Record NumberKeyword(s)CountryCatalog Listed?Continent 
1 3.C.ф.C.P. (star on stamps of Russia or Armenia) Russia or ArmeniaRealEurope
10 A PAYERLuxembourg [to be paid].RealEurope
100 ANDORRA (overprint on stamps of Spain)Andorra- Spanish sector.RealEurope
1002 GORNY SLASKUpper Silesia- unrecognized locals of Polish origin for towns of Beuthen, Kattowitz and Gleiwtz.RealEurope
1004 GOVERNATORATO DEL MONTENEGRO (overprint on stamps of Yugoslavia)Yugoslavia- Montenegro- Italian occupation.RealEurope
1005 GOVERNO MILITARE ALLEATO (overprint)Italy, Allied military government (1943).RealEurope
1006 GOVT. PARCELS (overprint)Great Britain, officials.RealEurope
1007 GOYASpain (1930).RealEurope
101 ANDORRE (overprint on stamps of France)Andorra- French sector.RealEurope
1010 GRANAItalian States- Two Sicilies (1861).RealEurope
1021 GRAND DUCHE DE LUXEMBOURGLuxembourg (post-1891).RealEurope
1024 GROSSDEUTSCHES REICHGermany, semipostal (1943-5).RealEurope
1025 GROSSDEUTSCHES REICH BOHMEN UND MAHRENCzechoslovakia- Bohemia & Moravia.RealEurope
1026 GROSSDEUTSCHES REICH GENERAL GOUVERNEMENTPoland- German occupation semipostals (1943-4).RealEurope
1027 GROSZY (surcharge)Poland, revalidating stamps after currency reform (1950).RealEurope
1029 GRUNAY ISLANDScotland local post in Skeoris, Shetland Island.Not Scott ListedEurope
1037 GUERNSEY-SARKIsland in English Channel with labels bearing this inscription.Not Scott ListedEurope
1038 GUGH ISLANDGreat Britain local carriage label.Not Scott ListedEurope
1043 GUINEA CORREOS (overprint)Spanish Guinea- fraudulent overprints (1914).Not Scott ListedEurope
1048 GULTIG 9. ARMEE (overprint on stamps of Germany)Romania- German occupation (1918).RealEurope
105 ANHAPA DINERA (currency)Yugoslavia, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia.RealEurope
1066 H.P.Bulgaria.RealEurope
1067 H.P.Armenia [Hagagan Post (Armenia Post)].RealEurope
1068 H.P. БbЛΓΓAPИЯBulgaria [Bulgaria People's Republic].RealEurope
1069 H.P.N. (overprint on Spain)Spain Teruel province, Canaries and Murcia 1868 Habilitacion por la NacionRealEurope
1073 HADI SEGELI OZVEGYEKNEK ES ARVAKNAK KET (2) FILLER (overprint on stamps of Hungary)Hungary, semipostals (1914) [War Subscription for the Widows and Orphans of Fallen Fighters)].RealEurope
1077 HANNOVERGerman States- Hanover (1850-66).RealEurope
1078 HAPOДHA PEПЧБAИKABulgaria.RealEurope
1083 HAUTE SILESIEUpper Silesia.RealEurope
1091 HELLASGreece (1966-present).RealEurope
1092 HELLER (currency)Austria, Carinthia, Liechtenstein, Bosnia and Herzegovina.RealEurope
1093 HELVETIASwitzerland.RealEurope
1095 HERMIsland off the coast of Guernsey with local labels bearing its name.Not Scott ListedEurope
1096 HRZGL POSE FRMGerman States- Holstein.RealEurope
1097 HERZOGTH HOLSTEINGerman States- Schleswig-Holstein.RealEurope
1098 HERZOGTH SCHLESWIGGerman States- Schleswig-Holstein.RealEurope
1099 HESTONIsland off the coast of Scotland with labels bearing its name.Not Scott ListedEurope
11 A PAYER TE BETALENBelgium.RealEurope
1100 HEЛEЛbA ЦBEPHOΓ KPCTAYugoslavia, postal tax stamps.RealEurope
1101 HILBRE ISLANDBogus British local issue.Not Scott ListedEurope
1102 HILDASAYTiny island in Shetlands.Not Scott ListedEurope
1103 HIRLAPJECYHungary, newspaper stamps (1900-22).RealEurope
1104 HIRLIP BELYEGHungary, newspaper stamps (1900-22).RealEurope
1105 HIVASTLOSNorway, officials.RealEurope
1106 HOBYMontenegro (1874-96).RealEurope
1107 HOBYПTMontenegroRealEurope
1108 HOCHWASSER 1920 (overprint)Austria, semipostals (1920) [High Water].RealEurope
1111 HOLSTEINGerman States- Schleswig-Holstein (1864).RealEurope
1115 FlugfrimerkiIceland, airmails.RealEurope