onlyRealAsia
3845 Pitcairn IslandsPitcairn Islands (stamp issuing country) 1940 -RealAmericas
3846 PõhjaIngerimaaPõhjaIngerimaa (stamp issuing country) 1919 - onlyRealAsia
3847 PolandPoland (stamp issuing country) 1918 -RealEurope
3849 Poland (German Occupation World War II)Poland (German Occupation World War II) (stamp issuing country) 1939 - 1945RealEurope
3850 Poland (German Occupation WW1)Poland (German Occupation WW1) (stamp issuing country) 1915 - 1918RealEurope
3851 Poland (Russian Province)Poland (Russian Province) (stamp issuing country) 1860 - 1863RealEurope
3852 Polish Army in RussiaPolish Army in Russia (stamp issuing country) 1942 - onlyRealEurope
3853 Polish Corps in RussiaPolish Corps in Russia (stamp issuing country) 1918 - onlyRealEurope
3854 Polish Government in ExilePolish Government in Exile (stamp issuing country) 1941 - 1945RealEurope
3855 Ponta DelgadaPonta Delgada (stamp issuing country) 1892 - 1905RealEurope
3856 PoonchPoonch (stamp issuing country) 1876 - 1894RealAsia
3857 Port Arthur and DairenPort Arthur and Dairen (stamp issuing country) 1946 - 1950RealAsia
3858 Port Lagos (French Post Office)Port Lagos (French Post Office) (stamp issuing country) 1893 - 1898RealAfrica
3860 Port Said (French Post Office)Port Said (French Post Office) (stamp issuing country) 1899 - 1931RealAfrica
3861 PortugalPortugal (stamp issuing country) 1853 -RealEurope
3862 Portuguese CongoPortuguese Congo (stamp issuing country) 1894 - 1920RealAfrica
3863 Portuguese GuineaPortuguese Guinea (stamp issuing country) 1881 - 1974RealAfrica
3864 Portuguese IndiaPortuguese India (stamp issuing country) 1871 - 1961RealAsia
3865 Postage of Berlin-Brandenburg in the Russian ZonePostage of Berlin-Brandenburg in the Russian Zone (stamp issuing country) 1945 - onlyRealEurope
3866 Postage of German Occupation Forces (WW1)Postage of German Occupation Forces (WW1) (stamp issuing country) 1914 - 1918RealEurope
3867 Postage of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in the Russian ZonePostage of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in the Russian Zone (stamp issuing country) 1945 - 1946RealEurope
3868 Postage of North West Saxony in the Russian ZonePostage of North West Saxony in the Russian Zone (stamp issuing country) 1945 - 1946RealEurope
3869 Postage of South East Saxony in the Russian ZonePostage of South East Saxony in the Russian Zone (stamp issuing country) 1945 - 1946RealEurope
3871 Postage of the Council of EuropePostage of the Council of Europe (stamp issuing country) 1950 -RealEurope
3872 Postage of the Free French Forces in the LevantPostage of the Free French Forces in the Levant (stamp issuing country) 1942 - 1946RealEurope
3873 Postage of the International Court of JusticePostage of the International Court of Justice (stamp issuing country) 1934 - 1958RealEurope
3874 Postage of the International Education OfficePostage of the International Education Office (stamp issuing country) 1944 - 1960RealEurope
3875 Postage of the International Labour OfficePostage of the International Labour Office (stamp issuing country) 1923 - 1960RealEurope
3876 Postage of the International Refugees OrganisationPostage of the International Refugees Organisation (stamp issuing country) 1950 - onlyRealEurope
3877 Postage of the International Telecommunications UnionPostage of the International Telecommunications Union (stamp issuing country) 1958 - 1960RealEurope
3878 Postage of the Rhineland-Palatinate in the French ZonePostage of the Rhineland-Palatinate in the French Zone (stamp issuing country) 1947 - 1949RealEurope
3879 Postage of the World Intellectual Property OrganisationPostage of the World Intellectual Property Organisation (stamp issuing country) 1982 - onlyRealEurope
3880 Postage of the World Meteorological OrganisationPostage of the World Meteorological Organisation (stamp issuing country) 1956 - 1973RealEurope
3882 Postage of Thurn and Taxis (Northern District)Postage of Thurn and Taxis (Northern District) (stamp issuing country) 1849 - 1866RealEurope
3883 Postage of Thurn and Taxis (Southern District)Postage of Thurn and Taxis (Southern District) (stamp issuing country) 1852 - 1867RealEurope
3884 Priamur and Maritime ProvincesPriamur and Maritime Provinces (stamp issuing country) 1921 - 1922RealAsia
3885 Prince Edward IslandPrince Edward Island (stamp issuing country) 1861 - 1873RealAmericas
3886 PrussiaPrussia (stamp issuing country) 1850 - 1867RealEurope
3887 Puerto RicoPuerto Rico (stamp issuing country) 1873 - 1900RealAmericas