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Record NumberKeyword(s)CountryCatalog Listed?Continent 
1737 O. A. (overprint)South Australia, officials (1868-74) [Official Assignee].RealAustralia
1738 O.B. (overprint)Philippines, officials (1906-present) [Official Business].RealAsia
1739 O.F. CASTELLORISO (overprint on stamps of France)France- Castellorizo occupation.RealEurope
1740 O.H.E.M.S. (overprint)Egypt, officials (1922).RealAfrica
1741 O.H.H.S. (overprint)Egypt, officials (1907-1922) [On His Highness’ Service].RealAfrica
1742 O.H.M.S. (overprint)Canada, officials [On His (or Her) Majestys Service].RealAmericas
1743 O.K.C.A. POCCIЯRussia- Army of the North (1918).RealAsia
1744 O.L. (overprint)Monaco, letters handed to mailmen or found in post boxes prior to 1908 [Origine Locale (Local Origin)].RealEurope
1745 O.M.F. CILICIE (overprint on stamps of France)France- occupation of Cilicia.RealEurope
1746 O.M.F. SYRIE (overprint on stamps of France)Syria (1920-22) [Occupation Militaire Francaise (French Military Occupation)].RealAsia
1747 O.N.F. CASTELLORIZO (overprint on stamps of French Levant)France- Castellorizo occupation [Occupation Navale Francaise (French Naval Occupation)].RealEurope
1748 O.P.S.O. (overprint)New Zealand, officials for Post Office sent abroad [On Public Service Only].RealAustralia
1749 O.S.Norway, officials (1951-2) [Offentlig Sax].RealEurope
1750 O.S.English language countries, officials [On Service].RealEurope
1751 O.S.G.S. (overprint)Sudan, officials [On Sudan Government Service].RealAfrica
1752 O.T. (overprint)Czechoslovakia, newspaper stamps used by commercial firms.RealEurope
1753 O.U.S. (overprint between wavy lines)Great Britain, official overprint for the Oxford Union Society to prevent pilfering of 1d reds.RealEurope
1754 O.W. OFFICIAL (overprint)Great Britain- Office of Public Works, officials (1896-1902).RealEurope
1755 O.Ф. (overprint with airplane)Bulgaria, airmails.RealEurope
1756 OAHA MAPKAFinland (1866-74).RealEurope
1757 OAXACAMexico- Oaxaca (1914).RealAmericas
1758 OBOCK (overprint on stamps of French Colonies)Obock.RealAsia
1759 OCCUPATION AZIRBAYEDJAN (overprint on stamps of Russia)Azerbaijan, unofficial overprints by Entente Allied officers (1918).RealEurope
1760 OCCUPATION FRANCAISE (overprint)Hungary- French occupation (1919).RealEurope
1761 OCCUPATION FRANCAISE CAMEROUN (overprint on stamps of Middle Congo)Cameroon- French occupation.RealAfrica
1762 OCCUSSI-AMBENOBogus stamps for part of the island of Portuguese Timor.Not Scott Listednone
1763 OCEAN POSTAGEGreat Britain Penny Postage cutouts from envelopes during the 1850's.Not Scott ListedEurope
1764 OCEANIEFrench Polynesia (1892-1958).RealAustralia
1765 OCUPACION DE PASQUAChile, semipostal for Easter Island.RealAmericas
1766 OENEO ISLAND, DEPENDENCY OFBogus overprint of Pitcairn Island.Not Scott ListedAustralia
1767 OESTERRAustria (1883-1907) [Austria].RealEurope
1768 OESTERR POST LIECHTENSTEINLiechtenstein- Austrian postal administration (1912-20).RealEurope
1769 OESTERR POST with KAIS KOENIGLAustria (1883-1907).RealEurope
1770 OEUVRES DE GUERRE (overprint)Cameroon, semipostals.RealAfrica
1771 OEUVRES DE SOLIDARITE FRANCAISEFrench Colonies, semipostals (1943-4).RealAfrica
1772 OEUVRES SOCIALES (overprint on stamps of St. Pierre & Miquelon)St. Pierre & Miquelon, semipostals.RealAmericas
1773 OFF. SAK.Norway, officials.RealEurope
1774 OFFENTLIG SAKNorway, officials.RealEurope
1775 OFFICIAL (overprint on stamps of Kenya and Uganda)Tanganyika, officials (1959-60).RealAfrica
1776 OFFICIEL (overprint)Luxembourg, officials.RealEurope
1777 OFFICIEL (overprint)Iran, officials denoting genuiness (1885-7).RealAsia
1778 OFFISIEELSouth West Africa, officials.RealAfrica
1779 OFFISIEEL-OFFICIALSouth Africa, officials.RealAfrica
1780 OFICIALSpanish or Portuguese language countries [Official].RealEurope
1781 OH-MY-HARFantasy by American Journal of Philately.Not Scott ListedNone
1782 OHU POSTEstonia, airmails.RealEurope
1783 OIL RIVERSNiger Coast Protectorate (1892-3).RealAfrica
1784 OKCARussia- Army of the North (1919) [Odjeiny Korpus SevernoyArmii].RealAsia
1785 OLIVOYLAIsland Queendom of Popeye's girlfriend Olive Oyl.Not Scott ListedNone
1786 OLTRE GIUBA (overprint on stamps of Italy)Oltre Giuba.RealAfrica
1787 OLUJACroatia Overprint.Not Scott ListedEurope
1788 OLYMGreece.RealEurope
1789 OLYMПGreece.RealEurope
1790 OLYMПIAKOIGreece.RealEurope
1791 OMAN, STATE OFBogus stamps for Arabian sultanate. Not to be confused with genuine Sultanate of Oman.Not Scott ListedAsia
1792 ON C.G.S. (overprint on stamps of India- Cochin)India- Cochin, officials [On Cochin Government Service].RealAsia
1793 ON K.D.S. (overprint)India- Kishangarah, officials [On Kishengarh Durbar Service].RealAsia
1794 ON L.F.S. (overprint)India, private overprints to prevent theft [On Local Funds Service].RealAsia
1795 ON S.S. (overprint)India- Travanacore, officials.RealAsia
1796 ON S.S.S. (overprint)India- Sirmoor, officials [On Sirmoor State Service].RealAsia
1797 ON STATE SERVICE (overprint)Iraq, officials.RealAsia
1798 ONZASpain, officials [Ounce].RealEurope
1799 OPERATION PAPUA MERDEKAPapua Freedom Movement.Not Scott ListedAustralia
1800 ORANGE RIVER COLONY (overprint on stamps of Cape of Good Hope)Orange River Colony (1900-2).RealAfrica
1801 ORANJE VRIJ STAATOrange River Colony [Orange Free State].RealAfrica
1802 ORCHAIndia- Orchha (1913-7).RealAsia
1803 ORCHHAIndia- Orchha (1913-7).RealAsia
1804 ORDINARY (overprint)Liberia, airmail to regular mail conversion.RealAfrica
1805 ORE (currency) Denmark, Sweden or Norway.RealEurope
1806 ORGANISATION INTERNACIONALE POUR LES REFUGIES (overprint)Switzerland- Int. Org. for Refugees, officials (1950).RealEurope
1807 ORGANISATION MONDIALE DE LA SANTE (overprint)Switzerland- World Health Organization, officials.RealEurope
1808 ORO PASTASLithuania, air mails.RealEurope
1809 ORPHELINS DE LA GUERREFrance, semipostals [War Orphans].RealEurope
1810 ORTS-POSTSwitzerland (1850).RealEurope
1811 OSSETIABogus Russian local overprint.Not Scott ListedAsia
1812 OSTEN (overprint on stamps of Germany)Poland- German Occupation (1939).RealEurope
1813 OSTERR-POSTAustria.RealEurope
1814 OSTERREICHAustria.RealEurope
1816 OSTLAND (overprint on stamps of Germany)Russia- German occupation (1941-3).RealEurope
1817 OTVORENIE SLOVENSKENO (overprint on stamps of Czechoslovakia)Slovakia (1939).RealEurope
1818 OUBANGUI-CHARIUbangi.RealAfrica
1819 OUBANGUI-CHARI-TCHAD (overprint on stamps of Middle Congo)Ubangi (1915-24).RealAfrica
1820 OUDEYPOOR PALUMPOORIndian State produced as German fantasy issue in 1889.Not Scott ListedNone
1821 OДHA MAPKA YKSIMAPKKAFinland.RealEurope
3798 ObockObock (stamp issuing country) 1892 - 1894RealAfrica
3799 Oil Rivers ProtectorateOil Rivers Protectorate (stamp issuing country) 1892 - 1893RealAfrica
3800 OldenburgOldenburg (stamp issuing country) 1852 - 1867RealEurope
3801 Oltre JubaOltre Juba (stamp issuing country) 1925 - 1926RealAfrica
3802 OmanOman (stamp issuing country) 1971 -RealAsia
3803 Orange Free StateOrange Free State (stamp issuing country) 1868 - 1900RealAfrica
3806 Orange River ColonyOrange River Colony (stamp issuing country) 1900 - 1907RealAfrica
3807 OrchhaOrchha (stamp issuing country) 1913 - 1939RealAsia
3808 OstlandOstland (stamp issuing country) 1941 - 1945RealEurope
3809 Ottoman Empire issuesOttoman Empire issues (stamp issuing country) 1870 - 1913RealEurope
3810 Oubangui ChariOubangui Chari (stamp issuing country) 1922 - 1937RealAfrica
3811 Oubangui Chari TchadOubangui Chari Tchad (stamp issuing country) 1915 - 1922RealAfrica