Record NumberKeyword(s)CountryCatalog Listed?Continent 
1013 GRAND COMOREGrand Comoro (1897-1912).RealAfrica
1020 GRENVILLELiberia.RealAfrica
103 ANGOLA GOVERNMENT IN EXILESupposed freedom issues for Angola. A Henry Stull fantasy, once listed in Ohio telephone book under "Stamps for Collectors."Not Scott ListedAfrica
1036 GUERCHE (currency)Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia.RealAfrica
1039 GUINEPortuguese Guinea.RealAfrica
1040 GUINE PORTUGUEZAPortuguese Guinea.RealAfrica
1041 GUINEA CONTIAL EspanolaSpanish Guinea (1903-9).RealAfrica
1042 GUINEA CONTINENTAL (overprint on stamps of Elobey, Annobon and Corsico)Spanish Guinea (1906).RealAfrica
1044 GUINEA ECUATORIALEquatorial Guinea.RealAfrica
1045 GUINEA ESPANOLASpanish Guinea (1902, 1949-60).RealAfrica
1046 GUINEEFrench Guinea (1906-42).RealAfrica
1047 GUINEE FRANCAISEFrench Guinea (pre-1906).RealAfrica
1050 GUY. FRANC. (overprint on stamps of French Colonies)French Guiana (1886-92).RealAfrica
107 ANNA (currency surcharged on French stamps)France- Offices in Zanzibar.RealAfrica
1079 HARPERLiberia.RealAfrica
1082 HAUT-SENEGAL NIGERUpper Senegal & Niger (1914-7).RealAfrica
1085 HAUTE VOLTAUpper Volta.RealAfrica
1086 HAUTE VOLTA (overprint on stamps of Upper Senegal and Niger)Upper Volta.RealAfrica
1121 HT. SENEGAL & NIGERUpper Senegal & Niger (1906-14).RealAfrica
1154 IMPERIO COLONIAL PORTUGUES (no colony name)Portuguese Africa, postage dues, 1945.RealAfrica
1165 INCHI YA ETAT DU KATANGAKatanga, rebellion against the Belgian Congo.RealAfrica
117 ARCHIPEL DES COMORESComoro Islands.RealAfrica
1179 INHAMBANE (overprint on stamps of Mozambique)Inhambane (1894-5).RealAfrica
1181 INLAND (on stamp with no country name)Liberia.RealAfrica
1186 INSUFFICIENTLY PREPAID POSTAGE DUEZanzibar (1931-33).RealAfrica
12 A PAYER TE BETALENBelgium, Belgian Congo, postage dues.RealAfrica
1208 ITALIAN SOMALILANDSomalia.RealAfrica
122 ARMY OFFICIAL (overprint)Sudan, officials (1905).RealAfrica
1221 JAMHURI ZANZIBAR TANZANIAZanzibar (1964-8).RealAfrica
125 ASCENSION (overprint on stamps of St. Helena)AscensionRealAfrica
1270 KAMERUNCameroun (1900-18).RealAfrica
1271 KAMERUN (overprint on stamps of Germany)Cameroun (1897).RealAfrica
128 ASSABBogus overprint on Italian stamps 1880, possible Ethiopian city on the Red Sea.Not Scott ListedAfrica
1285 KASAI (SOUTH KASAI)Congo- unrecognized state (1960-1).RealAfrica
1286 KATANGACongo- unrecognized state (1960-3). Revolt was against the (then) Republic of the Congo.RealAfrica
1303 KENYA & UGANDAKenya, Uganda & Tanzania (1922-33).RealAfrica
1304 KENYA UGANDA TANGANYIKAKenya, Uganda & Tanzania (1935-64).RealAfrica
1305 KENYA UGANDA TANZANIAKenya, Uganda & Tanzania (1965-1976).RealAfrica
1315 KIBOSecessionist province of Tanzania marketed as matchbox labels.Not Scott ListedAfrica
132 ASSISTENCIA PUBLICAPortuguese India and Mozambique, postal tax stamps [Public Assistance].RealAfrica
1320 KIONGA (overprint on stamps of Lourenzo Marques)Kionga (1916)RealAfrica
133 ASSISTENCIA- D. L. no. 72 (overprint)Timor, social welfare.RealAfrica
1380 L F F (overprint)Liberia, officials [Liberian Frontier Force].RealAfrica
1385 L. MARQUES (overprint on stamps of Mozambique)Lourenco Marques (1895-7).RealAfrica
1387 L.A.R.Libyan Arab Republic (1969-present)RealAfrica
1397 L’ETAT DU KATANGAKatanga, rebellion against the Belgian Congo.RealAfrica
1399 LABUAN (overprint on stamps of North Borneo)Labuan (1894-1901).RealAfrica
1400 LAGOSLagos, Nigeria (1874-1906).RealAfrica
1403 LAMUGerman East Africa fantasies.Not Scott ListedAfrica