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1487 M (overprint)Belgium, military parcel posts.RealEurope
1488 M. (overprint)South Australia, officials (1868-74) [Military].RealAustralia
1489 M. B. (overprint)South Australia, officials (1868-74) [Marine Board].RealAustralia
1490 M. KIR.Hungary (1916).RealEurope
1491 M. R. (overprint)South Australia, officials (1868-74) [Manager of Railways].RealAustralia
1492 M. R. G. (overprint)South Australia, officials (1868-74) [Main Roads Gambierton].RealAustralia
1493 M.A. (overprint)Argentina, officials [Ministry of Agriculture].RealAmericas
1494 M.A.L.cancel of British Forces in North and East Africa [Military Authority Lira].RealAfrica
1495 M.B.D. (overprint)India- Nandgaon, officials (1893-5).RealAsia
1496 M.E.F. (overprint on stamps of Great Britain)Great Britain- Offices in Africa (1942-50) [Middle East Forces].RealAfrica
1497 M.G. (overprint)Argentina, officials [Ministry of War].RealAmericas
1498 M.H. (overprint)Argentina, officials [Ministry of Finance].RealAmericas
1499 M.I. (overprint)Argentina, officials [Ministry of Interior].RealAmericas
1500 M.J.I. (overprint)Argentina, officials [Ministry of Justice and Education].RealAmericas
1501 M.M. (overprint)Argentina, officials [Ministry of Marine].RealAmericas
1502 M.O.P. (overprint)Argentina, officials [Ministry of Public Works].RealAmericas
1503 M.R.C. (overprint)Argentina, officials [Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Religion].RealAmericas
1504 M.V.i.R. (overprint)Romania- German occupation (1917-8) [Militar Verwaltung in Rumanien (Military Administration of Romania].RealEurope
1505 MACAUMacao.RealAsia
1506 MACAVMacao.RealAsia
1507 MACEDONIAJugoslavia.Not Scott ListedEurope
1508 MACTAN ISLANDBogus stamps and overprints for Philippine island south of Cebu.Not Scott ListedAsia
1509 MADAGASCAR (overprint on stamps of France)Madagascar (1895).RealAfrica
1510 MADEIRA (overprint on stamps of Portugal)Madeira (1868-98).RealEurope
1511 MADERANERTHALSwitzerland, hotel local stamp.RealEurope
1512 MADMAN STATEIndia, parody of Wadwan State.Not Scott ListedAsia
1513 MADRIDSpain (1920-30).RealEurope
1514 MAESTRALJugoslavia.Not Scott ListedEurope
1515 MAFEKING (overprint on stamps of Bechuanaland)Cape of Good Hope (1900).RealAfrica
1516 MAFEKING (overprint)Cape of Good Hope (1900).RealAfrica
1517 MAFIA ISLANDGerman warship had to hide in Rufiji River and sailors stayed so long that local officials issued "stamps" for them as currency.Not Scott ListedAfrica
1518 MAGAZON A MOROCSultanate of Morocco, local issue of questionable repute (1891) [Mazagan to Morocco].RealAfrica
1519 MAGAZON MARAKECHSultanate of Morocco, local issue of questionable repute (1893) [Mazagan to Marakesh].RealAfrica
1520 MAGDALENAColombian State bogus issue of 1878.Not Scott ListedAmericas
1521 MAGYARHungary.RealEurope
1522 MAGYAR KIR. HIRLAP BELYEGHungary, newspaper tax stamps.RealEurope
1523 MAGYAR KIR(ALYN) POSTAHungary [Hungarian Royal Post].RealEurope
1524 MAGYAR NEMZETI KORMANY SZEGED (overprint)Hungary- Szeged- Serbian occupation (1919) [Hungarian People’s Government Szeged].RealEurope
1525 MAGYAR NEPKOZTARSASAGHungary (1919) [People’s Popular Republic].RealEurope
1526 MAGYAR TANACS KOZTARSASAGHungary (1919) [Hungarian Soviet Republic].RealEurope
1527 MAGYARORSZAGHungary (1925) [Hungarian State].RealEurope
1529 MAI GT. PRE. 1902 (overprint)Haiti (1902) [Gouvernement Provisoire (Provisional Government)].RealAmericas
1530 MALACCAMalaya- Malacca.RealAsia
1531 MALAGA (overprint)Spain revolutionary issues- Malaga (1937).RealEurope
1532 MALAGA ARRIBA ESPANA (overprint)Spain- Malaga, revenues.RealEurope
1533 MALAGASYMadagascar (1961-present).RealAfrica
1534 MALAKOTEGerman East Africa unissued stamps.Not Scott ListedAfrica
1535 MALAYA (overprint over picture of mosque)Selangor.RealAsia
1536 MALAYA (overprint over picture of over picture of State Arms)Negri Sembilan.RealAsia
1537 MALAYA (overprint over portrait of Sultan)Malaya- Kelantan, Negri Sembilan, Pahang, Perak, Perlis, Selanegor or Trengganu.RealAsia
1538 MALAYA PERLISMalaya- Perlis.RealAsia
1539 MALAYA SINGAPORESingapore.RealAsia
1540 MALAYAN POSTAL UNIONMalaya, postage dues (1945).RealAsia
1541 MALDIVES (overprint on stamps of Ceylon)Maldives Islands(1906-9).RealAsia
1542 MALGACHEMadagascar (1959-61).RealAfrica
1543 MALMEDY (overprint on stamps of Belgium)Germany- Belgian occupation of Melmedy (1920-1).RealEurope
1544 MALUKA SELATANSouth Moloccas (Indonesian private issues).RealAsia
1545 MANAMAAjman- Manama.RealAsia
1546 MANDATNetherlands, money order stamps (1894).RealEurope
1547 MANGALIARomania revenue issue that has long been regarded as bogus.Not Scott ListedEurope
1548 MANGIARE, LO STATO DI Not Scott Listednone
1549 MANIZALESColombia- Manizales.RealAmericas
1550 MANIZALESColombian city with labels printed during the 19th century as a private local post.Not Scott ListedAmericas
1551 MANUMBALANDBogus stamps created for newspaper columnist.Not Scott Listednone
1552 MAPKARussia, Finland or Serbia.RealEurope
1553 MARCA DA BOLLOItaly.RealEurope
1554 MARI, MARI-ELBogus Russian local overprint.Not Scott ListedAsia
1555 MARIANAS ESPANOL (overprint on stamps of Spain)Mariana Islands (1899).RealAsia
1556 MARIANENMariana Islands (1899-1919).RealAsia
1557 MARIENWERDER (overprint on stamps of Germany)Marienwerder plebescite (1920).RealEurope
1558 MARK (currency)Finland, Germany.RealEurope
1559 MARKA (currency)Estonia (1919-28), Russia.RealEurope
1560 MARKAA (currency)Finland.RealEurope
1561 MARKKA (currency)Finland.RealEurope
1562 MAROCFrench Morocco, Morocco.RealAfrica
1563 MAROCCO (overprint on stamps of Germany)Germany- Offices in Morocco.RealAfrica
1564 MAROKKO (overprint on stamps of Germany)Germany- Offices in Morocco (1911).RealAfrica
1565 MARRUECOSMorocco- Northern Zone (1956-8).RealAfrica
1566 MARRUECOS (overprint on stamps of Spain)Spanish Morocco.RealAfrica
1567 MARRUECOS ESPANOLSpanish Morocco- Northern Zone.RealAfrica
1568 MARSCHELL INSELNMarshall Islands.RealAsia
1569 MARSHALL INSELNMarshall lslands.RealAsia
1570 MARTINIQUE (overprint on stamps of French Colonies)Martinique (1886-92).RealAfrica
1571 MAT TUAN D.T.G.P. MIEN NAM VIET NAMNational Front for the liberation of South Vietnam.RealAsia
1572 MAURITANIEMauritania.RealAfrica
1573 MAZATLAN (overprint)Mexico- Mazatlan (1916).RealAmericas
1574 MBLEDHJA KUSHTETUGESE (overprint on stamps of Italy)Albania- Italian dominion (1939).RealEurope
1575 MBRETNIJA SHQIPTAREAlbania- Italian occupation.RealEurope
1576 McCOYFantasy issue for bogus island in Pacific.Not Scott Listednone
1577 McDONALD TERRITORYCounty in Missouri that seceded from state.Not Scott ListedAmericas
1578 MECKLENB.German States- Mecklenburg-Schwerin (1856-67).RealEurope
1579 MEDELLIN PROVISIONALColombia- Antioquia (1888-9).RealAmericas
1580 MEDIA ONZASpain, official stamps (1854-63).RealEurope
1581 MEJICOMexico (1856-64).RealAmericas
1582 MEKKABogus issue for Mecca.Not Scott ListedAsia
1583 MELAKAMalaysia- Malacca.RealAsia
1584 MELAT-I-KAZERUN 1335 (overprint)Iran, unofficial rebellion overprint (1917).RealAsia
1585 MEMEL (overprint on stamps of France)Memel (1920-3).RealEurope
1586 MEMEL GEBIETMemel [Memel District].RealEurope
1587 MEMEL with KLAIPEDAMemel- Lithuanian occupation (1923).RealEurope
1588 MENDOCINO, STATE OFProposed secessionist issue for Northern California.Not Scott ListedAmericas
1589 MENSAJERIASUruguay, special delivery stamps.RealAmericas
1590 METELIN (overprint on stamps of Russia)Russia- Offices in Turkey (1910).RealAsia
1591 MEVUAntarctic fantasy.Not Scott ListedNone
1592 MEXICANOMexico.RealAmericas
1593 MEXICO TRANSITORIOMexico- Sonora revenues.RealAmericas
1594 MILESIMA DE ESCUDO (currency)Spain.RealEurope
1595 MILESIMA DE PESO (currency)Spanish Colonies.RealEurope
1596 MILESIMO (currency)Uruguay.RealAmericas
1597 MILIT. (POST) PORTOMARKEBosnia and Herzegovina, military post postage dues..RealEurope
1598 MILITAR K.u.K. POSTBosnia and Herzegovina- Austrian Administration (1912).RealEurope
1599 MILITAR POST EILMARKEBosnia and Herzegovina, special handling stamps.RealEurope
1600 MILITARPOSTBosnia and Herzegovina.RealEurope
1601 MILL. (currency surcharge on stamps of France)France- Offices in Egypt (1921-8).RealAfrica
1602 MILLIEME(S) (currency surcharge on stamps of France)France- Offices in Egypt (1921-8).RealAfrica
1603 MINAUEAntarctic fantasy.Not Scott ListedNone
1604 MINNESOTA REPUBLICNo Information Available.Not Scott ListedAmericas
1605 MlNERVA, REPUBLIC OFReefs near Tonga.Not Scott ListedAustralia
1606 MNKorea (1884-95).RealAsia
1607 MOCAMBIQUEMozambique.RealAfrica
1608 MOGADORO A MAROCSultanate of Morocco, local issue of questionable repute (1895) [Mogadoro to Morocco].RealAfrica
1609 MOHΓOЛ ЩЧAAHOuter Mongolia.RealAsia
1610 MONGTSEU (overprint on stamps of Indo-China)France- Offices in China- Mongtseu (1903-9).RealAsia
1611 MONGTZE (overprint on stamps of Indo-China)France- Offices in China- Mongtseu (1903-9).RealAsia
1612 MONISTIR (overprint on stamps of Turkey)Turkey, for royal visit of Sultan to Rumelia (1911) [City of Monistir].RealAsia
1613 MONROVIALiberia.RealAfrica
1614 MONSTER (overprint)Dutch language countries [Specimen].RealEurope
1615 MONT ATHOS (overprint on stamps of Russia)Russia- Offices in Turkey- Mont Athos (1909-10).RealAsia
1616 MONTE BELLO ISLANDAustralian island bogus issue.Not Scott ListedAustralia
1617 MONTE CASSINO 1944 (overprint on stamps of Poland-Exile in Great Britain)Polish government in exile (1944).RealEurope
1618 MONTENEGRO (overprint on stamps of Austria)Montenegro- Austrian occupation (1917-8).RealEurope
1619 MONTENEGRO (overprint on stamps of Italy)Montenegro- Italian occupation (1941-2).RealEurope
1620 MONTEREY (overprint)Mexico- Monterey.RealAmericas
1621 MONTERREYMexican city with local stamps of the 1860's considered bogus.Not Scott ListedAmericas
1622 MONTEVIDEOUruguay- Montevideo (1858-67).RealAmericas
1623 MONTSERRAT (overprint on stamps of Antigua)Montserrat (1876).RealAmericas
1624 MOON ISLANDNorway local post.Not Scott ListedEurope
1625 MOQUEA (overprint)Peru- Moquegua- Chilean occupation (1885).RealAmericas
1626 MOQUEGUA (overprint on stamps of Arequipa)Peru- Arequipa- Moquegua- Chilean occupation (1885).RealAmericas
1627 MOQUEGUA (overprint)Peru- Moquegua, applied after regional earthquake (1881).RealAmericas
1628 MORAUkraine.RealEurope
1629 MORDAVIABogus Russian local overprint.Not Scott ListedEurope
1630 MORELIAMexican city with local stamps of the l9th century considered bogus.Not Scott ListedAmericas
1631 MORELIA (overprint)Mexico- Morelia.RealAmericas
1632 MORESNETNeutral territory between Germany and Belgium issued by Moens in 1867, local issue made in 1886.Not Scott ListedEurope
1633 MOROKULIENTerritory in Norway bordering Sweden. Moro means joy in Swedish and Kulien means joy in Norwegian. Children's issue. Now a campground and customs station.Not Scott ListedEurope
1634 MORROCCO AGENCIES (overprint on stamps of Gibraltar)Great Britain- Offices in Morocco.RealAfrica
1635 MORROCCO AGENCIES (overprint on stamps of Great Britain)Great Britain- Offices in Morocco.RealAfrica
1636 MORVIIndia- Morvi (1931-48).RealAsia
1637 MOUNT ATHOSTurkish stamps overprinted for use as local stamps.Not Scott ListedAsia
1638 MOYEN CONGOMiddle Congo.RealAfrica
1639 MQE (overprint on stamps of French Colonies)Martinique (1886-91).RealAfrica
1640 MUESTRA (overprint)Spanish language countries [Specimen].RealEurope
1641 MUK, ISLAND OFBogus Scotland island stamp.Not Scott ListedEurope
1642 MULTAseveral countries, postage dues [Fined].RealEurope
1643 MULTADAChile, postage dues[Fined].RealAmericas
1644 MULTASEcuador, postage dues[Fined].RealAmericas
1645 MUSCAT & OMANOman (1966-70).RealAsia
1646 MUSTER (overprint)German language countries [Specimen].RealEurope
1647 MY BONNIEDonald Evans issue, New York.Not Scott Listednone
3642 MacaoMacao (stamp issuing country) 1884 -RealAsia
3643 MacedoniaMacedonia (stamp issuing country) 1991 -RealEurope
3644 Macedonia (German Occupation)Macedonia (German Occupation) (stamp issuing country) 1944 - onlyRealEurope
3645 Madagascar (British Consular Mail)Madagascar (British Consular Mail) (stamp issuing country) 1884 - 1895RealAfrica
3646 Madagascar (French Post Offices)Madagascar (French Post Offices) (stamp issuing country) 1885 - 1896RealAfrica
3647 Madagascar and DependenciesMadagascar and Dependencies (stamp issuing country) 1896 - 1958RealAfrica
3648 MadeiraMadeira (stamp issuing country) 1868 -RealEurope
3649 MafekingMafeking (stamp issuing country) 1900 - onlyRealAfrica
3651 Mafia Island (British Occupation)Mafia Island (British Occupation) (stamp issuing country) 1915 - 1916RealAfrica
3652 Mahra Sultanate of Qishn and SocotraMahra Sultanate of Qishn and Socotra (stamp issuing country) 1967 - onlyRealAsia
3653 Majunga (French Post Office)Majunga (French Post Office) (stamp issuing country) 1895 - onlyRealEurope
3654 MalaccaMalacca (stamp issuing country) 1948 -RealAsia
3655 Malagasy RepublicMalagasy Republic (stamp issuing country) 1958 -RealAfrica
3656 MalawiMalawi (stamp issuing country) 1964 -RealAfrica
3657 Malaya (British Military Administration)Malaya (British Military Administration) (stamp issuing country) 1945 - 1948RealAsia
3658 Malaya (Japanese Occupation) 日本国Malaya (Japanese Occupation) (stamp issuing country) 1942 - 1945RealAsia
3659 Malaya (Thai Occupation)Malaya (Thai Occupation) (stamp issuing country) 1943 - 1945RealAsia
3660 Malayan FederationMalayan Federation (stamp issuing country) 1957 - 1963RealAsia
3662 Malayan Postal UnionMalayan Postal Union (stamp issuing country) 1936 - 1968RealAsia
3663 MalaysiaMalaysia (stamp issuing country) 1963 -RealAsia
3664 Malaysia Federal TerritoryMalaysia Federal Territory (stamp issuing country) 1979 -RealAsia
3665 Maldive IslandsMaldive Islands (stamp issuing country) 1906 -RealAsia
3666 MaliMali (stamp issuing country) 1960 -RealAfrica
3667 Mali FederationMali Federation (stamp issuing country) 1959 - 1960RealAfrica
3668 MaltaMalta (stamp issuing country) 1860 -RealEurope
3669 Manchukuo 滿洲國 満州国Manchukuo (stamp issuing country) 1932 - 1945RealAsia
3670 ManchuriaManchuria (stamp issuing country) 1927 - 1928RealAsia
3671 Mariana Islands (Marianen)Mariana Islands (Marianen) (stamp issuing country) 1899 - 1914RealAsia
3673 MarienwerderMarienwerder (stamp issuing country) 1920 - onlyRealEurope
3674 Marshall IslandsMarshall Islands (stamp issuing country) 1984 -RealAsia
3675 Marshall Islands (German Colony)Marshall Islands (German Colony) (stamp issuing country) 1897 - 1916RealAsia
3676 MartiniqueMartinique (stamp issuing country) 1886 - 1947RealAmericas
3677 MauritaniaMauritania (stamp issuing country) 1960 -RealAfrica
3678 Mauritania (French Colony)Mauritania (French Colony) (stamp issuing country) 1906 - 1944RealAfrica
3679 MauritiusMauritius (stamp issuing country) 1847 -RealAfrica
3680 MayotteMayotte (stamp issuing country) 1892 - 1914RealAfrica
3681 Mecklenburg-SchwerinMecklenburg-Schwerin (stamp issuing country) 1856 - 1868RealEurope
3682 Mecklenburg-StrelitzMecklenburg-Strelitz (stamp issuing country) 1864 - 1868RealEurope
3684 Memel (French Administration)Memel (French Administration) (stamp issuing country) 1920 - 1923RealEurope
3685 Mengkiang (Japanese Occupation)Mengkiang (Japanese Occupation) (stamp issuing country) 1942 - 1945RealAsia
3686 MéridaMérida (stamp issuing country) 1916 - onlyRealAmericas
3687 MesopotamiaMesopotamia (stamp issuing country) 1917 - 1922RealEurope
3688 MexicoMexico (stamp issuing country) 1856 -RealAmericas
3689 MicronesiaMicronesia (stamp issuing country) 1984 -RealAsia
3690 Middle CongoMiddle Congo (stamp issuing country) 1907 - 1937RealAfrica
3691 Middle East Forces (MEF)Middle East Forces (MEF) (stamp issuing country) 1942 - 1947RealAsia
3692 ModenaModena (stamp issuing country) 1852 - 1860RealEurope
3693 MoheliMoheli (stamp issuing country) 1906 - 1914RealAsia
3696 MoldaviaMoldavia (stamp issuing country) 1858 - 1862RealEurope
3697 MoldovaMoldova (stamp issuing country) 1991 -RealEurope
3698 Moldo-WallachiaMoldo-Wallachia (stamp issuing country) 1862 - 1865RealEurope
3699 MonacoMonaco (stamp issuing country) 1885 -RealEurope
3700 MongoliaMongolia (stamp issuing country) 1924 -RealAsia
3701 MongTseu (IndoChinese Post Office)MongTseu (IndoChinese Post Office) (stamp issuing country) 1903 - 1922RealAsia
3702 Montenegro (Austrian Occupation)Montenegro (Austrian Occupation) (stamp issuing country) 1917 - onlyRealEurope
3703 Montenegro (German Occupation)Montenegro (German Occupation) (stamp issuing country) 1943 - 1945RealEurope
3704 Montenegro (Italian Occupation)Montenegro (Italian Occupation) (stamp issuing country) 1941 - 1943RealEurope
3706 Montenegro (Yugoslav Regional Issues)Montenegro (Yugoslav Regional Issues) (stamp issuing country) 1945 - onlyRealEurope
3707 MontserratMontserrat (stamp issuing country) 1876 -RealAmericas
3708 MoroccoMorocco (stamp issuing country) 1956 -RealAfrica
3709 Morocco (French Post Offices)Morocco (French Post Offices) (stamp issuing country) 1862 - 1914RealAfrica
3710 Morocco (German Post Offices)Morocco (German Post Offices) (stamp issuing country) 1899 - 1917RealAfrica
3711 Morocco (Spanish Post Offices)Morocco (Spanish Post Offices) (stamp issuing country) 1903 - 1914RealAfrica
3712 Morocco AgenciesMorocco Agencies (stamp issuing country) 1898 - 1957RealAfrica
3713 MorviMorvi (stamp issuing country) 1931 - 1948RealAsia
3714 Mosul (Indian Forces)Mosul (Indian Forces) (stamp issuing country) 1919 - onlyRealAsia
3715 Mount Athos (Russian Post Office)Mount Athos (Russian Post Office) (stamp issuing country) 1909 - 1914RealEurope
3717 MozambiqueMozambique (stamp issuing country) 1876 -RealAfrica
3718 Mozambique CompanyMozambique Company (stamp issuing country) 1892 - 1942RealAfrica
3719 MuscatMuscat (stamp issuing country) 1944 - 1948RealAsia
3720 Muscat and OmanMuscat and Oman (stamp issuing country) 1966 - 1970RealAsia
3721 Mytilene (Russian Post Office)Mytilene (Russian Post Office) (stamp issuing country) 1909 - 1914RealAsia