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Record NumberKeyword(s)CountryCatalog Listed?Continent 
3337 East Africa and Uganda ProtectoratesEast Africa and Uganda Protectorates (stamp issuing country) 1903 - 1922RealAfrica
3338 East Africa ForcesEast Africa Forces (stamp issuing country) 1943 - 1948RealAfrica
3339 East China (People's Post) 华东 華東East China (People's Post) (stamp issuing country) 1949 - 1950RealAsia
3340 East GermanyEast Germany (stamp issuing country) 1949 - 1991RealEurope
3341 East SilesiaEast Silesia (stamp issuing country) 1920 - onlyRealEurope
3343 Eastern Command AreaEastern Command Area (stamp issuing country) 1916 - 1918RealEurope
3344 Eastern Karelia (Finnish Occupation)Eastern Karelia (Finnish Occupation) (stamp issuing country) 1941 - 1944RealEurope
3345 Eastern RumeliaEastern Rumelia (stamp issuing country) 1880 - 1885RealEurope
3346 Eastern ThraceEastern Thrace (stamp issuing country) 1920 - 1922RealEurope
3347 EcuadorEcuador (stamp issuing country) 1865RealAmericas
3348 EgyptEgypt (stamp issuing country) 1866RealAfrica
3349 Egypt (British Forces)Egypt (British Forces) (stamp issuing country) 1932 - 1943RealAfrica
3350 Egypt (French Post Offices)Egypt (French Post Offices) (stamp issuing country) 1899 - 1931RealAfrica
3351 El SalvadorEl Salvador (stamp issuing country) 1867 -RealAmericas
3352 Elobey, Annobón, and CoriscoElobey, Annobón, and Corisco (stamp issuing country) 1903 - 1908RealAfrica
3354 EpirusEpirus (stamp issuing country) 1914 - 1916RealEurope
3355 Equatorial GuineaEquatorial Guinea (stamp issuing country) 1968 -RealAmericas
3356 EritreaEritrea (stamp issuing country) 1993 -RealAfrica
3357 Eritrea (British Administration)Eritrea (British Administration) (stamp issuing country) 1950 - 1952RealAfrica
3358 Eritrea (British Military Administration)Eritrea (British Military Administration) (stamp issuing country) 1948 - 1950RealAfrica
3359 Eritrea (Italian Colony)Eritrea (Italian Colony) (stamp issuing country) 1893 - 1942RealAfrica
3360 EstoniaEstonia (stamp issuing country) 1918 -RealEurope
3361 Estonia (German Occupation)Estonia (German Occupation) (stamp issuing country) 1941 - onlyRealEurope
3362 EthiopiaEthiopia (stamp issuing country) 1894 -RealAfrica
3363 Ethiopia (French Post Offices)Ethiopia (French Post Offices) (stamp issuing country) 1906 - 1908RealAfrica
3366 Ethiopia (Italian Occupation)Ethiopia (Italian Occupation) (stamp issuing country) 1936 - onlyRealAfrica
3367 Eupen and Malmedy (Belgian Occupation)Eupen and Malmedy (Belgian Occupation) (stamp issuing country) 1920 - onlyRealEurope
4001 Exposicion International Barcelona El ArteSpainNot Scott ListedEurope
702 E (overprint on stamps of Bavaria)German States- Bavaria, officials [Eisenbahn (railway)].RealEurope
703 E. (overprint)South Australia, officials (1868-74) [Engineer].RealAustralia
704 E. B. (overprint)South Australia, officials (1868-74) [Education Board].RealAustralia
705 E. Δ. (overprint)Cilicia- Greek occupation.RealEurope
706 E. Δ. Δ. (overprint)Greece- Dodecanese Islands.RealEurope
707 E.A.F. (overprint on stamps of Great Britain)East Africa Force (1943-6), Somalia [East Africa Force].RealAfrica
708 E.E.F.Palestine, British occupation (1918) [Egyptian Expeditionary Force].RealAsia
709 E.R. (with Queen Elizabeth's head)Great Britain (1952-67).RealEurope
710 E.R.I. (overprint)Transvaal [Edward Rex Imperator].RealAfrica
711 E.S. (overprint)Mexico- Sonora (1914-5).RealAmericas
712 E.S. DE ANTIOQUIAColombia- Antioquia [Estado Soberano (sovereign state)].RealAmericas
713 E.S. DE PANAMAPanama [Estado Soberano (sovereign state)].RealAmericas
714 E.T.French language countries [State].RealEurope
715 E.U. DE COLOMBIAColombia.RealAmericas
716 E.U. DO BRAZILBrazil.RealAmericas
717 EA (overprint on stamps of )Algeria.RealAfrica
718 EASDALE ISLANDScotland, 1996 local issue.Not Scott ListedEurope
719 EAST AFRICA & UGANDA PROTECTORATES (crown and C.A. wmk)East Africa & Uganda.RealAfrica
720 EAST AFRICA & UGANDA PROTECTORATES (crown and script C.A. wmk)Uganda & Tanzania.RealAfrica
722 EAST INDIA POSTAGE (overprint with crown and new denominations)Straits Settlements.RealAsia
723 EASTER ISLANDBogus issue with frame used on St. Vincent stamps.Not Scott ListedEurope
724 EASTERN SIBERIABogus Russian local overprint.Not Scott ListedAsia
725 ECUADOR (overprint on stamps of Colombia airmails)Ecuador (1928-9).RealAmericas
726 EDELWEISS, KINGDOM OFImperial residence in Winston-Salem, NC, Artistamp.Not Scott ListedAmericas
727 EDEN ISLANDParody of possible Swiss origin.Not Scott ListedNone
728 EDIFICIOS POSTALES (overprint)El Salvador, postal tax stamps.RealAmericas
729 EE. UU. DE COLOMBIAColombia (1886).RealAmericas
730 EE. UU. DE VENEZUELAVenezuela.RealAmericas
731 EE.UU. DE C.Colombia- Tolima (1870).RealAmericas
732 EENDRAGT MAAKT MAGT.South African Republic [Union Makes Strength].RealAfrica
733 EESTIEstonia.RealEurope
734 EESTI POST VIRUMMAEstonia- Bolshevist occupation- Virumma, bogus issue (1918-19).RealEurope
735 EFO 1915 (overprint)French Polynesia (1915) [Etablissments Francaises de l’Oceanie (French Oceanic Settlements)].RealAustralia
736 EFTERPORTODanish West Indies, postage dues [Postage to Pay].RealAmericas
737 EGEO (overprint on stamps of Italy)Italy- Aegean Islands.RealEurope
738 EGYKRAJCZARHungary [One Kreuzer].RealEurope
739 EGYPTEEgypt.RealAfrica
740 EGYPTIENNESEgypt.RealAfrica
741 EINSCHREIBENGerman language countries [Registered].RealEurope
742 EINZUZIEHENDanzig, postage dues.RealEurope
743 EIREIreland.RealEurope
744 EJERCITO CONSTITUCIONALISTAMexico, revenues provisionally used as postage (1923) [Constitutional Army].RealAmericas
745 EJERCITO RENOVADORMexico- Sinaloa revenue (1923).RealAmericas
746 EKΘECICGreece- Salonika, postal tax stamps.RealEurope
747 EL DORADO, FEDERATED STATE OFFantasy from The American Philatelist.Not Scott ListedNone
748 EL PARLAMENTO A CERVANTESSpain, official stamps (1916).RealEurope
749 EL SALVADORSalvador.RealAmericas
750 ELFLANDChristmas fantasy labels created by Maggie Kate.Not Scott ListedNone
751 ELLEOREChildren's holiday trips. Stamps used to support efforts.Not Scott ListedNone
752 ELLSENARRENo Information Available.Not Scott ListedNone
753 ELSAS (overprint on stamps of Germany)France- German Occupation- Elsase (1940).RealEurope
754 ELUA KENETAHawaii (1861-93).RealAmericas
755 EMBOScotland, seceded from Great Britain for one day in 1985.Not Scott ListedEurope
756 EMP. OTTOMANTurkey (1876-92), or Eastern Rumelia.RealAsia
757 EMPEROR OF THE WORLDIndia, produced in 1892.Not Scott ListedAsia
758 EMPIRE FRANCFrance.RealEurope
759 EMPIRE FRANCAISEFrance (1853-71) or French Colonies (1871-2).RealEurope
760 EMPIRE FRANCEFrance (1853-71) or French Colonies (1871-2).RealEurope
761 EMPIRE OF URNeighbour of Nova Laurania, paper currency only used “postally”.Not Scott ListedNone
762 ENAPIOMONGreece, postage dues.RealEurope
763 ENCOMENDES POSTAISPortuguese language countries [Parcel Post].RealEurope
764 ENCOMIENDAUruguay, parcel posts.RealAmericas
765 ENTREGA ESPECIALCuba and Dominican Republic, special deliveries.RealAmericas
766 ENTREGA IMMEDIATACuba, special deliveries (1910-4) [Immediate Delivery].RealAmericas
767 EO. SO.Colombia [Estado Soberano (sovereign state)].RealAmericas
768 EONIKHGreece, tax stamps (1914).RealEurope
769 EPMAKbSouth Russia- Don issues.RealAsia
770 EPMPKbSouth Russia (1919).RealAsia
771 EQUATEUREcuador.RealAmericas
772 EREHWON, PRINCIPALITY OFNowhere spelled backwards, George Fabian fantasy.Not Scott ListedNone
773 ERITREA (overprint on stamps of Great Britain)Great Britain- Offices in Eritrea (1948-51).RealEurope
774 ERSTE K.K. PR. DONAU DAMPFSCHIFFAHRT GESELLSCHAFTDanube Steam Navigation Company.RealEurope
775 ESC. (currency)Spain [Escudos].RealEurope
776 ESCUDO DEL DEPARTAMENTO DE MANAGUANicaragua, officials (1905) [Shield of the Department of Managua].RealAmericas
777 ESCUELASVenezuela, fiscals used as postage (1871-95) [Schools].RealAmericas
778 ESPANASpain.RealEurope
779 ESPANA FRANQUEOSpain, Carlist issues (1874-5).RealEurope
780 ESPANA SAHARASpanish Sahara.RealAfrica
781 ESPANA VALENCIASpain- Valencia, Carlist issues (1874-5).RealEurope
782 ESPANOLASpain.RealEurope
783 ESPERANAT RESPUBLIKO INSULO ROZOJ (Republic of Isle of Roses)A 400 square meter platform constructed in the Adriatic Sea off the coast of Rimini, Italy.Not Scott ListedNone
784 ESPRESSOItaly, domestic express mail [Express].RealEurope
785 ESQUIMEUX POSTAGEFantasy from American Journal of Philately.Not Scott ListedNone
786 EST AFRICAIN ALLEMAND OCCUPATION BELGE (overprint on stamps of Congo)German East Africa, Belgian occupation (1916-22).RealAfrica
787 ESTADO DA INDIAPortuguese India (1946-62).RealAsia
788 ESTADO DE JIPIJAPABogus Mexican state.Not Scott ListedNone
789 ESTADO DE NICARAGUANicaragua.RealAmericas
790 ESTADO ESPANOLSpain.RealEurope
791 ESTADO GUAYANAVenezuela- Guayana.RealAmericas
792 ESTADO S. DEL TOLIMAColombia- Tolima.RealAmericas
793 ESTADO SOBERANO DE BOLIVARColombia- Bolivar [Sovereign State of Bolivar].RealAmericas
794 ESTADO SOBERANO DE SANTANDERColombia- Santander [Sovereign State of Santander].RealAmericas
795 ESTADO(S)Spanish language countries [State(s)].RealEurope
796 ESTADOS UNIDA DE NUEVA GRANADAColombia- New Granada (1861).RealAmericas
797 ESTADOS UNIDOS DO BRASILBrazil [United States of Brazil].RealAmericas
798 ESTERO (overprint on stamps of Italy)Italy- Offices Abroad, general issue (1874-85) [Foreign].RealEurope
799 ETABLISSEMENTS DANS L'INDIEFrench India (1892-1907).RealAsia
800 ETABLISSEMENTS DE L'INDIEFrench India (1892-1907).RealAsia
801 ETABLISSEMENTS DE L'OCEANIEFrench Polynesia.RealAustralia
802 ETABLISSEMENTS FRANCAIS DANS L’INDEFrench India (1892-1907).RealAsia
803 ETATFrench language countries [State].RealEurope
804 ETAT DOMINODonald Evans issue.Not Scott ListedNone
805 ETAT DU CAMEROUNCameroun.RealAfrica
806 ETAT DU INCHI YA KATANGAProvince of Katanga.RealAfrica
807 ETAT FRANCAISFrance- Gernman occupation (1940-4).RealEurope
808 ETAT INDEPENDANT DU CONGOCongo (1886-1908).RealAfrica
809 ETHIOPIA, FREECharity labels made to look like postage stamps.Not Scott ListedAfrica
810 ETHIOPIEEthiopia (formerly Abyssinia).RealAfrica
811 ETHIOPIENNESEthiopia (formerly Abyssinia).RealAfrica
812 ETHOPIAEthiopia (formerly Abyssinia).RealAfrica
813 ETIOPIAEthiopia, Italian occupation (1936).RealAfrica
814 ETS. FRANCS. DE L'OCEANIEFrench Polynesia.RealAustralia
815 EUPEN (overprint)Germany- Belgian occupation (1920-1).RealEurope
816 EUPEN & MALMEDY (overprint)Germany- Belgian occupation (1920-1).RealEurope
817 EXPED. SCIENT… (with oriental characters)China.RealNone
818 EXPERIMENTO POSTA AERO… (overprint)Italy, air mail special delivery (1917).RealEurope
819 EXPOSICION DE BARCELONASpain (1929-30).RealEurope
822 EXPOSITION COLONIALE INTERNATIONALE PARIS 1931 (no colony name)France.RealEurope
824 EXPRESmany languages [special delivery].RealEurope
825 EXPRESOmany languages [special delivery].RealEurope
826 EXPRESSOItalian and Portuguese languages [special delivery].RealEurope
827 EXTERIOR (with design of Mercury)Uruguay, parcel posts.Real 
828 EYNHALLOW(Holy Island) off the coast of Scotland with labels bearing its name printed in the 1970's.Not Scott ListedEurope
829 EΘNIKA ПEPIΘAΛΨIΣGreece, postal tax stamps.RealEurope
830 EΛAHNIKHGreece.RealEurope
831 EΛΛ. AYOTON HПEIPOΣEpirus.RealEurope
832 EΛΛ. ΔIOIK. KIOYMOY-ΛTZINAΣ (overprint on stamps of Greece)Thrace- Greek occupation.RealEurope
833 EΛΛACGreece.RealEurope
834 EΛΛAΣGreece.RealEurope
835 EΛΛHNIKH-XEMAPPA (overprint on stamps of Greece)Epirus- Chimarra issue.RealEurope
836 EΛΛHNIKH-ΔIOKHCIC (overprint)Greece- use in North Epirus (Albania) (1940).RealEurope
837 EΛΛHNIKH-ΔIOKHΣIΣ (overprint)Greece- Turkish occupation (1912-13).RealEurope
838 EДИHAЯ POCCIЯSouth Russia- Denekin issues.RealAsia
839 EПEIPO (overprint)Epirus.RealEurope