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Record NumberKeyword(s)CountryCatalog Listed?Continent 
10 A PAYERLuxembourg [to be paid].RealEurope
100 ANDORRA (overprint on stamps of Spain)Andorra- Spanish sector.RealEurope
101 ANDORRE (overprint on stamps of France)Andorra- French sector.RealEurope
102 ANGLETFrance-supposed republic for dogs.Not Scott Listednone
103 ANGOLA GOVERNMENT IN EXILESupposed freedom issues for Angola. A Henry Stull fantasy, once listed in Ohio telephone book under "Stamps for Collectors."Not Scott ListedAfrica
104 ANGWEELA, FREEParody of Anguilla overprints.Not Scott ListedAmericas
105 ANHAPA DINERA (currency)Yugoslavia, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia.RealEurope
106 ANKARATurkish capital with stamps issued after WW II by Nationalist Revolutionists.Not Scott ListedAsia
107 ANNA (currency surcharged on French stamps)France- Offices in Zanzibar.RealAfrica
108 ANNA (currency surcharged on stamps of Great Britain)Muscat & Oman.RealAsia
109 ANNA (currency)British East Africa, India, Indian States, Mesopotamia, Zanzibar, Pakistan.RealAsia
11 A PAYER TE BETALENBelgium.RealEurope
110 ANTARCTICALabels for 1954 expedition.Not Scott ListedAntarctica
111 ANTIOQIUIAColombia- Antioquia (1868-1904).RealAmericas
112 ANTIQUADonald Evans issue, Maine.Not Scott Listednone
113 APURIMACPeru- Apurimac- Chilean occupation (1885).RealAmericas
114 ARABIATriangular bogus stamp issue of stamps of Arabia from the 1920's.Not Scott ListedAsia
115 ARAMOANAIndependent state in New Zealand.Not Scott ListedAustralia
116 ARBAHOne of the Sicmon Islands in the South Pacific created by Nick Bantock for his book, Griffin & Sabine.Not Scott ListedAustralia
117 ARCHIPEL DES COMORESComoro Islands.RealAfrica
118 ARCHIPIELAGO DE COLONEcuador.Not Scott ListedAmericas
119 AREQUIPAPeru- Arequipa- Chilean occupation (1881).RealAmericas
12 A PAYER TE BETALENBelgium, Belgian Congo, postage dues.RealAfrica
120 ARMENWET (overprint)Netherlands and colonies, officials [Poor Regulations].RealEurope
121 ARMY OFFICIAL (overprint)Great Britain, officials (1896-1904).RealEurope
122 ARMY OFFICIAL (overprint)Sudan, officials (1905).RealAfrica
123 ARTS FESTIVAL ST. KITTS (overprint)St. Kitts- Nevis (1964).RealAmericas
124 ARVIZKAROSULTAKNAK KULON (overprint)Hungary (1913) [For the Flood Sufferers, Extra].RealEurope
125 ASCENSION (overprint on stamps of St. Helena)AscensionRealAfrica
126 ASEGURADOSpanish speaking countries [insured].RealAmericas
127 ASISTENTA SOCIALARomania, postal tax stamps.RealEurope
128 ASSABBogus overprint on Italian stamps 1880, possible Ethiopian city on the Red Sea.Not Scott ListedAfrica
129 ASSELIJNDonald Evans issue taken from name of an Amsterdam gallery.Not Scott ListedNone
13 A PERCEVOIRBelgium, France, French Colonies [To Collect].RealEurope
130 ASSICURATOItalian speaking countries [insured].RealEurope
131 ASSISTENCIA NACIONAL AOS TUBURCULOSES- PORTE FRANCOPortugal, franchise stamps [National Assistance for Tuberculosis].RealEurope
132 ASSISTENCIA PUBLICAPortuguese India and Mozambique, postal tax stamps [Public Assistance].RealAfrica
133 ASSISTENCIA- D. L. no. 72 (overprint)Timor, social welfare.RealAfrica
134 ASUNCION (underprint)Paraguay, officials for 350th anniversary of the capital (1886).RealAmericas
135 AT BETALENorway, postage dues [To Pay].RealEurope
136 AT TAWALDisputed neutral zone in Arabia. Overprint on Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.Not Scott ListedAsia
137 ATJEHSumatraNot Scott ListedAsia
138 ATLANTIS Y LEMURIAOverprints on Atlantis stamps.Not Scott Listednone
139 ATLANTIS Y MUPacific equivalent of Atlantis stamps.Not Scott Listednone
14 A RECEBERPortugal, Portuguese Colonies, postage dues [To Be Received].RealEurope
140 ATLANTIS, KINGDOM OFA Henry Stull fantasy, once listed in Ohio telephone book under "Stamps for Collectors."Not Scott Listednone
141 ATLANTIS, NEWRaft moored off Jamaica.Not Scott ListedAmericas
142 ATLANTIUM, EMPIRE OFunrecognized secessionist "state" in Australia. web siteNot Scott ListedAustralia
143 ATT(S) (currency surcharges on stamps of Siam)Thailand (1893-1908).RealAsia
144 AUCKLAND ISLANDSNew Zealand, 200 miles south of Stewart Island. Issued in 1915 for General Grant Expedition.Not Scott ListedAustralia
145 AUNUS (overprint on stamps of Finland)Russia- Finnish occupation (1919).RealEurope
146 AUR (currency)Iceland.RealEurope
147 AUSTRALIAN ANTARCTIC TERRITORYAustralia- Australian Antarctic Territory.RealAustralia
148 AUTOPAKETTIFinland, parcel post stamps.RealEurope
149 AVION MESSRE TAFARIEthiopia, air mails.RealAfrica
15 A. (overprint)South Australia, officials (1868-74) [Architect].RealAustralia
150 AVIONSKA POSTAYugoslavia, air mails.RealEurope
151 AVIS DE RECEPCIONEl Salvador, acknowledgement of receipt stamps.RealAmericas
152 AVISO DE RECEPACIONEl Salvador, acknowledgement of receipt stamps.RealAmericas
153 AVISPORTO MAERKADenmark, newspaper stamps.RealEurope
154 AVISPORTO MAERKEDenmark, newspaper stamps sent in bulk to agents or singular non-subscribers.RealEurope
155 AVO(S)Macao or Timor.RealAfrica
156 AYACUCHOPeru- Ayacucho- Chilean occupation (1881).RealAmericas
157 AYTONOMOΣEpirus.RealEurope
158 AYUDA EL ECUADOR (overprint)Paraguay, semipostals [help for Ecuador (earthquake victims)].RealAmericas
159 AZAD HINDUnissued German "Free India" stamps.Not Scott ListedAsia
16 A.B. (overprint on stamps of Russia)Far Eastern Republic (1923).RealEurope
160 AZERBAIDJANAzerbaijan (1919-22)RealEurope
17 A.C.C.P.Azerbaijan.RealEurope
18 A.E.F.French Equatorial Africa.RealAfrica
19 A.G. (overprint)South Australia, officials (1868-74) [Attorney General].RealAustralia
20 A.H. PD. (overprint on stamps of Azores)Angra, Horta, Ponta Delgada (1906).RealEurope
21 A.M. (overprint)Greece [Axia Metalliki (value in coin)].RealEurope
22 A.M.G.-F.T.T. (overprint on stamps of Italy)Trieste (1947-54).RealEurope
23 A.M.G.-V.G. (overprint)Italy- Allied occupation of Venezia Giulia (1945-7).RealEurope
24 A.O. (overprint on stamps of Congo)German East Africa- Belgian occupation (1918)[Afrique Orientale (East Africa)].RealEurope
25 A.O. (overprint)South Australia, officials (1868-74) [Audit Office].RealAustralia
26 A.O.F. (overprint on stamps of France)French West Africa, semipostals 1945) [Afrique Occidentale Francaise (French West Africa)].RealAfrica
27 A.O.I. (overprint on stamps of Italy)Italian East Africa, postage dues (1941).RealAfrica
28 A.R.Colombia, Panama, Chile [Aviso de Recepcion (Advice of Receipt)].RealAmericas
29 A&T (overprint on French Colonies)Annam and Tonkin.RealAsia
30 A3БAИДЖAЯAzerbaijan.RealEurope
3050 Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi (stamp issuing country) 1964 - 1972RealAsia
31 AAYMAN ISLANDS (Dayman, Layman, Nayman, Sayman, Yayman, etc.)British Colonial Royal Wedding frames from book "Surreal Stamps and Unreal Stickers."Not Scott ListedEurope
3158 AlaouitesAlaouites (stamp issuing country) 1925 - 1930RealAsia
3168 AlbaniaAlbania (stamp issuing country) 1913 -RealEurope
3179 Albania (German Occupation)Albania (German Occupation) (stamp issuing country) 1943 - 1944RealEurope
3190 Albania (Greek Occupation)Albania (Greek Occupation) (stamp issuing country) 1940 - 1941RealEurope
32 ABASI (currency)Afghanistan.RealAsia
3201 Albania (Italian Occupation)Albania (Italian Occupation) (stamp issuing country) 1939 - 1943RealEurope
3212 AlderneyAlderney (stamp issuing country) 1983 -RealEurope
3223 Alexandria (French Post Office)Alexandria (French Post Office) (stamp issuing country) 1899 - 1931RealAfrica
3234 AlgeriaAlgeria (stamp issuing country) 1962 -RealAfrica
3245 Algeria (French Colony)Algeria (French Colony) (stamp issuing country) 1924 - 1958RealAfrica
3256 AdenAden (stamp issuing country) 1937 - 1963RealAsia
3257 AllensteinAllenstein (stamp issuing country) 1920 - onlyRealEurope
3268 Alsace (German Occupation)Alsace (German Occupation) (stamp issuing country) 1940 - 1941RealEurope
3279 Alsace-LorraineAlsace-Lorraine (stamp issuing country) 1870 - 1871RealEurope
3287 AlwarAlwar (stamp issuing country) 1877 - onlyRealAsia
3298 Amur ProvinceAmur Province (stamp issuing country) 1920 - onlyRealAsia
33 ABD AL KURISmall island in Indian Ocean between Socotra and Horn Of Africa.Not Scott ListedAsia
3309 Andorra (French Offices)Andorra (French Offices) (stamp issuing country) 1931 -RealEurope
3320 Andorra (Spanish Offices)Andorra (Spanish Offices) (stamp issuing country) 1928 -RealEurope
3331 AngolaAngola (stamp issuing country) 1870 -RealAfrica
3342 AngoraAngora (stamp issuing country) 1920 - 1923RealAfrica
3353 AngraAngra (stamp issuing country) 1892 - 1905RealAfrica
3364 Adrianople (Edirne)Adrianople (Edirne) (stamp issuing country) 1920 - 1922RealEurope
3365 AnguillaAnguilla (stamp issuing country) 1967 -RealAmericas
3376 AnjouanAnjouan (stamp issuing country) 1892 - 1914RealAsia
3387 Annam (IndoChina)Annam (IndoChina) (stamp issuing country) 1936 - onlyRealAsia
3398 Annam and TongkingAnnam and Tongking (stamp issuing country) 1888 - 1892RealAustralia
34 ABKHAZIAPart of Georgia in Asia.Not Scott ListedAsia
3409 AntiguaAntigua (stamp issuing country) 1862 -RealAmericas
3420 Antigua and BarbudaAntigua and Barbuda (stamp issuing country) 1981 -RealAmericas
3431 AntioquiaAntioquia (stamp issuing country) 1868 - 1906RealAmericas
3442 Arad (French Occupation)Arad (French Occupation) (stamp issuing country) 1919 - onlyRealEurope
3452 ArbeArbe (stamp issuing country) 1920 - onlyRealAsia
3463 ArgentinaArgentina (stamp issuing country) 1858 -RealAmericas
3474 Aegean Islands (Dodecanese)Aegean Islands (Dodecanese) (stamp issuing country) 1912 - 1945RealEurope
3475 ArmeniaArmenia (stamp issuing country) 1992 -RealEurope
3486 Armenia (preSoviet)Armenia (preSoviet) (stamp issuing country) 1919 - 1923RealEurope
3497 ArubaAruba (stamp issuing country) 1986 -RealAmericas
35 ABLOSUNGPrussian local officials.RealEurope
3518 AstypalaeaAstypalaea (stamp issuing country) 1912 - 1932RealEurope
3529 Ataman Semyonov RegimeAtaman Semyonov Regime (stamp issuing country) 1920 - onlyRealAsia
3540 Aunus (Finnish Occupation)Aunus (Finnish Occupation) (stamp issuing country) 1919 - onlyRealEurope
3551 AustraliaAustralia (stamp issuing country) 1913 -RealAustralia
3562 Australian Antarctic TerritoryAustralian Antarctic Territory (stamp issuing country) 1957 -RealAntarctica
3573 AustriaAustria (stamp issuing country) 1850 -RealEurope
3584 AfghanistanAfghanistan (stamp issuing country) 1870 -RealAsia
3585 AustroHungarian Military PostAustroHungarian Military Post (stamp issuing country) 1915 - 1918RealEurope
3595 AustroHungarian Post in the Turkish EmpireAustroHungarian Post in the Turkish Empire (stamp issuing country) 1867 - 1915RealAsia
36 ABNA ПOYRA(overprint) Russia, airmails.RealAsia
3606 AVIANCAAVIANCA (stamp issuing country) 1950 - 1951RealAmericas
3617 AzerbaijanAzerbaijan (stamp issuing country) 1992 -RealEurope
3628 Azerbaijan (preSoviet)Azerbaijan (preSoviet) (stamp issuing country) 1919 - 1921RealEurope
3639 Azores (Acores)Azores (Acores) (stamp issuing country) 1980 -RealEurope
3650 Azores (Portuguese Colonial Issues)Azores (Portuguese Colonial Issues) (stamp issuing country) 1868 - 1931RealEurope
3694 Africa (Portuguese Colonies)Africa (Portuguese Colonies) (stamp issuing country) 1898 - onlyRealAfrica
37 ABNO ПOЧTOBЯRussia, airmails.RealAsia
38 ABOMINABLE SNOWMANIAPunch magazine cover parody.Not Scott ListedNone
3804 AitutakiAitutaki (stamp issuing country) 1972 -RealAustralia
39 ACAMBAROMexico provisional issue produced in 1893 simulating 1867 issue.Not Scott ListedAmericas
3913 Aitutaki (New Zealand Administration)Aitutaki (New Zealand Administration) (stamp issuing country) 1903 - 1932RealAustralia
40 ACAPONETAMexican revolutionary provisional overprint on 1910 issue.Not Scott ListedAmericas
4022 AjmanAjman (stamp issuing country) 1964 - 1967RealAsia
41 ACCRAntarctic Confederation of City Republics.Not Scott ListedAntarctica
42 ACFTAntarctic Confederation of Federal Territories.Not Scott ListedAntarctica
43 ACHTERDIJK(Behind the Dike) Donald Evans issue, Holland.Not Scott ListedNone
44 ACO Hbi ATPADWhite Russia.RealAsia
45 ACORESAzores.RealEurope
46 ACRE, TERRITORY OFBrazil rebellious state that was purchased from Bolivia in 1902.Not Scott ListedAmericas
47 ADALUNCATIFFNo Information Available.Not Scott Listednone
48 ADIGEYBogus Russian local overprint.Not Scott ListedNone
49 ADJUDANIDonald Evans issue, Persia.Not Scott Listednone
50 ADMIRALTY OFFICIALGreat Britain, officials.RealEurope
51 ADRIA-ALPENVORLANDNever issued German occupation locals printed in Vienna, 1945Not Scott ListedEurope
52 AEПTAEpirus.RealEurope
53 AFFRANCHI AINSI-FATUE FIGURINE (overprint)Madagascar or Diego Suarez used during stamp shortage (speculative) [Postage Paid Thus Low Values Scarce].RealAfrica
54 AFFRANCHts (overprint precancel in France, Morocco, Andorra, Monaco)officials for government mail.RealEurope
55 AFGHANAfghanistan.RealAsia
56 AFGHANESAfghanistan.RealAsia
57 AFRICA CORREIOSPortuguese Africa.RealAfrica
58 AFRICA OCCIDENTAL ESPANOLASpanish West Africa.RealAfrica
59 AFRICA ORIENTALE ITALIANAItalian East Africa.RealAfrica
61 AFRIQUE EQUATORIALE FRANCAISE (overprint on stamps of Gabon)French Equaitorial Africa.RealAfrica
62 AFRIQUE EQUATORIALE FRANCAISE (overprint on stamps of Middle Congo)French Equatorial Africa.RealAfrica
63 AFRIQUE EQUATORIALE FRANCAISE (overprint with bars)French Equatorial Africa.RealAfrica
64 AFRIQUE FRANCAISE COMBATTANTEFrench Equatorial Africa, semipostals.RealAfrica
66 AHU'ABogus fantasy stamp from Burma.Not Scott ListedAsia
67 AIDEZ LES TUBERCULEUX (surtax overprint)Tunisia, semipostals.RealAfrica
69 AITUTAKI (overprint on stamps of Cook Islands)Aitutaki.RealAustralia
7 A BETALE-PORTOMAERKENorway, postage dues.RealEurope
70 AITUTAKI (overprint on stamps of New Zealand)Aitutaki.RealAustralia
71 AJANLAS (overprint)Hungary, registration stamps (1946).RealEurope
72 Ajl.1, Ajl.2 (overprint)Hungary, registration stamps (1946).RealEurope
73 AKATAFantasy bogus issue from the Philippines.Not Scott ListedNone
74 ALAOUITES (overprint on stamps of France)Alaouites.RealAfrica
75 ALAOUITES (overprint on stamps of Syria)Alaouites.RealAfrica
76 ALBANIA (overprint on stamps of Italy)Italy- Offices in Turkey- Albania (1902-7).RealAsia
77 ALBANIAN GOVERNMENT IN EXILEFreedom movement in exile.Not Scott ListedEurope
78 ALBANIE CENTRALECentral Albania (1915).RealEurope
79 ALCANCE Y.U.H.Uruguay, late fee stamps.RealAmericas
8 A CERTO (overprint)Peru- Ancachs (1884).RealAmericas
80 ALDABRA, KINGDOM OFAtoll north of Assumption Island.Not Scott ListedNone
81 ALEXANDRIABogus issue from 1860's featuring an elephant.Not Scott ListedNone
82 ALEXANDRIEFrance- Offices in Egypt- Alexandria.RealAfrica
83 ALFABETIZACION (overprint)Ecuador, adult education propoganda.RealAmericas
84 ALLEMAGNE DUITSCHLAND (overprint)Germany- Belgian occupation (1919-21).RealEurope
85 ALLENDEMexican overprint printed in 1914 on 5-centavo stamp of the 1910 issue.Not Scott ListedAmericas
86 ALLIED MILITARY POSTAGEGermany- Allied military government (1945-6).RealEurope
87 ALTAJBogus Russian local overprint.Not Scott ListedNone
88 ALUALADonald Evans issue.Not Scott ListedNone
89 AMAZONIANear Brazil and French Guiana. Connected with the bogus state of Counani.Not Scott ListedAmericas
9 A M POSTGermany- Allied military government (1945-6).RealEurope
90 AMBULANTE LAQUINTINIE (overprint)Camerouns, semipostal.RealAfrica
91 AMIS AND AMANTSDonald Evans issue, South Pacific Islands about friendship and love.Not Scott ListedNone
92 AMORAAdvertisement created to sell chocolates on Valentines Day.Not Scott ListedNone
93 AMSTERDAO (overprint)Portugal, private overprint to send Olympic athletes to Amsterdam.RealEurope
94 AMTLICH ERPFFNET BURCH DIE K.W. POSTDIRECTIONGerman States-Wurttemberg , return letter stamps.RealEurope
95 AMTLICHER VERKEHRGerman States-Wurttemberg , officials.RealEurope
96 AMUNDSEN HARBORAntarctic fantasy.Not Scott ListedNone
97 AMURSiberia USSR province. The People's Revolutionary Committee issued stamps in 1920.Not Scott ListedAsia
98 AMЧPCKAЯ OБЛACTAHЯFar Eastern Republic.RealAsia
99 ANACHRON, STATE OFArtistamps, dinosaur hunting stamps.Not Scott ListedNone