Record NumberKeyword(s)CountryCatalog Listed?Continent 
1003 GOURDE (currency)Haiti.RealAmericas
1008 GRAHAM LAND (overprint)Falkland Islands- Graham Land (1944).RealAmericas
1011 GRANADAColombia- Granada (1861).RealAmericas
1012 GRANADINAColombia- Granadina (1859-60).RealAmericas
1023 GRONLANDGreenland.RealAmericas
1030 GT. PRE (overprint)Haiti (1902) [Gouvernement Provisiore (Provisional Government)].RealAmericas
1031 GUADALAJARAMexico- Guadalajara (1867-8).RealAmericas
1032 GUADELOUPE (overprint on stamps of French Colonies)Guadeloupe (1889-91).RealAmericas
1033 GUAM (overprint on stamps of the U.S.)Guam, U.S. Administration (1899).RealAmericas
1034 GUANACASTECosta Rica- Guanacaste, discounted stamps for exclusive use there (1885-90).RealAmericas
1035 GUATEMALA C.A.Guatemala [Centro America (Central America)].RealAmericas
104 ANGWEELA, FREEParody of Anguilla overprints.Not Scott ListedAmericas
1051 GUYANA (overprint on stamps of British Guiana)Guyana (1966-8).RealAmericas
1052 GUYANEFrench Guiana (pre-1904).RealAmericas
1053 GUYANE FRANCAISEFrench Guiana.RealAmericas
1054 GUYANE FRANCAISE (overprint on stamps of French Colonies)French Guiana (1886-92).RealAmericas
1070 HABILITADOSpanish language countries, restored value to demonetized stamps [Qualified].RealAmericas
1071 HABILITADO (overprint on stamps of Cuba)Cuba- U.S. Administration (1898-9).RealAmericas
1074 HAGA PATRIAMexico, postal tax stamps.RealAmericas
111 ANTIOQIUIAColombia- Antioquia (1868-1904).RealAmericas
1113 HONDA (overprint)Colombia- Tolima (1896).RealAmericas
1123 HURRICANE HATTIE (overprint)British Honduras, semipostals for hurricane of Oct. 31, 1961 relief).RealAmericas
113 APURIMACPeru- Apurimac- Chilean occupation (1885).RealAmericas
1137 I.R. (overprint)U.S. Internal Revenue issues.RealAmericas
1155 IMPERIO DO BRASILBrazil (1887-8) [Empire of Brazil].RealAmericas
1156 IMPERIO MEXICANOMexico (1866) [Empire of Mexico].RealAmericas
1158 IMPRESOSCuba, Philippines, newspaper stamps [Prints].RealAmericas
1162 IMPUESTOChile, revenues used as postage [Tax].RealAmericas
1163 IMPUESTO DE ENCOMIENDASUruguay, parcel posts.RealAmericas
1178 INGOLFOverprints on U.S. stamps somewhere in the Atlantic, may be a ship marking.Not Scott ListedAmericas
118 ARCHIPIELAGO DE COLONEcuador.Not Scott ListedAmericas
1183 INSTRUCAO D.L. No. 7 de 3-2-34 (overprint on war tax stamps of Portuguese India)Timor, postal tax stamps (1934-5).RealAmericas
1184 INSTRUCCIONVenezuela, fiscal stamps.RealAmericas
1185 INSTRUCCION SELLO PROVISIONAL CARUPANO 1902Venezuela- Carupano (1902).RealAmericas
119 AREQUIPAPeru- Arequipa- Chilean occupation (1881).RealAmericas
1195 ISLA DE MAS AFUERAChile overprints.Not Scott ListedAmericas
1197 ISLAS DE JUAN FERNANDEZChile- Juan Fernandez Islands, also seeing general use (1910).RealAmericas
1198 ISLAS GALAPAGOSEcuader- Galapagos Islands.RealAmericas
1211 IVIGUTBogus local post from Greenland.Not Scott ListedAmericas
1215 J (overprint on stamps of Peru)Peru- Yca (1884).RealAmericas
1216 J.R.G. AEREO VALE 1946 (overprint)Venezuela under the Junta Revolucionaria de Gobierno.RealAmericas
1220 JAMES COOK LANDAntarctic fantasy.Not Scott ListedAmericas
1225 JASON ISLANDFalkland Islands nature preserve.Not Scott ListedAmericas
1228 JERKONIACanada fantasy issue.Not Scott ListedAmericas
123 ARTS FESTIVAL ST. KITTS (overprint)St. Kitts- Nevis (1964).RealAmericas
1239 JUAN FERNANDEZ (overprint)Chile (1910).RealAmericas
1242 JUEGOS OLYMPICOS (overprint)Costa Rica, semipostals.RealAmericas
126 ASEGURADOSpanish speaking countries [insured].RealAmericas
1274 Kans. (overprint)U.S., Kansas overprints to reduce theft (1929).RealAmericas
1292 KAULBACH ISLAND(1971-84) Island off the coast of Nova Scotia with local post stamps to frank mail to the nearest Canadian post office on the mainland.RealAmericas