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Record NumberKeyword(s)CountryCatalog Listed?Continent 
1246 K (with no country name)Bosnia and Herzegovina.RealEurope
1247 K 60 K (surcharge)Armenia (1919).RealEurope
1248 K K K (overprint)Philippines- Aguinaldo, political secret society [Kataas-taasan Kagalanggalang Katipunan].RealAsia
1249 K-numeral-K (surcharge)Far Eastern Republic (1920).RealAsia
1250 K-U-K FELDPOSTAustria, military stamps (1915-8).RealEurope
1251 K-U-K FELDPOST (overprint on stamps of Bosnia and Herzegovina)Austria, military stamps (1915).RealEurope
1252 K-U-K FELDPOST (with denominations in bani or lei)Romania- Austrian occupation (1917-8).RealEurope
1253 K-U-K-MILITARPOSTBosnia and Herzegovina (1912-18) [Kaiserliche und Konigliche Militarpost (Imperial and Royal Military Post)].RealEurope
1254 K. CPБCKA ПOЩTASerbia.RealEurope
1255 K. WURTT. POSTGerman States- Wurttemberg (1875-1900) [Konigliche Wurtembergische Post (Royal Wurttemberg Post)].RealEurope
1256 K.C. ПOЩTASerbia.RealEurope
1257 K.C.-NOUITASerbia (1866) [Princely Serbian Post].RealEurope
1258 K.G.C.A. (overprint on newspaper stamps of Yugoslavia)Yugoslavia- Carinthian plebescite (1920) [Koruska Glasoona Cona A (Carinthian Plebescite Zone A)].RealEurope
1259 K.K. (BRIEF MARKEN)Austria [Imperial Royal Letter Stamp].RealEurope
1260 K.P. (overprint)Philippines- Japanese occupation officials [Kagamitang Pampamahalaan].RealAsia
1261 K.S.A.Saudi Arabia (1975-present).RealAsia
1262 K.U.K.Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina [Kaiserliche und Konigliche (Imperial and Royal)].RealEurope
1263 K.П. (overprint)Greece, postal tax stamps.RealEurope
1264 KA3AKCTAHRepublic of KazakhstanRealAsia
1265 KAIS KONAustria (1853-1907).RealEurope
1267 KAISERLICHE KONIGLICHE OESTERRPOST (denominations in piastres)Austria- Offices in Turkey.RealEurope
1268 KALAYAAN NANG PILIPINASPhilippines- Japanese occupation.RealAsia
1269 KALIMANTAN, REPUBLIKBogus overprints for supposed independence movement in Indonesia.Not Scott ListedAsia
1270 KAMERUNCameroun (1900-18).RealAfrica
1271 KAMERUN (overprint on stamps of Germany)Cameroun (1897).RealAfrica
1272 KAMTSHATKABogus Russian local overprint.Not Scott ListedAsia
1273 KANGAROO ISLANDAustralian locals.Not Scott ListedAustralia
1274 Kans. (overprint)U.S., Kansas overprints to reduce theft (1929).RealAmericas
1275 KANTUNGNo Information Available.Not Scott ListedAsia
1276 KAPLatvia (1918-22).RealEurope
1277 KAPПATCbKA-YKRAIHACzechoslovakia- Carpatho-Ukraine.RealEurope
1278 KARJALAKarelia (1922).RealEurope
1279 KARJALABogus Russian local overprint.Not Scott ListedAsia
1280 KARKI (overprint on stamps of Italy)Italy- Aegean Islands- Calchi (1912-22).RealEurope
1281 KARLFONDSAustria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, military fieldpost stamps with charity surcharge [Emperor Karl’s Fund].RealEurope
1282 KARNTEN ABSTIMMUNG (overprint on stamps of Austria)Austria- Carinthian plebescite (1920).RealEurope
1283 KARNTEN-CARINTHIAAustrian plebiscite labels.Not Scott ListedEurope
1284 KAROLINENCaroline Islands.RealAustralia
1285 KASAI (SOUTH KASAI)Congo- unrecognized state (1960-1).RealAfrica
1286 KATANGACongo- unrecognized state (1960-3). Revolt was against the (then) Republic of the Congo.RealAfrica
1287 KATCHAK POSTA (overprint in Turkish characters)Turkey, used on attempted but caught smuggled private letters into Greece, representing double postage and fine paid [Smuggled Letter].RealAsia
1288 KATHERI STATE OF SEIYUNAden- Katheri (1942).RealAsia
1289 KATIBODonald Evans issue, Surinam.Not Scott ListedNone
1290 KATIEOne of the Sicmon Islands in the South Pacific created by Nick Bantock for his book, Griffin & Sabine.Not Scott ListedNone
1291 KATINOne of the Sicmon Islands in the South Pacific created by Nick Bantock for his book, Griffin & Sabine.Not Scott Listednone
1292 KAULBACH ISLAND(1971-84) Island off the coast of Nova Scotia with local post stamps to frank mail to the nearest Canadian post office on the mainland.RealAmericas
1293 KAWTHULAYBurmese related fantasy.Not Scott ListedAsia
1294 KAПATCbKA ЧkPAIHACarpatho-Ukraine.RealEurope
1295 KEDAHMalaya- Kedah.RealAsia
1296 KEELINGCocos (Keeling) Islands.RealAustralia
1297 KELANTANMalaya- Kelantan.RealAsia
1298 KEMAHKOTAAN (overprint)Malaya- Johore, for new Sultan (1896) [Coronation].RealAsia
1299 KEMP LANDAntarctic fantasy by Eric Gardo of Australia. web siteNot Scott ListedAustralia
1300 KENTTA POSTIA. PUOLUSTUSVOIMATFinland, military stamps.RealEurope
1301 KENTTA-POSTI FALTPOSTFinland, military stamps (1943).RealEurope
1302 KENTTAPOSTIAFinland, military stamps (1941-63).RealEurope
1303 KENYA & UGANDAKenya, Uganda & Tanzania (1922-33).RealAfrica
1304 KENYA UGANDA TANGANYIKAKenya, Uganda & Tanzania (1935-64).RealAfrica
1305 KENYA UGANDA TANZANIAKenya, Uganda & Tanzania (1965-1976).RealAfrica
1306 KERASSUNDE (overprint on stamps of Russia)Russia- Offices in Turkey (1909-10).RealAsia
1307 KERGUELEN LANDAntarctic, also known as Desolation Island, 1892.Not Scott ListedAmericas
1308 KGL. POST FRM. (denomination in cents)Danish West Indies (1855-73) [Kongeligt Post Freimaerk (Royal Post Free Stamp)].RealAmericas
1309 KGL. POST FRM. (denomination in skillings)Denmark (1851-68) ) [Kongeligt Post Freimaerk (Royal Post Free Stamp)].RealEurope
1310 KHAFJIDisputed neutral zone in Arabia between Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.Not Scott ListedAsia
1311 KHALISTANPunjab, India labels issued by Sikhs in exile in England.Not Scott ListedAsia
1312 KHMERECambodia (1971-5).RealAsia
1313 KHOR FAKKANSharjah (1964-?).RealAsia
1314 KIAUTSCHOUKiauchau.RealAsia
1315 KIBOSecessionist province of Tanzania marketed as matchbox labels.Not Scott ListedAfrica
1316 KIBRISCyprus.RealEurope
1317 KIBRIS CUMHURIYETICyprus [Cyprus Republic].RealEurope
1318 KIBRIS TURK FEDERE DEVLETICyprus- Turkish occupation.RealEurope
1319 KINGSTON RELIEF FUND 1d (overprint)Barbados, semipostals for help for Jamaican earthquake (1906).RealAmericas
1320 KIONGA (overprint on stamps of Lourenzo Marques)Kionga (1916)RealAfrica
1321 KISHANGARHIndia- Kishangarh (1904-47).RealAsia
1322 KISHENGARHIndia- Kishangarh (1899-1904).RealAsia
1323 KK-POST-STEMPEL with values in centsAustria- Lombardy Venetia [Imperial Royal Postage Stamp].RealEurope
1324 KK-POST-STEMPEL with values in kreuzerAustria [Imperial Royal Postage Stamp].RealEurope
1325 KLAIPEDAMemel, Lithuanian occupation (1923).RealEurope
1326 KOHRussia, South Russia, Far Eastern Republic, Finland, Latvia or Batum.RealEurope
1327 KOINΩNIKH ПRONOIAGreece, postal tax stamps.RealEurope
1328 KOLGUEV ISLANDSBogus Russian local overprint.Not Scott ListedAsia
1329 KOLONIE CURACAONetherlands Antilles (1903-8) [Colony of Curacao].RealAmericas
1330 KOLONIE SURINAMESurinam (1903-8) [Colony of Surinam].RealAsia
1331 KOMIBogus Russian local overprint.Not Scott ListedAsia
1332 KOMSOMOLSKBogus Russian local overprint.Not Scott ListedAsia
1333 KONRussia, South Russia, Far Eastern Republic, Finland, Latvia or Batum.RealAsia
1334 KONGELIGT POST FRIMAERKEDenmark (1851) [Royal Post Free Stamp].RealEurope
1335 KONGRESI K.K.F.S. (overprint)Albania, postal tax semipostals.RealEurope
1336 KONINKRIJK DER NEDERLANDENNetherlands [Kingdom of the Netherlands].RealEurope
1337 KOP KOHFinland (1856-66).RealEurope
1338 KOPYTΣAEpirus- Karitsa issue.RealEurope
1339 KORCAAlbania (1914-18).RealEurope
1340 KORCEAlbania (1914-18).RealEurope
1341 KOREKIABogus Russian local overprint.Not Scott ListedAsia
1342 KORIAKIABogus Russian local overprint.Not Scott ListedAsia
1343 KORONA (currency)Hungary [Crown].RealEurope
1344 KOSOVES, REPUBLICA E, KOSOVOJugoslavia.Not Scott ListedEurope
1345 KOUANCTCHE-OUWAN (overprint on stamps of Indo-China)France- Offices in China- Kwangchowan (1906-41).RealEurope
1346 KOUANG-TCHEOU (overprint on stamps of Indo-China)France- Offices in China- Kwangchowan (1906-41).RealEurope
1347 KOZTARSASAGHungary (1918-9) [Republic].RealEurope
1348 KOZTARSASAG (overprint)Hungary (1918-9) [Republic].RealEurope
1349 KOЛETHИ ПPATKИBulgaria, parcel post.RealEurope
1350 KOП-KOP.Finland.RealEurope
1351 KPAJbEBCTBO C. X. C.Yugoslavia.RealEurope
1354 KPAЛbEBИHA CPБИJASerbia.RealEurope
1355 KPbIMCKЛΓO KPAEBOΓO ПPABKTEЛbCTБASouth Russia- Crimea.RealEurope
1356 KPCT.A.Yugoslavia, postal tax stamps.RealEurope
1357 KPHTHCrete.RealEurope
1358 KR. (currency)Austria, Baden, Bavaria, Germany, Hungary or Wurttemberg [Kronen (crown)].RealEurope
1359 Kr. 1.98 (overprint)Sweden, parcel posts.RealEurope
1360 Kr. 2.12 (overprint)Sweden, parcel posts.RealEurope
1361 KRAlb. UPHATOPAMontenegro.RealEurope
1362 KRALJEVINA SRBA, HRVATA I SLOVENACAYugoslavia [Kingdom of Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia].RealEurope
1363 KREUZER (currency)Austria, Baden, Bavaria, Germany, Hungary or Wurttemberg.RealEurope
1364 KRONE (currency)Austria (1899-1952).RealEurope
1365 KRONEN (currency)Austria (1899-1952).RealEurope
1366 KUNSTLAND, EAST & WESTDonald Evans issue.Not Scott ListedNone
1367 KUPA (overprint)Yugoslavia- Italian occupation (1941-2).RealEurope
1368 KURDISTANAt least three different issues produced at varying times.Not Scott ListedAsia
1369 KURIL ISLANDSBogus Russian local overprint.Not Scott ListedAsia
1370 KURLAND (overprint)Latvia- German occupation (1945).RealEurope
1371 KURUSTurkey.RealAsia
1372 KUWAIT (overprint on stamps of Great Britain)Kuwait (1948-58).RealAsia
1373 KUWAIT (overprint on stamps of India)Kuwait (1923-45).RealAsia
1374 KИTAИRussia- Offices in China.RealAsia
3556 KalimnosKalimnos (stamp issuing country) 1912 - 1932RealEurope
3557 KamerunKamerun (stamp issuing country) 1897 - 1915RealAfrica
3558 KampucheaKampuchea (stamp issuing country) 1980 - 1989RealAsia
3559 KansuKansu (stamp issuing country) 1949 - onlyRealAsia
3560 KarpathosKarpathos (stamp issuing country) 1912 - 1932RealEurope
3561 KasosKasos (stamp issuing country) 1912 - 1932RealEurope
3563 KastellórizoKastellórizo (stamp issuing country) 1920 - 1932RealEurope
3564 KatangaKatanga (stamp issuing country) 1960 - 1963RealAfrica
3565 Kathiri State of SeiyunKathiri State of Seiyun (stamp issuing country) 1942 - 1967RealAsia
3566 Kavalla (French Post Office)Kavalla (French Post Office) (stamp issuing country) 1893 - 1914RealEurope
3567 Kavalla (Greek Occupation)Kavalla (Greek Occupation) (stamp issuing country) 1913 - onlyRealEurope
3568 KazakhstanKazakhstan (stamp issuing country) 1992 -RealAsia
3569 KedahKedah (stamp issuing country) 1912 -RealAsia
3570 KelantanKelantan (stamp issuing country) 1911 -RealAsia
3571 Kelantan (Japanese Occupation)Kelantan (Japanese Occupation) (stamp issuing country) 1942 - 1945RealAsia
3572 KenyaKenya (stamp issuing country) 1963 -RealAfrica
3574 Kenya and UgandaKenya and Uganda (stamp issuing country) 1922 - 1935RealAfrica
3575 Kenya Uganda and TanganyikaKenya Uganda and Tanganyika (stamp issuing country) 1935 - 1963RealAfrica
3576 Kenya Uganda and TanzaniaKenya Uganda and Tanzania (stamp issuing country) 1965 - 1975RealAfrica
3577 Kenya Uganda Tanganyika and ZanzibarKenya Uganda Tanganyika and Zanzibar (stamp issuing country) 1964 - onlyRealAfrica
3578 Kerrasunde (Russian Post Office)Kerrasunde (Russian Post Office) (stamp issuing country) 1909 - 1910RealAfrica
3579 KhalkiKhalki (stamp issuing country) 1912 - 1932RealAsia
3580 Khania (Italian Post Office)Khania (Italian Post Office) (stamp issuing country) 1900 - 1912RealEurope
3581 KhiosKhios (stamp issuing country) 1913 - onlyRealEurope
3582 Khmer RepublicKhmer Republic (stamp issuing country) 1971 - 1975RealAsia
3583 KiangsiKiangsi (stamp issuing country) 1949 - onlyRealAsia
3586 KiautschouKiautschou (stamp issuing country) 1901 - 1914RealAsia
3587 King Edward VII LandKing Edward VII Land (stamp issuing country) 1908 - onlyRealEurope
3588 Kingdom of Libya: postal administrationKingdom of Libya: postal administration (stamp issuing country) 1951 - 1969RealAfrica
3589 KiongaKionga (stamp issuing country) 1916 - onlyRealAfrica
3590 KiribatiKiribati (stamp issuing country) 1979 -RealAfrica
3591 Kirin and HeilungkiangKirin and Heilungkiang (stamp issuing country) 1927 - 1931RealAsia
3592 KishangarhKishangarh (stamp issuing country) 1899 - 1947RealAsia
3593 KiukiangKiukiang (stamp issuing country) 1894 - 1896RealAsia
3594 KlaipedaKlaipeda (stamp issuing country) 1923 - onlyRealAsia
3596 Kolchak GovernmentKolchak Government (stamp issuing country) 1919 - 1920RealAsia
3597 Korce (Koritza)Korce (Koritza) (stamp issuing country) 1917 - 1919RealAsia
3598 Korea (Empire)Korea (Empire) (stamp issuing country) 1884 - 1910RealAsia
3599 Korea (Indian Custodian Forces)Korea (Indian Custodian Forces) (stamp issuing country) 1953 - onlyRealAsia
3600 Korea (Japanese Post Offices) 日本国Korea (Japanese Post Offices) (stamp issuing country) 1900 - 1901RealAsia
3601 KosKos (stamp issuing country) 1912 - 1932RealEurope
3602 KosovoKosovo (stamp issuing country) 2000 -RealEurope
3603 KouangTcheouKouangTcheou (stamp issuing country) 1898 - 1943RealAsia
3604 Kuban TerritoryKuban Territory (stamp issuing country) 1918 - 1920RealAsia
3605 KuwaitKuwait (stamp issuing country) 1923 -RealAsia
3607 KwangsiKwangsi (stamp issuing country) 1949 - onlyRealAfrica
3608 Kwangtung (Japanese Occupation)Kwangtung (Japanese Occupation) (stamp issuing country) 1942 - 1945RealAsia
3609 KyrgyzstanKyrgyzstan (stamp issuing country) 1992 -RealAsia