Record NumberKeyword(s)CountryCatalog Listed?Continent 
1015 GRAND LIBANLebanon (1924-27).RealAsia
1016 GREAT BITTER LAKE ASSOCIATION (GBLA)Stamps issued by ships trapped in Suez Canal after the seven day war.Not Scott ListedAsia
1019 GREEN MOUNTAIN PRINCIPALITYOverprints on bogus State of Oman stamps.Not Scott ListedAsia
1022 GROENEKRUISSurinam, semipostals [Green Cross].RealAsia
1028 GROUCH (currency)Turkey [Ghurush].RealAsia
1049 GUMACA, STATE OFBogus Philippine Island issue.Not Scott ListedAsia
1056 GWALIORIndia- Gwalior.RealAsia
106 ANKARATurkish capital with stamps issued after WW II by Nationalist Revolutionists.Not Scott ListedAsia
1061 H. H. NAWAB SHAH JAHANBEGAMIndia- Bhopal.RealAsia
1062 H.A.П.B.П(overprint on stamps of Russia- Nikolaevsk issue)SiberiaRealAsia
1063 H.E.H. THE NIZAM'SIndia- Hyderabad (1927-49).RealAsia
1064 H.I.Hawaii.RealAsia
1072 HADHRAMAUTAden- Hadhramaut (1955).RealAsia
1075 HAKASIABogus Russian local overprint.Not Scott ListedAsia
1076 HANG-KHONGVietnam, airmails.RealAsia
108 ANNA (currency surcharged on stamps of Great Britain)Muscat & Oman.RealAsia
1080 HASHEMITE KINGDOM OF JORDANJordan (1949-present).RealAsia
1081 HATAY DEVLETIHatay.RealAsia
1087 HBA (overprint on stamps of Russia)Siberia (1921).RealAsia
1089 HEDJAZ & NEDJDESaudi Arabia (1929-33).RealAsia
109 ANNA (currency)British East Africa, India, Indian States, Mesopotamia, Zanzibar, Pakistan.RealAsia
1090 HEJAZ & NEJDSaudi Arabia (1929-33).RealAsia
1109 HOI HAO (overprint on stamps of Indo-China)France- Offices in China- Hoi Hao (1901-19).RealAsia
1110 HOLKAR STATEIndia- Indore (1886-1906).RealAsia
1114 HOP ISLESConnected with Cooland and West Refaim.Not Scott ListedAsia
1125 HYDERABADIndia- Hyderabad (1946).RealAsia
1133 I.E.F. "D" (overprint on stamps of Turkey)Mesopotamia (1919).RealAsia
1134 I.E.F. (overprint)India, military stamps (1914) [India Expeditionary Force].RealAsia
1136 I.P.N. (overprint)India, fiscal commission on due notes [Indian Postal Note].RealAsia
1139 ICC (overprint)India- Int. Commission on Indo-China (1965-8).RealAsia
114 ARABIATriangular bogus stamp issue of stamps of Arabia from the 1920's.Not Scott ListedAsia
1141 IDARIndia- Idar (1939-44).RealAsia
1143 IERUSALEM (overprint on stamps of Russia)Russia- Offices in Turkey- Jerusalem (1909-10).RealAsia
1146 ILE ROUADRouad.RealAsia
1147 ILE ROUAD (overprint on stamps of French Levant)Rouad (1916).RealAsia
1159 IMPRIME (overprint)Turkey, newspaper stamps [Printed].RealAsia
1160 IMPRIMES (overprint)Iran, newspaper stamps [Printed].RealAsia
1166 iNCi YIL DONUMUTurkey.RealAsia
1167 INDEFrench India.RealAsia
1168 INDIA (with Portuguese or words REIS, REAL, TANGAS or RUPIA)Portuguese India.RealAsia
1169 INDIA PORT.Portuguese India (1871-86).RealAsia
1170 INDIA PORTUGUEZAPortuguese India (1887-95).RealAsia
1171 INDIEFrench India.RealAsia
1172 INDO-CHINEIndo-China.RealAsia
1173 INDOMALAYSIAPunch magazine cover parody.Not Scott ListedAsia
1174 INDONESIA (not preceded by REPUBLIK)Netherlands Indies.RealAsia
1175 INDONESIA REPUBLIKIndonesia.RealAsia
1176 INDOREIndia- Indore (1904-47).RealAsia
1189 IRANIENNESIran (1935-7).RealAsia
1190 IRANQSupposed federation of Iran and Iraq, spoof issue.Not Scott ListedAsia