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Record NumberKeyword(s)CountryCatalog Listed?Continent 
3307 DahomeyDahomey (stamp issuing country) 1899 - 1944; 1960 - 1975RealAfrica
3308 Dakar AbidjanDakar Abidjan (stamp issuing country) 1959 - onlyRealAsia
3310 Dalmatia (German Occupation)Dalmatia (German Occupation) (stamp issuing country) 1943 - 1945RealEurope
3311 Dalmatia (Italian Occupation)Dalmatia (Italian Occupation) (stamp issuing country) 1919 - 1923RealEurope
3312 Danish West IndiesDanish West Indies (stamp issuing country) 1855 - 1917RealAmericas
3313 DanzigDanzig (stamp issuing country) 1920 - 1939RealEurope
3314 Danzig (Polish Post Office)Danzig (Polish Post Office) (stamp issuing country) 1924 - 1939RealEurope
3315 Dardanelles (Russian Post Office)Dardanelles (Russian Post Office) (stamp issuing country) 1909 - 1910RealEurope
3316 Debrecen (Romanian Occupation)Debrecen (Romanian Occupation) (stamp issuing country) 1919 - 1920RealEurope
3317 Dedeagatz (French Post Office)Dedeagatz (French Post Office) (stamp issuing country) 1893 - 1914RealEurope
3318 Dedeagatz (Greek Occupation)Dedeagatz (Greek Occupation) (stamp issuing country) 1913 - onlyRealEurope
3319 Denikin GovernmentDenikin Government (stamp issuing country) 1919 - 1920RealEurope
3321 DenmarkDenmark (stamp issuing country) 1851 -RealEurope
3322 DharDhar (stamp issuing country) 1897 - 1898RealAsia
3323 Diégo-SuarezDiégo-Suarez (stamp issuing country) 1890 - 1896RealAmericas
3324 DjiboutiDjibouti (stamp issuing country) 1977 -RealAfrica
3325 Djibouti (French Colony)Djibouti (French Colony) (stamp issuing country) 1893 - 1902RealAfrica
3326 Dobruja (Bulgarian Occupation)Dobruja (Bulgarian Occupation) (stamp issuing country) 1916 - onlyRealEurope
3327 Dodecanese Islands (Greek Occupation)Dodecanese Islands (Greek Occupation) (stamp issuing country) 1947 - onlyRealEurope
3328 DominicaDominica (stamp issuing country) 1874 -RealAmericas
3329 Dominican RepublicDominican Republic (stamp issuing country) 1865RealAmericas
3330 Don TerritoryDon Territory (stamp issuing country) 1918 - 1920RealEurope
3332 Dorpat (German Occupation)Dorpat (German Occupation) (stamp issuing country) 1918 - onlyRealEurope
3333 DubaiDubai (stamp issuing country) 1963 - 1972RealAsia
3334 DungarpurDungarpur (stamp issuing country) 1932 - 1948RealEurope
3335 Durazzo (Italian Post Office)Durazzo (Italian Post Office) (stamp issuing country) 1902 - 1916RealEurope
3336 DuttiaDuttia (stamp issuing country) 1893 - 1899RealAsia
605 D (currency- dinar, on stamp with Arabic writing)Iran.RealAsia
606 d (pence) currency, preceded by a numeral, on stamp with king/queen's head, no country nameGreat BritainRealEurope
607 D B P (overprint in script letters on stamps of Russia)Far Eastern Republic (1920).RealEurope
608 D. B. (overprint)South Australia, officials (1868-74) [Destitute Board].RealAustralia
609 D. de A.Colombia- Antioquia (1868-1904) [Department of Antioquia].RealAmericas
610 D. P. (overprint)Hong Kong, private overprint by newspaper firm to prevent misuse [Daily Press].RealAsia
611 D. R. (overprint)South Australia, officials (1868-74) [Deed Registry].RealAustralia
612 D.B.L. (overprint in script letters on stamps of Russia)Far Eastern Republic (1920).RealEurope
613 D.B.L. (with additional overprint of three bars)Siberia.RealAsia
614 D.L.O.US, dead letter office.RealAmericas
615 DAGESTANBogus Russian local overprint.Not Scott ListedAsia
616 DAI NIPPON 2602… (overprint on stamps of Malaya/States)Malaya- Japanese occupation [Empire of Japan].RealAsia
617 DALMACIJA, DALMATIAJugoslavia.Not Scott ListedEurope
618 DAM BATAIBogus issues from Burma.Not Scott ListedAsia
619 DANMARKDenmark.RealEurope
620 DANSK-VESTINDIENDanish West Indies.RealAmericas
621 DANSK-VESTINDISKEDanish West Indies.RealAmericas
622 DANZIG (overprint on stamps of Germany)Danzig (1920-3).RealEurope
623 DAPHSO ISLANDIsland in South China Sea.Not Scott ListedAsia
624 DARDANELLES (overprint on stamps of Russia)Russia- Offices in Turkey (1910).RealAsia
625 DATIAIndia- Datia (1897).RealAsia
626 DAVAAR ISLANDIsland off the coast of Scotland with local issue bearing its name.Not Scott ListedEurope
627 DDRGerman Democratic Republic (East Germany).RealEurope
628 DE (overprint on stamps of Ecuador)Ecuador- Tunguraugua.RealAmericas
629 DE LEON (overprint)Ecuador, control mark to prevent unmarked use (1902)RealAmericas
630 DE OFICIO (overprint on stamps of Peru or El Salvador)Peru or El Salvador, officials.RealAmericas
631 DEB'S COLONY POSTAGEFantasy from American Journal of Philately.Not Scott ListedAmericas
632 DECRETO DE 27 JUNI’O 1870 (overprint on Escuelas stamps)Venezuela.RealAmericas
633 DEDEAGHFrance- Offices in Turkey- Dedeagh (1893-1903).RealAsia
634 DEFENSA NACIONALEcuador, postal tax stamps [National Defense].RealAmericas
635 DEFICIENCIA DE FRANQUEOEcuador, postage dues.RealAmericas
636 DEFICIENTEEcuador, Nicaragua, postage dues.RealAmericas
637 DEFICITPeru, postage dues.RealAmericas
638 DEL GOLFO DE GUINEASpanish Guinea.RealAfrica
639 DELEGACOESPortugal, Red Cross franchise stamps (1926- Lisbon, 1936 elsewhere).RealEurope
640 DEN WAISEN SIROTAM (overprint on stamps of Italy)Yugoslavia- Ljubljana- German occupation (1944).RealEurope
641 DEPARTMENTO DEL TOLIMAColombia- Tolima.RealAmericas
642 DEPT. OF FOREIGN AFFAIRSHawaii, officials.RealAmericas
643 DERECHO JUDICIALPhilippines revenues, suitably re-overprinted as postage provisionals (1880-90) [Judicature Fees].RealAsia
644 DERECHOS DE FIRMAPhilippines revenues, suitably re-overprinted as postage provisionals (1880-90) [Documents Fee].RealAsia
645 DERRY, FREEFantasy from National Lampoon.Not Scott ListedNone
647 DEUTSCH NEU-GUINEAGerman New Guinea.RealAfrica
648 DEUTSCH OESTR. POSTVEREINGerman States- Baden, Wurtemberg, Thurin and Taxis [German-Austrian Postal Union].RealEurope
649 DEUTSCH OSTAFRIKAGerman East Africa.RealAfrica
650 DEUTSCH SUDWESTAFRIKAGerman South West Africa.RealAfrica
651 DEUTSCHE BUNDESPOSTGermany- German Federal Republic (West Germany).RealEurope
652 DEUTSCHE DEMOKRATISCHE REPUBLIKGerman Democratic Republic (East Germany).RealEurope
653 DEUTSCHE FELDPOSTGermany, military parcel post stamps [German Fieldpost].RealEurope
654 DEUTSCHE MILITAER-VERWALTUNG MONTENEGRO (overprint on stamps of Yugoslavia)Montenegro- German occupation (1943).RealEurope
655 DEUTSCHE POFTGermany.RealEurope
656 DEUTSCHE POSTGermany.RealEurope
657 DEUTSCHE POST OSTEN (overprint)Poland- German occupation (1939).RealEurope
658 DEUTSCHE REICHSPOSTGermany [German Imperial Post].RealEurope
659 DEUTSCHES REICHGermany [German Empire].RealEurope
660 DEUTSCHES REICH GENERALGOUVERNEMENTPoland- German occupation (1941-44).RealEurope
661 DHARIndia Dhar (1898-1901).RealAsia
662 DHUFARBogus propaganda stamps for area in Arabia.Not Scott ListedNone
663 DIE WELTGermany "Germania" issue overprint produced for "War Stamp Exhibition in London in 1915 as a jocular allusion to the much vaunted German aspirations to rule the earth."Not Scott ListedEurope
664 DIEGO-SUAREZ (overprint on stamps of French Colonies)Diego-Suarez (1892-6).RealAfrica
665 DIENSTGerman language countries, officials [Service].RealEurope
666 DIENST (overprint on stamps of Netherlands)Netherlands Indies, officials (1911) [Service].RealEurope
667 DIENST SACHEGerman States- Wurttemberg, official stamps.RealEurope
668 DIENSTMARKEGermany, Bavaria, Prussia, Danzig or Saar, officials.RealEurope
669 DIENSTSACHELuxemberg, official stamps.RealEurope
670 DILIGENCIAUruguay (1856-7) [Stagecoach].RealAmericas
671 DINAR(S) (currency)Iran.RealAsia
672 DINERO (currency- no country name)Peru (1858-72).RealAmericas
673 DIOS PATRIA LIBERTADDominican Republic [God, Fatherland, Liberty].RealAmericas
674 DIOS, PATRIA, REYSpain- Carlist issues (1874) [God, Fatherland, King].RealEurope
675 DIOS, UNION Y LIBERTADHonduras (1865) [God, Union and Liberty].RealAmericas
676 DISTRICTO (overprint on stamps of Arequipa)Peru- Cuzco (1881-5).RealAmericas
677 DIWI RUBLI (overprint)Latvia, 2 rubles.RealEurope
678 DJ (overprint on stamps of Obock)Somali Coast (1894-1902).RealAfrica
679 DJIBOUTISomali Coast.RealAfrica
680 DJIBOUTI (overprint on stamps of Obock)Somali Coast (1894-1902).RealAfrica
681 DM (currency overprint)Danzig, officials [Dienst Marke].RealEurope
682 DOLANDDonald Evans issue.Not Scott ListedNone
683 DOLLAR (currency overprint on stamps of Russia)Russia- Offices in China (1917).RealAsia
684 DON RIVER RAILWAY SOCIETYTasmania fantasy sheet.Not Scott ListedAfrica
685 DONKO MULASApril Fools prank-valued in either cents or ore.Not Scott ListedNone
686 DOPLATACentral Lithuania, Poland, postage dues.RealEurope
687 DOPLATIT (no country name)Czechoslovakia, postage dues.RealEurope
688 DOPLATNE (no country name)Czechoslovakia, postage dues.RealEurope
689 DOUGERTHY & HESPERIES ISLANDSBogus Pacific Island group.Not Scott ListedNone
690 DPRKNorth Korea (1977-present).RealAsia
691 DRAKE'S ISLANDGreat Britain local post off Devon Coast.Not Scott ListedEurope
692 DRIJVENDE BRANDKASTNetherlands and Indies, marine insurance stamps [Floating Safe].RealEurope
693 DRUK-PUBhutan overprints on India.Not Scott ListedAsia
694 DRZAVAYugoslavia- Bosnia and Herzegovina (1918).RealEurope
695 DUC. DI PARMAItalian States- Parma.RealEurope
696 DUCIE ISLAND, DEPENDENCY OFPitcairn Island bogus overprint. DUCKSTADNot Scott ListedAustralia
697 DUITSCH OOST AFRIKA BELGISCHE BEZETTING (overprint on stamps of Congo)German East Africa- Belgian occupation (1916-22).RealAfrica
698 DURAZZO (overprint on stamps of Italy)Italy- Offices in Turkey- Durazzo (1909-16).RealAsia
699 DUTTIAIndia- Duttia (1893-1921).RealAsia