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Record NumberKeyword(s)CountryCatalog Listed?Continent 
1377 L (overprint)Colombia, airmails carried by LANSA company.RealAmericas
1378 L & S POST (overprint)Newfoundland airmail to ordinary use conversion (1931) [Land and Sea Post].RealAmericas
1379 L A BBolivia, airmails [Lloyd Aereo Boliviano].RealAmericas
1380 L F F (overprint)Liberia, officials [Liberian Frontier Force].RealAfrica
1381 L Mc L (and design of ship)Trinidad- Lady McLeod private issue (1847).RealAmericas
1382 L. A. (overprint)South Australia, officials (1868-74) [Lunatic Asylum].RealAustralia
1383 L. C. (overprint)South Australia, officials (1868-74) [Legislative Council].RealAustralia
1384 L. L. (overprint)South Australia, officials (1868-74) [Legislative Library].RealAustralia
1385 L. MARQUES (overprint on stamps of Mozambique)Lourenco Marques (1895-7).RealAfrica
1386 L. T. (overprint)South Australia, officials (1868-74) [Land Titles].RealAustralia
1387 L.A.R.Libyan Arab Republic (1969-present)RealAfrica
1388 L.L.L.R.Georgia.RealEurope
1389 L.P. (overprint on stamps of Russia)Latvia- Russian occupation for Mitau and Schaulen (1919) [Latvija Pawalda (Latvia Administration)].RealEurope
1390 L.T.S.R. (overprint with date)Lithuania, union with the U.S.S.R.RealEurope
1391 LA AGUERAAguera (1920-22).RealEurope
1392 LA CANEA (overprint on stamps of Italy)Italy- Offices in Crete (1900-12).RealEurope
1393 LA CRUZ ROJA ESPANOLSpain, semipostals [Spanish Red Cross].RealEurope
1394 LA CRUZ ROJA PARAGUAYParaguay, semipostals [Paraguay Red Cross].RealAmericas
1395 LA GEORGIEGeorgia (1919).RealEurope
1396 LA LEYBolivia (1878) [The Law].RealAmericas
1397 L’ETAT DU KATANGAKatanga, rebellion against the Belgian Congo.RealAfrica
1398 LABRADORNewfoundland, bogus issue for Canadian Province.Not Scott ListedAmericas
1399 LABUAN (overprint on stamps of North Borneo)Labuan (1894-1901).RealAfrica
1400 LAGOSLagos, Nigeria (1874-1906).RealAfrica
1401 LAIBACH (overprint)Yugoslavia- Ljubljana- German occupation (1944-5).RealEurope
1402 LAJTABANSAGUnissued Western Hungary labels.Not Scott ListedEurope
1403 LAMUGerman East Africa fantasies.Not Scott ListedAfrica
1404 LAND-POST PORTE-MARKEGerman States- Baden, postage dues (1862) [Rural Post- Postage Due].RealEurope
1405 LANDSTORMEN FRIMARKESweden, semipostals for funds to equip soldiers [Military Reserves Stamp].RealEurope
1406 LANSAColombia, airmails (1950).RealAmericas
1407 LAPLANDPunch magazine spoof issues for Finland.Not Scott Listednone
1408 LATTAQUIE (overprint on stamps of Syria)Latakia (1931-3).RealEurope
1409 LATVIJALatvia.RealEurope
1410 LATVIJA DSRLatvia- Russian occupation.RealEurope
1411 LATWIJALatvia.RealEurope
1412 LAURANIAFantasies created by John de Treville with countries taken from Winston Churchill's book, "Savrola."Not Scott Listednone
1413 LAURANSTEINFantasies created by John de Treville with countries taken from Winston Churchill's book, "Savrola."Not Scott Listednone
1414 LEAGUE OF NATIONSLabels printed by British Poster Stamp Association.Not Scott Listednone
1415 LEGI POSTAHungary, airmails.RealEurope
1416 LEI (currency overprint on Austrian stamps)Romania- Austrian occupation (1917-8).RealEurope
1417 LEMNORYNo Information Available.Not Scott Listednone
1418 LERO (overprint on stamps of Italy)Italy Aegean Islands- Leros (1930-2).RealEurope
1419 LEROS (overprint on stamps of Italy)Italy Aegean Islands- Leros (1912-22).RealEurope
1420 LES ECREHOUSUninhabited reef off Jersey in Channel Islands.Not Scott ListedEurope
1421 LES MINQUIERSUninhabited reef off Jersey in Channel Islands.Not Scott ListedEurope
1422 LESOTHO (overprint on stamps of Basutoland)Lesotho (1966).RealAfrica
1423 LEVA (currency)Bulgaria.RealEurope
1424 LEVANTFrance- Offices in Turkey.RealEurope
1425 LEVANT (overprint on stamps of France)France- Offices in Turkey- Levant (1902-23).RealEurope
1426 LEVANT (overprint on stamps of Great Britain)Great Britain Offices in Turkey- Levant (1905-6).RealEurope
1427 LEVANT (overprint on stamps of Poland)Poland- Offices in Turkey- Levant (1919-21).RealEurope
1428 LEVANTE (overprint on stamps of Italy)Italy- Offices in Turkey- Levant.RealEurope
1429 LEY 8310 (overprint)Peru, postal tax stamps [Law 8310].RealAmericas
1430 LEY NACIONAL DE SELLOArgentina, postal fiscal stamps [National Stamp Law].RealAmericas
1431 LIBANLebanon.RealAsia
1432 LIBANAISELebanon.RealAsia
1433 LIBAU (overprint on stamps of Germany)Latvia- German occupation (1919).RealEurope
1434 LIBERTAD Y ORDENColombia [Liberty and Order].RealAmericas
1435 LIBERTAD, 15 DE SETIEMBREGuatemala (1886-94) [Liberty, September 15].RealAmericas
1436 LIBIALibya (1912-51).RealAfrica
1437 LIBYALibya.RealAfrica
1438 LIBYA (overprint on stamps of Cyranaica)Libya (1951).RealAfrica
1439 LIBYELibya.RealAfrica
1440 LICHAAM EN GEEST(Body and Soul) Donald Evans issue, Northern Europe.Not Scott ListedNone
1441 LIETUVALithuania.RealEurope
1442 LIETUVA (overprint on stamps of Russia)Lithuania- South District (1919).RealEurope
1443 LIETUVOSLithuania.RealEurope
1444 LIETUVOS PASTALithuania [Lithuania Post].RealEurope
1445 LIFE INSURANCE (overprint)New Zealand, life insurance department.RealAustralia
1446 LIGNES AERIENNE DE LA FRANCE LIBRESyria- Free French Administration military airmails (1942).RealAsia
1447 LIGNES AERIENNE F.A.F.L.Syria- Free French Administration military airmails (1942).RealAsia
1448 LIMBAGAN- 1543-1943 (overprint)Philippines- Japanese occupation (1943).RealAsis
1449 LINCOLN ISLESDonald Evans issue, capital is Moorestown.Not Scott ListedNone
1450 LINDBERGH ENERO 1928 (overprint)Costa Rica [Lindbergh January 1928].RealAmericas
1451 LINEAS AEREA NACIONALChile, airmails [National Air Lines].RealAmericas
1452 LINEAS AEREAS DEL ESTADOArgentina, airmails [State Air Lines].RealAmericas
1453 LINTZ, ISLE OFNo Information Available.Not Scott ListedNone
1454 LIPSO (overprint on stamps of Italy)Italy- Aegean Islands- Lisso (1912-32).RealEurope
1455 LIRE (currency overprint on stamps of Austria)Italy- Austrian occupation (1918).RealEurope
1456 LIRE 1.20 DI CORONA (currency overprint on stamps of Italy)Italy- Dalmatian occupation.RealEurope
1457 LISBOAPortugal, Red Cross tax stamps (1913) or franchise stamps (1903-38).RealEurope
1458 LISSO (overprint on stamps of Italy)Italy- Aegean Islands- Lisso (1930).RealEurope
1459 LITASLithuiania (1922-40).RealEurope
1460 LITHOLANDSpoof from American Philatelist.Not Scott ListedNone
1461 LITHOUGreat Britain channel island.Not Scott ListedEurope
1462 LITWA SRODKOWACentral Lithuania.RealEurope
1463 LITWY SRODKOWEJCentral Lithuania.RealEurope
1464 LJUBLIANSKAYugoslavia- Ljubljana- German occupation (1944-5).RealEurope
1465 LOCAL-TAXESwitzerland- Zurich (1843-6).RealEurope
1466 LOCUST CAMPAIGN (overprint)Trans-Jordan, semipostals.RealAsia
1467 LOJA FRANCA (overprint on stamps of Ecuador)Ecuador- Loja Province, control overprint to prevent use of stolen stamps from July 1902 Guyaquil Post Office fire (1902-3).RealAmericas
1468 LOKAL BREFSweden- Stockholm.RealEurope
1469 LONG ISLANDBanned Irish local post issue.Not Scott ListedEurope
1470 LOS RIOS (overprint)Ecuador, provincial control (1902-3).RealAmericas
1471 LOSENSweden, postage dues [Redemption Money].RealEurope
1472 LOTHRINGEN (overprint on stamps of Germany)France- German occupation of Lorraine(1940).RealEurope
1473 LOTNICZAPoland, aimails.RealEurope
1474 LTSR 1940 VII 21 (overprint)Lithuania- Russian occupation.RealEurope
1475 LUBIANA (overprint)Yugoslavia- Ljubljana- Italian occupation (1941).RealEurope
1476 LUCENT, ROYAL KINGDOM OFPrison artist stamp.Not Scott ListedNone
1477 LUCHA CONTRA EL CANCER (overprint)Panama, semipostals [Fight Against Cancer].RealAmericas
1478 LUCHTEPOSTBelgium, airmails [Air Post].RealEurope
1479 LUCHTEPOSTZEGELNetherlands, airmails.RealEurope
1480 LUEBECKGerman States- Leubeck (1863-7).RealEurope
1481 LUFTFELDPOSTGermany, military air post stamps (1942).RealEurope
1482 LUGPOSTSouth Africa or South West Africa, airmail stamps.RealAfrica
1483 LUNDYBritish local post off Devon Coast.Not Scott ListedEurope
1484 LUXEMBOURG (overprint on stamps of Germany)Luxembourg- German occupation (1940-1).RealEurope
1485 LYBBRIAFantasy issue created by Stamps Magazine.Not Scott ListedNone
3610 L.A.R. Libyan Arab RepublicL.A.R. Libyan Arab Republic (stamp issuing country) 1969 - 1977RealAfrica
3611 La AgüeraLa Agüera (stamp issuing country) 1920 - 1924RealAmericas
3612 LabuanLabuan (stamp issuing country) 1879 - 1906RealAsia
3613 LagosLagos (stamp issuing country) 1874 - 1906RealAfrica
3614 Laibach (German Occupation)Laibach (German Occupation) (stamp issuing country) 1943 - 1945RealEurope
3615 LANSALANSA (stamp issuing country) 1950 - 1951RealAfrica
3616 LaosLaos (stamp issuing country) 1951 -RealAsia
3618 Las BelaLas Bela (stamp issuing country) 1897 - onlyRealAmericas
3619 LatakiaLatakia (stamp issuing country) 1931 - 1937RealEurope
3620 LatviaLatvia (stamp issuing country) 1918 - 1940; 1991RealEurope
3621 Latvia (German Occupation)Latvia (German Occupation) (stamp issuing country) 1941 - onlyRealEurope
3622 League of Nations (Geneva)League of Nations (Geneva) (stamp issuing country) 1922 - 1944RealEurope
3623 LebanonLebanon (stamp issuing country) 1924 -RealAsia
3624 Leeward IslandsLeeward Islands (stamp issuing country) 1890 - 1956RealAmericas
3625 LemnosLemnos (stamp issuing country) 1912 - 1913RealEurope
3626 LerosLeros (stamp issuing country) 1912 - 1932RealEurope
3627 LesbosLesbos (stamp issuing country) 1912 - 1913RealEurope
3629 LesothoLesotho (stamp issuing country) 1966 -RealAfrica
3630 LiberiaLiberia (stamp issuing country) 1860 -RealAfrica
3631 LipsosLipsos (stamp issuing country) 1912 - 1932RealEurope
3632 Lithuania (German Occupation)Lithuania (German Occupation) (stamp issuing country) 1941 - onlyRealEurope
3633 Lombardy and VenetiaLombardy and Venetia (stamp issuing country) 1850 - 1866RealEurope
3634 Long Island (British Occupation)Long Island (British Occupation) (stamp issuing country) 1916 - onlyRealAmericas
3635 Lorraine (German Occupation)Lorraine (German Occupation) (stamp issuing country) 1940 - 1941RealEurope
3636 Lourenco MarquesLourenco Marques (stamp issuing country) 1895 - 1921RealAfrica
3637 LübeckLübeck (stamp issuing country) 1859 - 1868RealEurope
3638 Lubiana (Italian Occupation)Lubiana (Italian Occupation) (stamp issuing country) 1941 - onlyRealEurope
3640 Luxembourg (German Occupation)Luxembourg (German Occupation) (stamp issuing country) 1940 - 1944RealEurope
3641 LydenburgLydenburg (stamp issuing country) 1900 - 1902RealEurope
4201 Ljubljana Klice Mednarodni Velesajam V LjublianiLjubljana Fair Cinderellas 1921-1955Not Scott ListedEurope